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I got the buccal fat removal because I don't have...

I got the buccal fat removal because I don't have the energy to exercise and my face would easily get bloated. It definitely did help, but it did leave two small indentations at the side of my face. Would I do it again? No. Because the day I get my energy back and start being more active is the day I'll be seeking solutions for sunken in cheeks. Also my surgeon took the whole lot out when she should have left a bit of buccal in my cheeks.

results are changeing

things have settled down a bit, I lost a bit of weight and the results are now starting to show. It is looking very good! Although I fear how it will look if I get more active. At the moment. I do not mind the results so much. If I lose weight or get too active I can always get them filled with fat transfer, but at the moment I think my cheeks are looking better than before. More defined and chiselled.
Dr Corazon Collantes

She didn't do the job properly, she did it old fashioned as in take the whole thing out when she should have made it more subtle.

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I can see the improvement , isnt any further improvement by now ?
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hmm i don;t see a whole lot of difference in your cheeks.
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Love your results. I can tell you are def a perfectionist and hard on yourself. I'm thinking of getting this done along with rhinoplasty with Dr Somyos Kunackak. I really appreciate all your reviews as it's helped me make my desicion. Take care.
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Im glad ive inspired you to see kuna. He nose noses! If you get your buccal removed I would advise you to get partial removal. Kuna isn't cheap though. Hes the best in thailand but also the most expensive.
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Could I please see before and after pix?? I'm wanting to do this procedure but skeptical :/ I've read mixed reviews and half the people regret... Ugh. I hate my fat cheeks :(
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you can see the before picture on my review "third time un-lucky nose job"
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I diss agree, your face looks incredible! Very nice structure and symmetry! I am impressed!
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I would love to believe that this is a real person leaving a comment. But you signed up the day that you left the comment and this is the only comment you left on realself so it appears you may be someone working to protect the reputation of dr corazon. Im sorry but people should not think she is such a great doctor as she makes herself out to be. Maybe she was in her day, but not anymore. Her hands are shaky, I think she has athritis in her hands. But... she has to pay her housekeeper, two drivers and the bills in her mansion.... so....
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Actually, I signed up specifically to leave that comment because I genuinely thought you looked great. I have no idea who the doctor is, nor do I care about her. Don't be so skeptical, I was trying to say something nice!
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Sorry Mischa. I really appreciate the comment! It just takes a while to adjust to it because the result isn't exactly as I envisioned, but comparing it with old photos it is an improvement. I'm just very worried what the result may be a few years from now, but I suppose there are options if later down the track it doesn't look good. But thank you honestly from my heart, that is the worse pic I have anyway, it looks better in other pics, especially when I relax my masseter muscles.
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Looks great though
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you really think so? It definitely looks good on profile but it feels unnatural.
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Steven just saw your pics, I don't think you should get buccal. I really regret it, but I did it because I have chronic fatigue, but then if I get cured and start working out hard I could end up with a very gaunt looking face, but it appears that you like that overly gaunt look. In any regards I would be careful because once you have them taken out, there is no going back. Also like to mention that it does look god in other photos and not so indented, but again, if I become more active I fear getting that hollow look. I actually get nightmares about it! So please be careful.
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Welcome and thanks for sharing your experience with us!

We're you able to speak to the doctor about too much fat being taken out? Did they explain this would be the case, before your procedure?
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No, there was no clarity. Dr Corazon Collantes does not explain procedures properly, I don't understand why she has received so many awards when she is a terrible surgeon.
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