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Before and After Cosmelan - Manila, Philippines

I had my c1 end of june, my skin felt...

i had my c1 end of june, my skin felt "flushed" but firm. after 2 days it started to peel. i was starting to get giddy because my dermatologist highly recommended this treatment.after the 3rd day, i applied a thin layer of c2 on my entire face at night. and continued doing it every night. so far, i like what i see... it lightened the freckles on my cheeks. my skin looks radiant esp with make up, it looks flawless! i love the results.. this is my 8th week since i had the mask. i noticed it made my skin less oilier, i used to have a oily skin on my t zone.

8th day and i'm still peeling. Has this happened to you? I apply cosmelan 2 3x a day. I don't know if my skin has darkened or i'm just reddish brown from the C2. Had it done at Belo. Thanks. Also do you have to wash your face when you apply C2 in the middle of the day?
I have used Dermasuri for evening out skin on my body. It doesn't help with color spots but my skin felt the softest it's ever been.
I consult d DERMA doctor prescribe obagi one set dalawa set na walang nangyari sa pigmentation....now so dry....I want to try ds cosmelan maybe it wl help my problem.. My pigmentation ..
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