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My expectation is to have a rounder butt. My rear...

My expectation is to have a rounder butt. My rear end use to be pump and as I got older it week flat so I would like to get close to what I use to be.
I'm having my brazilian butt lift at Georgia Plastic & Recontructive Surgery. My doctor will be Dr. Celestin, M.D. My surgery is June 4, 2014.
At my 2 week visit before my surgery, the staff was extremely nice, professional and answer all my questions. I received all my appointments for the year.
I'm nervous but can't wait to have this done.
Welcome and good luck!
Welcome and good luck with your surgery. I hope it all goes well and you have a smooth recovery.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

The night b4 my big day

I'm nervous and scared .I can't believe tomorrow is here.
The nurse called today to make sure I didn't eat or drink after midnight, take a bath with antibacterial soap, wear dark loose clothing and to make sure I had a driver to pick me up. I told her I was nervous and she said," we have something for that....so count down times. Pictures and evaluations to come.
Omg...you are scheduled for tomorrow!!! Sending lots of prayers your way! You will be fine!!! xoxo

1 day post op

The staff was the best. Dr. Celestin, Vivian Price, Cameo and Ada was very professional and made me feel comfortable. Dr.Celestin put approximatcly 800cc in buttox.Hopefully, it Will stay. I will update the rest .
Congratulations....Looking great so far! Happy healthy healing!!! :)

3 days post op

The doctor office have called twice to check on me. Im still sore but it's not as bad as i thought. The bad part is laying on your stomach all the time. Make sure you have some one to help you when you go home. You will need it.

My meds were included in my price meds for nausea, pain, antibodies and a relaxer
speedy recovery, looking great!!
I'm bruised really bad.....getting some Arnica today
Happy healing looks good

June 9 2014

Went walking around the neighborhood today. I got tired quick. I had to go back home and get in the bed.....Don't try to do to much to soon....
Perfect body girl. Hopefully my results are as good as yours. I'm scheduled for January with Dr.Cortes and I can't wait. Time is moving so slow. Post more pictures when you can and let us know if it is obvious you got something done. Any new attention?
Your an inspiration! GO GIRL!!
Looking good. Happy healing!

Made it 1 week post op

Exactly 1 week post op. Looking forward to my final results.
I will start doing minimum exercises starting today
I feel as if everyone is staring....As the waistline gets smaller the butt looks even bigger. I'm still sore and swollen...worth it
Don't mind the attention. Its hard to not look at a bad dd body.
You went through a lot. I'm glad you made it to the finish line...trying to get there :)


Took my garment off. It feels like it is digging in my skin. I can't take it. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow....grrrrr
Congratulations you look great
I like how your butt is shaping up! Congrats girl..
Did you interview a lot of different doctors before you chose Dr. Celestin? Did she actually do your procedure or did Dr. Okoro? I am researching docs in the area right now and am trying to find the right one...

Made it to 7 weeks

Im in my x small second garment...yay! I have no more pain or bruising and Minimum itching. Everything is coming along just fine. I do have afew lumps but the smooth shape will take care of that. At Dr. Okoro and Dr. Celestin office 2 smooth shapes are included in your package. It feels so good :) It feels like a mechanical massage. It really help with pain and lumps.
You look good. Did you ever consider Dr. Okoro?
I did consider Dr. Okoro but there was a 3 month wait. I wanted to be done right away. I knew Dr. Okoro wouldn't have anyone working in his office that wasn't good. Dr. Celestin graduated top in her class.
Thanks fefe1

loving my body

I still have a small amount of swelling. Butt is coming along nice. I had skin tighting called elixir which helps with loose skin. The staff is really helpful. I love this office.
Why update pics if your never there to answer questions??
You look great....was your procedure done in Dr Celestin's office or in a hospital?
Hi u look amazing what areas did u have lipo on please
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Celestin is intelligent, smart and professional. She explained the procedure, gave me handouts and showed me exactly what I would look like afterwards. She gave me the opportunity to ask questions and I did not feel rushed. I can't wait to see her again for my procedures

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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