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Hello BBL,and TT ladies. I am new here,and I have...

Hello BBL,and TT ladies. I am new here,and I have been watching and surfing the net for about two years now, on the BBL and TT. I have researched many Dr, from NY,GA,SC, and of course Dr,and Mexico. I have narrowed my PS down to two surgeons Dr. Jimerson, and Dr. Okoro. I have chosen these two because they are in the States,and their work is nothing less then remarkable. I had my 1st consultation today with Dr.Okoro and his staff was detailed and very informative. I saw Dr briefly because he was doing an actual BBL while I was having my consult. And ladies it was actually pleasant,didn't hear any moaning,no loud machinery, just lite music. My consult was with the PA Jennifer she was amazing. She explained a lot of unanswered questions that I had regarding sx,and what I would need to achieve the look I actually desire. She also pointed out one major concern I had, and that was how can I have a TT and BBL at the same damn time? And how uncomfortable will it be trying the heal from both? Lol she said that,that's was a good question,and they don't do BBL and TT @the same damn time, because of the recovery process. The price for both was a little high. $19,869. 1st procedure would be the TT ($10,874) then come back 6 weeks later and have the BBL ($8,995). Will post wish pics,pre surgery pic,soon as I book with my PS. Thank you ladies for bong so informative on here and please feel free to give your input, like regarding having both surgeries @ da same damn time. Im still curious, will be going to Dr. Jimerson for my consult, soon so I will keep you ladies posted.

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6 weeks
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Welcome RS sis...try Dr. CORTES as well!!!
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Umm 6 weeks or months? Yes 19k is a lot of money!
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Hey girl, the key is in reading these post and doing your own homework. I think 19k is a lot of money, but it is NOT if you can afford it and it is really what your want. I had consult with both Dr. Okoro and Dr. Jimerson and if you read my journey, I decided on Dr. Salma in Miami.....however, thought a long time about Dr. Yily in Dominican Republic, but the law that governs doctors in the USA doesn't apply to the doctor's in other countries. Whom ever you go with, just do your research and may you find the best doctor that works for you. Please enjoy the journey!
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Hey neighbor :) I'm in Lilburn. I thought about Jimmerson too but I said nah... Save $5,000 and go to Dr. Yily in the DR. Lemme know how the consult goes w Dr. J Curves tho :D
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