41 Year Old Mom Finally Getting Her Lift & BA!!!!! - Marietta, GA

Since I could remember I have always wanted larger...

Since I could remember I have always wanted larger and EVEN breasts...my left is a whole size larger than my right so I am a 36B on the L and 36A on the R but have to wear a bra to accommodate the larger size and I hate it!!!! So finally I am able to get my over due BA! I had my consult and we tried on several sizers and the best one for me looked to be 700cc!!! I am 41 5'5 and 165 pounds so with this and my chest width it looked fine. I will also have to have a breast lift so I am so nervous about that and will I need a pain pump and then the size!! If anyone has any advice or suggestions please feel free to help me :) I can not wait though for this surgery!!!


Need help! Do I need to purchase some sports bras prior to surg?? I have sch Aug 5 and haven't bought anything yet..If so, do y'all get regular sports bras or front closure/zip so you don't have to put on overhead..still debating on my cc size..was 700 but thinking of going down to 625/650!

Pics of me before :(

Ok here it goes..the pics of me now. Can't wait to get my new girls!!! :))

Retail Therapy!!!

Ok had to do it!! Went and bought some sports bras!!! Leaving tags on & keeping receipt just in case they won't fit correctly. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!!

More of now pics

Wish boobies!!!

19 MORE DAYS till I'll be booblicious!!!!!

Can't wait!!

Surg date moved UP!!!! :))

I just got my surg date moved up!!! It's now July 31 with preop July 23!!! Can't wait! :D


Ok looked in my papers & here's my measurements...
Dia: 15
Under: 32
Across: 36
Top: 38
SS Rt: 23
SS Lft: 25
Soooo can my size support a larger implant???

12 more days!!!!!!

Holy Cow I have 12 more days!!! Can't wait!! I've got everything ready, so I hope except my Rx in which I'll get next week!! Went out last night & got my after surg care bag!!! Woooo Hooooo!!!

Almost time!!!!

I bought my Arnica and have started that..tomorrow is my preop and can't wait for all my questions to be answered!! Surg is only 9 days away!!!! I'm getting so giddy now cause it's really gonna happen!! I'm still debating & worried about cc size! Don't want to be to big or to small!! Want a natural look ;)

Preop is done!!!!

Preop was today and ALL my questions were answered and fears put to rest! Got my Rx and started my iron & Vit C...it's really happening now because the girls have been paid for!!!! Now I just hurry up & wait! I brought a few items of clothes to put on while trying out the sizers again..so my size of 700cc Moderate Plus Profile Mentor round smooth saline has been chose!!! I'm so excited but still nervous at the same time! Since I have to have a lift I will have two small train tubes that I am NOT looking foward to...but it is what it is. My doc told me that after about a year and the implants fully drop you are actually about 50cc smaller so I should settle at about 650 :)) Can't Wait!

Wooo Hoooo!!!

It's even closer!!!

Freaking out!!!!

Ok my surg is this Thurs and I have chose 700cc mod + which looked great on me & I have the frame and stats to support it but OMG I'm so afraid of that size!!! I like the way they look in pics and I know everyone is different but I am so afraid of looking to huge or ridiculous!!! Help!! Should I stay with 700 or go down some?? Anyone who has 700 please comment ????????

Holy Cow!!!

4 more days!!!! I'm sooo excited! I don't think I'll sleep all week till Thurs!! Waited ALL my life for this and it's finally gonna happen :)))

More wish pics

So hoping I'll have a set like these hahaha

Almost time!!!! Only one more full day!!!

Here's another "now" pic..a bathing suit top I can't wait to fill or overfill!!! :))) tomorrow will probably drag!!!!
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Wish you we'll tomorrow! Can't wait to see them!
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Good luck tomorrow!! Update when you're feeling up to it :-)
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Good luck this week!!!
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Thank you!! It's so surreal!!
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Congrats. You will love the 700cc. Mine are healing wonderful after only two weeks. Massaging really works and use a strap. The first 3 days are going to be tough but I promise you it will get better. Can't wait to see your pics
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Thanks Pluegerheather!! I can't wait :))
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Don't be too nervous about the # of cc yer getting and I'm sure yer PS knows what profile will look good on you too. You may be freaked out at first tho just because of the swelling but then you might miss the size when the swelling is gone. It's such a hard dilemma for us all to choose but I bet if they had a pole on here about size more women would say they went bigger not smaller. Yer surgery is getting so close I can relate to the freaking out thing! I can only imagine how I'll feel when it's that close! I'll be checking up on you and wishing you some peace of mind these next few day ;)
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I vote bigger in your poll, lol
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:) you and a lot of others from what I've read! I guess when you've never had any at all yer just overly nervous of being too huge and fake looking but then when you do have them you regret not having more!
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Aww thanks Mrs 500!! Means a lot to have support on here! I'll def keep ya posted ;)
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Haha yeah they say bigger is better :))
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That sounds about exactly right, lol
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4 more dayssssssss!!!!! Whoop Whooop!! Haha
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I vote big too!! Remember under muscle you lose some cc. Also what kind of profile. If I would have know I would have gone even bigger profile. Extra high!!! I went mod plus.
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I am having a full lift so that is bringing me up a lot but I have chose mod + profile..
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I had drains...really not that bad unless you hook them on a drawer or something, so just be aware! Good luck with your surgery!!
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Ugggg I dread the drains!! How long did you have them?
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Drains aren't that bad, helps with swelling. I had mine for 3 days. Just make sure u have a pair of loose pants with an elastic waist so u can tuck them in!!
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Ok thanks!! :)
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5 days. And don't freak out if each one is a different color than the other. There is a picture and some questions I asked the RS doctors about drains on my profile if you would like.
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Ok thanks!
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You will love having 700cc! Can't wait to see them! Your gonna be a wreck the next few day....good luck we'll all be thinking about you!
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I'm just so nervous about that size!! I don't want to look huge!! I have chose mod + profile..do you think that is a good profile for the 700?
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