41 Year Old Mom Finally Getting Her Lift & BA!!!!! - Marietta, GA

Since I could remember I have always wanted larger...

Since I could remember I have always wanted larger and EVEN breasts...my left is a whole size larger than my right so I am a 36B on the L and 36A on the R but have to wear a bra to accommodate the larger size and I hate it!!!! So finally I am able to get my over due BA! I had my consult and we tried on several sizers and the best one for me looked to be 700cc!!! I am 41 5'5 and 165 pounds so with this and my chest width it looked fine. I will also have to have a breast lift so I am so nervous about that and will I need a pain pump and then the size!! If anyone has any advice or suggestions please feel free to help me :) I can not wait though for this surgery!!!


Need help! Do I need to purchase some sports bras prior to surg?? I have sch Aug 5 and haven't bought anything yet..If so, do y'all get regular sports bras or front closure/zip so you don't have to put on overhead..still debating on my cc size..was 700 but thinking of going down to 625/650!

Pics of me before :(

Ok here it goes..the pics of me now. Can't wait to get my new girls!!! :))

Retail Therapy!!!

Ok had to do it!! Went and bought some sports bras!!! Leaving tags on & keeping receipt just in case they won't fit correctly. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!!

More of now pics

Wish boobies!!!

19 MORE DAYS till I'll be booblicious!!!!!

Can't wait!!

Surg date moved UP!!!! :))

I just got my surg date moved up!!! It's now July 31 with preop July 23!!! Can't wait! :D


Ok looked in my papers & here's my measurements...
Dia: 15
Under: 32
Across: 36
Top: 38
SS Rt: 23
SS Lft: 25
Soooo can my size support a larger implant???

12 more days!!!!!!

Holy Cow I have 12 more days!!! Can't wait!! I've got everything ready, so I hope except my Rx in which I'll get next week!! Went out last night & got my after surg care bag!!! Woooo Hooooo!!!

Almost time!!!!

I bought my Arnica and have started that..tomorrow is my preop and can't wait for all my questions to be answered!! Surg is only 9 days away!!!! I'm getting so giddy now cause it's really gonna happen!! I'm still debating & worried about cc size! Don't want to be to big or to small!! Want a natural look ;)

Preop is done!!!!

Preop was today and ALL my questions were answered and fears put to rest! Got my Rx and started my iron & Vit C...it's really happening now because the girls have been paid for!!!! Now I just hurry up & wait! I brought a few items of clothes to put on while trying out the sizers again..so my size of 700cc Moderate Plus Profile Mentor round smooth saline has been chose!!! I'm so excited but still nervous at the same time! Since I have to have a lift I will have two small train tubes that I am NOT looking foward to...but it is what it is. My doc told me that after about a year and the implants fully drop you are actually about 50cc smaller so I should settle at about 650 :)) Can't Wait!
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Hey Doll! Just a bit of advice on the size, going down just that small amount won't really make a difference but you'll kick yourself if you do after the surgery. Dr Colgrove was my surgeon and he's great! Really thorough with his post op visits and making sure you understand your limitations. I hope you have a great surgery and an even better recovery! Oh! You'll love the anesthesiologist! He is so nice and considerate. He's so gentle too, I didn't feel a thing!!!
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Thank you so much for the reassurance with size & our doctor! I'm going today for preop and will feel much better after I have all my questions answered & the girls size picked out lol!! I hope your doing great! Will keep ya posted :))
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Have fun and good luck!!! :)
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I was really worried about implant size. I told my PS what look I wanted, and he ended up using what fit best in my body. Good luck at your pre-op!
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Thank you! I'm sure all will be ok tomorrow :))
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Jessf did you have drains with your lift? I've seen just a few with them and was curious..I'll get all my questions answered tomorrow at preop but was wondering. Also I may have asked u but did u have a pain pump?
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I got a lift too! Sooooo glad I did. Takes a little longer to heal and incisions are bigger but so worth it! Ives you self confidence! Are you doing over or under? My PS only does under and I'm glad. Love mine and u will too!!
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I'll be going under the muscle :)
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Great !! I think it's the best way!!
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I think you chose the right size for your desired look. Your wish boobs are a little bigger than mine, and I got 600s, so I think 650 would be perfect! Good luck to you!!!
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Thank you!! I can't wait!! It's been a long life dream & it's finally gonna happen!! :))
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Ques...now if I chose 650cc do they fill more for allowing under the muscle and being a little smaller and then allowing for them to settle and being less cc??
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Makes it all that more real !! Excited for you!
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Good luck to you! It looks like you are well prepared. The waiting game is difficult, but your day will be here before you know it! :)
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Yes it is..! It comes and goes fast!
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The waiting part is the worst!! Warning the day before my surgery I kinda freaked out. I think it was just nerves. I too had a symmetry problem. It's amazing what a lift can do for mind and body!! I'm sure u will look amazing when it's all done!!
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Thank you! I think I have everything ready! Haha I just can't wait!!! 12 more days! I'll be scared just because it's surgery but the reason & outcome is soooo worth it!! Now tell me what all did you get? Melody West..
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I had complete mastoplexy with a reduction on the right, 310cc extra full silicone overs!!
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I can relate to the different size breasts. My right was always smaller. They were both so small I never fit bras anyway unless they were pushups. 34 A still left right side boob gap! 50 more cc's in my right... and now right is slightly bigger! Figure 50 yrs of the left being bigger....it's payback time for the right! Good luck on your upcoming surgery. It's sooooo worth it!
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You must be so excited surgery will be here before you know it. I didn't buy anything before hand and I wore my surgical bra until my post op visit a week after the surgery, that's when my PS said I could go to underwire. So I went tried on a few bras and found that a 36d fit... Two weeks later the cup size is too small glad I only bought a couple bras. I just bought two more bras from target now at 36DD (7.00 for both on clearance) and bought the VSX sports bra also at 36DD to prepare for my third week post op visit where my doc should clear me to go back to the gym. I'm afraid to spend too much money before they actually settle.
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Ok what are the best support bras to buy for after surg!?! Scar cream!? There's so much running through my head!! Still undecided on size but I have 25 days for that...yikes!
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I went into my pre op with 17 questions like yours. He answered 15 of them before I said a word! Your PS should be able to help with those and He/she will have a lot of their own personal preferences on post op care!
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