Rhinoplasty: My Journey

Like most people considering rhinoplasty I have...

Like most people considering rhinoplasty I have been unhappy with my nose for a number of years despite me being on 19-years of age. I remember being in middle school and being just so unhappy with the shape of my nose... I always had to angle my face a certain way to try to hide the largeness of my nose someway when all I want is just to look at a camera and smile without being self-conscious. A lot of my family members have disagreed with me even considering the surgery but they will eventually come around.

I live on the island of Guam, an American territory in the Pacific with about 180,000 people. We are only three hours away via plane to the Philippines which is where I am headed for the procedure. Not only is the relative closeness of the Philippines a big pro in me choosing the country, but the price of the procedure as well. The cost will not go above $2,000. I know the whole "you get what you pay for" mantra but the hospital I am considering is award winning as well as other clinics I have scheduled consultations with. Just out of curiosity, has anyone on this forum gotten a rhinoplasty in the Philippines? The price to pay in the U.S and the cost alone just to travel is absolutely ridiculous. Many people from Guam go to the P.I for medical treatment so that's another reason.

I have not figured out a doctor yet as I will be going in early July for consultations with about 4 different PS and I plan on taking leave in October once I figure out a doctor to perform the procedure then...

Below are pictures of my nose from the left, right, front, and a 3/4 view (I use this when I take most of my pictures as it disguises the shape of my nose a little...) Advice would be greatly appreciated. One of my doctors I am highly considering said he would probably use goretex (sp.?) Thanks!


Durr, I forgot the link the first time I posted. Just stuck it in there! Sorry about that.

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Hello and good luck with your search. Whatever you do...choose a surgeon who SPECIALIZES in rhinoplasty and not breast implants, liposuction stuff like that.. your handsome by the way you remind me of this guy at work who is from Guam and also has your same nose.
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Hey there, welcome to RealSelf. I'm glad you're here! You might want to read what these doctors have to say about gortex and other implants. Please let us know how your consultations go!

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So as mentioned, I have not been able to find much...

So as mentioned, I have not been able to find much about the doctors in the Philippines who I will be consulting with so that is a very big downside for me which is really steering me into researching other doctors. I stumbled on Dr. Ashkan Ghavami's website after searching for ethnic rhinoplasty doctors. Many good reviews here on RealSelf and other sites like Yelp so that is VERY encouraging. I emailed his team and they are planning on setting up a phone consultation with me which I think sounds like there all very well organized and "put together". Very excited and I will update all of you once I finish up my phone consultation.


good luck!! i hope your phone consult goes well.. :))
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Hi, his name is Rino Lorenzo. His site: philippinecosmeticdotcom (posting sites are not allowed here)
he has many before and after pics on his site which are pretty impresive. but he would also try to tuck you into getting more work done than needed. i guess he's just being a good business man. i didn't have any complications at all. my surgery went smoothly but his clinic is a bit shady and expect a lot of waiting on ur appointments. to be honest with you, i'm not sure if i would recommend him or not.
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Best of luck in your research! You are already handsome, but you are going to look fantastic afterwards!! =) Keep us all updated. I'm excited to hear about your progress.
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Okay so I literally feel like my head is about to...

Okay so I literally feel like my head is about to explode! For the past three weeks, all that has been in my head is "rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty, RHINOPLASTY!" It's driving me insane... I am probably going to have to visit a mental hospital before I even get the procedure done because of my obsession.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, time for me to vent here... I have been going back and forth between my decisions about my nose job. I have received emailed responses from about two doctors in the Philippines stating that they would not use any type of implant in my nose since I "have a lot to work with already" (there words not mine!). The general consensus seemed that all I need done would be to have my hump rasped as well as tip plasty and reduction alarplasty.

I am leaning towards these two specific doctors because they both have a lot of years of practice under their belt and have numerous certifications. Both also said to just save my money by not coming for a consultation in three weeks and too instead come during the time period I want the surgery to have the consultation then and the surgery the following day. What do you all think about this? One surgeon is offering this total package to be about $1,600 USD while the other is around $2,000. Very convincing because of the price but I am very wary to not let this be the decision maker in the end.

If I could afford it by October, I would TOTTALLLLY go for my #1 surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami. Ugh, absolutely in love with him! Read numerous reviews all of which are good... I have been emailing his office back and forth and like I said in my previous post I will be having a phone consultation with him on the 27th. After googling "ashkan ghavami rhinoplasty cost" the lowest I found was about $6,500 and the highest was $10,000. If that is the case then I would have to wait until 2014 as I have a trip planned next year and won't be able to take leave. CareCredit is an option but I don't like living paycheck to paycheck; makes me uncomfortable. Any advice would be greatly appreciated... love you all near and far!



I received a rhinoplasty in the Philippines 7years ago and totally regret it:( stick with your 1st choice! Best of luck!
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Hi, I've received rhinoplasty in the Philippines and although mine is not bad, (I didn't get what I want) I would totally go to your number one choice. I'm in the process of looking for revision here in the US. Best of luck!
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Didn't realize my 1st post posted sorry for double post. 1st time commenting on real self .
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