Mother of 3, No Butt, No Shape!!! - Marbella, ES

Hi, I am new to this site and haven't had any...

I am new to this site and haven't had any surgery done yet. Recently contacted a doctor but have not heard from them yet so still waiting. Interested in a BBL but sceptical about what can be achieved for me! I am tall 5'11 with absolutely no butt at all! Not even sure if a doctor could make a significant difference on me LOL!!! I am still thinking about the procedure and are more geared towards Dr. Aslani because of his many positive reviews and also because his practice is closer to me than the USA . When I go for this surgery, I want to get a 'BIG' difference so I am trying to gain more fat to make my extract at least 1000cc each or even more:-). Not even sure if this is possible but hey! I still have to dream. Will upload photos of my little butt soon.

Soooo... embarrassing!!

Real pics of my flat ass! See...I wasn't joking about having absolutely no butt LOL!!!

Response From Aslani's assistant!!

Hey Guys! Just an update from Jenny, Aslani's assistant. I even got a call from them too, how Nice! Sent pics and got an assessment. All good but I'd like to put on a bit more weight. Still have not decided on when to go but hoping in a few months. The practice seems to be very professional and helpful. I am quite impressed!

Still Contemplating!

Just took 'better' picks but it's hard doing them by myself. Anyway I am trying to gain weight but it's really difficult! I am normally not a big eater and it's making me feel kinda stress:-(
Not sure when to go for my BBL but it has to be after a significant amount of weight gain so think in about four/five months.

Fat Necrosis from BBL???

I have been reading on his topic and got a bit worried about this possible consequence. Has anyone amongst Aslani's patience experienced Fat Necrosis? This is where the fat transferred becomes hard and lumpy. One solution is to have the hard fat aspirated but it doesn't always work according to what I've read here!! Apparently this can happen a while after BBL. Does anyone know about this problem and how it can be rectified??
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have you make up ypur mind yet? good luck dear and welcome
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I have about having it done but have to plan for time off. I've already used up all my holidays lol!! I am thinking maybe between October-November this year but not completely sure:-( Plus I have been advised to put on a bit more weight so working on that too:-)
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loll me I have to lose 15 more pounds, i want my surgery to be as perfect as possible:) I hope you get the time off! I will be flying there on november 30 th surgery is december 2nd with Dr Fisher let me know if i can be of any help
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Hey babe thanks for the nice comments if you need any help or advice just ask. You look better per op than what I did so I'm sure you'll have a good result!
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Aww..thanks sweetheart x
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Welcome to rs babe....good luck on your journey....ill be following your big booty around...
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Thanks sweetheart:-). It's comforting to know I can make friends here.
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Yes girl alot of girls are really nice here so I always return the favor.....I live this site I'm on it day and night
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where exactly are you? I hope your journey will be smooth i am here if you need to talk anytime
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I am from London and have never travelled for surgery so I am worried about a lot of things. Still researching and hoping the day will soon come for me to suck-up the courage.
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