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Hi addicted to realself do I decided...

Hi addicted to realself do I decided to go ahead with my journey after reading all the success stories. Im from Milwaukee, WI but I decided to go out of town to Marietta, GA to Dr. Okoro. After looking at his work seeing his before and after pics and prices... it fits what im looking for. I had my first talk with Amanda today about what the initial process is and paid a $50 deposit to start my virtual consultation which I scheduled for Feb 4th. Cant wait to begin. Super excited

2nd option

Hi Ladies. Ok so I took some previous advice and went looked into a second option instead of just rolling with my 1st choice. So I did some research on Dr. Salzhauer and I loved his reviews and I loved his art work most of all so I set up a free consultation and spoke with him on 01/20 about my procedure and what I expected. He was super nice and friendly yet professional and anxious to be of help. So yes I did just waste my $50 on the consultation with Dr. Okoro for Feb. Because im sure im going with Dr. SALZHAUER. Anyways I plan on getting a breast lift, BBL, liposuction from my upper and lower abdomen, flanks and upper and lower back. I was quoted $15,000 for everything and looking at surgery in September or October of this year. So anyone planning surgery in Miami around that time inbox me I would love to have a buddy on board. I will be making my 1st payment on Friday.
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