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After 19 years of having saline implants I've...

After 19 years of having saline implants I've decided I'm just not happy with them... I don't I really ever was.

I was a tender 19 years old and everyone seemed to have these beautiful boobs... so I rushed into it. No one with the exception of my husband and doctor know i have implants... obviously ive never learnt to love them enough to share with my family / friends that i was so shallow at one point :( on a positive note i had an amazing PS and would have gone back to him for removal if he wasn't retired now ;). I honestly think they look fine, especially after so many years.

A few of the reasons I want removal is being able to do ALL yoga poses without discomfort, hugging people without wanting to pullback in fear they would feel them, sleeping on my tummy... I also feel I just might get more energy after removal... I know I will love myself more :)

My first consult is on August 1st... I'm hoping for an August explant date ;)

consultation date change....

I'm so happy right now, received a call to see if I wanted to come in for my consultation on July 17 instead of Aug 1st... woohoo... it's like fast-forwarding 2 weeks :P

Explant date booked :)

August 22 is the big day! woohoo... today's consult was awesome... PS was straight forward with all information and explanations. Tells me my breasts will only look sad (lol) for a few weeks... he does not believe I will need drains and he will either remove full capsul are partial..... AND because I don't want them replaced it is fully covered by Medicare :D the only costs I've had to pay was $100 for the consult. At the end of the consult he said: I think you will be very happy with your decision. yeahhhh...

Just wanted to say....

eeeeekkkkkkkkkkkk...... only 21 more sleeps!!!!!!!!!

two more sleeps...

Just received a call from the nurse at the hospital a few minutes ago confirming my appointment and letting me know... no makeup, perfume, hairspray... no eating, drinking, chewing gum or smokes from midnight before surgery...

On a side note my hubby sent me for a massage today ;) such a sweetheart.

...I'm on the other side!!!

... and I feel awesome! No pain meds needed yet, had an awesome sleep thru the whole procedure (tho I dreamt someone was offering me cake and coffee, then laughing and saying you know you can't eat yet :( lol)

...feeling awesome...

...and very pleased with the results from what u can see =)

....looking sad but feeling happy...

...a lot more breast tissue then I expected....have a cut/scratch in between my breasts which hurts... the doc apologized for, he said they had to use a little extra force to remove one of the implants....

I feel fabulous!

I must say I expected some pain but have been blessed, it's been so minor I've used T3's for only 1 night. 50 where prescribed and I only used 2!

This has definitely been my best choice in a long time :)!!!

I did not tell anyone I was having an explant and I don't think anyone has even noticed, almost makes me a little sad (lol almost).

Removed the tape today...

...and am a little sore :(. One indecision is looking really good, the other will need a little more recovery time. I'm hoping to be able to hug my little guys tightly some time soon!

...moms got ears...

so this morning I overhear a very secretive conversation that my 6 & 9 year olds are having....
6 yr old: I know what mommy wants for her bday! 9 yr old: what? She told daddy she wants the fluff fairy to visit her... hmmm says the 9 yr old and all is quite... Then 6 yr old says: what's a fluff fairy? 9 yr old: I don't know BUT that what we gotta do, we gotta put some money under her pillow before she wakes up cause that's what fairies do and maybe mom just doesn't know once you turn so old they don't come anymore cause they got so many kids to do this for.... 6 yr old: how money you got? Answer: $2 6 year old: I got 25 cents that gonna be enough? 9 yr old: nope! we need to get at least 5 bucks cause that's what the cheapest fairies leave.... guess we gotta talk to dad and explain that we need money cause mommy still believes in fairies then huh? Yup.....

Baaahahaha.... can't wait to hear what daddy thinks of this after the boys talk to him.... Wish I could be a fly on the wall :P

...1 month post explant....

I feel great.... tho my breasts are so sensitive to touch somedays it's a little painful =)
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You look fantastic - thank you for sharing your story and your two little girls gathering money for the Fluff Fairy - PRICELESS!!!!
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Hi there, great results! May I ask what size were you before your BA and what size implants did you have? Are you still happy? X
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Hi Tracy78.... removal was the best thing ever! I love my breasts now (tho since I started working out more I have a little less :) ) I was in between a 34A/B before implants (I was very thin).... After explant I was a 34C now a 32C or 32/34B depending on bra.... implants where between 200-250cc Hope this helps
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You look so great after explant, you can't even tell, your story about your kids made me laugh, thats so funny, if they only knew.
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You look great! Great result!!! I'm also Canadian and just assumed that Medicare ( in my case ohip) would pay for removal, hence me going back to SA to have it done by original PS. But also got lift.. Which they certainly would not have paid. The story of your boys made me laugh....
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so what did dad think of giving the kiddies $$ for the fluff fairy??
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lol.... my hubby was horrified... he told them I wanted chocolate ;-)
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You look fantastic!
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Thank you!
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Wow, how many changes in one month, now it really looks like your breast has never been trough an augmentation and explant. Today I am one week post explant, never had any pain, my doctor says I can go on with my normal life (obviously no exercise like running etc) but always wearing a sportsbra. Today (after seven days of euphoric happiness) I got a little paranoid (!) that if I don't keep the bra tight enough, or I move too much, my pocket will not close and I may develope a seroma. I am quite sure is just some emotional rollercoaster due to sedation & this big change (that I've been dreaming for many years). Since you are some weeks ahead, I'd love to ask you two questions: did you experience some kind of light "itching" inside the breast after the explant? and: how was your aftercare routine, what kind of bra did you wear? thanks a lot. vale
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I'm 8 weeks post-op. Still in sports bra. I developed a late seroma at 5 weeks in right breast. I started using my upper body too soon. It's been drained twice and I go back next week. Hope to be in a regular bra in 3 weeks. I did experience itching! Very normal!
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Congrats Vale! Yes lots of itching for a few weeks. Once the stitches looked good I started using bio-oil very gently just to keep them a little moisturized.... I'm still in a sports bra at night but during the day I wear barely there or no underwire little bras =) happy healing!
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Hlp1015, how did you recognize the seroma? thanks a lot xxx vale
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(Sorry, it is all written in your review!)
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I can't wait to wear no bra at all :)
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Top area of breast felt squishy; honestly like jello! I could see the area stuck out a little further then the other breast.
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Wow, 1 month, You look fantastic! Looks like the fluff fairy has been visiting :)!
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thanks AVA 07 they are looking a little happier every day!
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You look great! I can't believe its been one month for us already. I agree with the sensitivity sometimes... I can tell when I go for my walks I get sore the next day. I don't how the heck people were jogging after a month.
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and what great changes in just 1 month... =) I actually enjoy the sensitivity it's been a long time.
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You look fantastic!!! Congrats :))
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thank you!
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The pain will come and go for a few weeks! You look great!
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How did your insurance cover them???
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