September 24th is my date!! Dr Campos anyone going around this time???

Hello BBL ladies! I have been stalking this...

Hello BBL ladies! I have been stalking this website for a while now and you have all been so helpful with your reviews. Im from London and have wanted a BBL for years now, surgeons in uk are a waste of time... USA TOO FAR!
i have my mind set on Dr Aslani in Marbella, Spain, anyone had it with him??


hi slavicdream, I have my consultation scheduled for today, did aslani tell you how many cc's he would transfer ? Judging from the pic's on his page, I presume he would put more than 1000cc ??
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hey! yeah he said for me about 800-900, but im trying to put some weight on so he has as much fat as possible to put into my hips and bum! how did the consultation go?
Sorry I am still unsure how to use this forum, do you mind me asking what they have quoted you ? I would hope to have something around a 1000cc , does that affect the price ? I have seen some of his work in galleries and I like the look, but I am afraid it will be very expensive.Please advise

I want to know who you all think is the best at...

i want to know who you all think is the best at sculpting tiny waists and big butts?
Yily? Salama? Jimerson? Aslani?

I origionally planned to go with Aslani mainly due to the fact that he is in Spain which is closer to me than DR or USA.

But ive decided that that is not the right reason to choose a suregon.

I need opinons!

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Hellooooooo! i am from london, uk and really...


i am from london, uk and really want to get a bbl done this year, have wanted it for years.

I just want to ask you girls who have gone with campos a few questions...

Does he use general anethesia or local?
Did you have any problems post op and how much pain did you have?
I read a review on the internet a while ago about a girl dying from having lipo with him!!.. anyone know if this is true?

BTW you all look amazing your results are beautiful, and its you guys that makes me wanna chose him as my surgeon!!


sorry but I am confused where did u have ur op in the end ? Dr or with aslani in spain ? I am having mine with bbl next week and I would be thankful for feedback, there is no chance to find anybody in Sweden !
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Anyone going with campos around 24th september????

Hey ladies ignore where it says dr campos marbella, im going with campos who is in MEXICO. anyone going around same time as me???

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