Had a Rhinoplasty and Lower Lid Blepharoplasty Performed - Manhatten, NY

-The cost for the would of actually been more but...

-The cost for the would of actually been more but since I had two procedures done at the same time the price was reduced so you would have to call and ask for a quote.

-I had surgery for two procedures on July 19 2011 with Dr. Sam Rizk and so far I'm very pleased with my rhinoplasty.

- As for my lower lid blepharoplasty coming out of surgery I was very very swollen which is normal. I believe he did what was called a transconjunctival blepharoplasty then he topped it with a micro frictional laser treatment.

-It has been 10 days since the surgery date and I'm very frustrated at the results Ive gotten with my lower lids so far. I'm happy at the fact that my puffy bags are gone but now I feel like my right lower lid (your left) has a small indent on the side of my lower lid towards my inner corner of my eye right by my nose. While my left lower lid (your right) looks nice and evened out. I'm getting worried he might have taken a little too much fat from one eye compared to the other. But well see how it goes. I just really want both my lids to match up and even out

It's been a little over 2 weeks and so far my...

It's been a little over 2 weeks and so far my lower eyelids have started to even out although not 100% there yet. So well see how it goes. Thankfully its going towards the right direction

Its been 4 weeks since surgery and so far Im...

Its been 4 weeks since surgery and so far Im starting to like the results Dr. Rizk gave me for my lower lids. There FINALLY starting to even out more although not 100% there but I would probably say there about 70% there. My left lower lid (your right) is just a tiny bit more swollen than the right lower lid (your left). In order to see that little difference now it would have to be in person since its difficult to document in picture. But I love how my bags are gone, I finally look my age, can't way to see the final results in the next several months.

Its been about 7 weeks since my lower lid surgery...

Its been about 7 weeks since my lower lid surgery and so far I'm pretty happy with the results. I look younger and well rested and love the fact that for the first time I'm able to do smokey eye makeup looks without looking silly lol (before I wasn't able to pull off dark eyeshadow looks since the bags would really pop out making me look horrible regardless of the concealers i would use to try somewhat hide the bags). Best decision I've made, I'm happy that my bags are gone and everything looks pretty smooth especially when I wear makeup. It's still not 100% even yet (one lower lid is a tiny tiny bit more fuller then the other one) but the difference is so slight that it doesn't really bother me. No one can tell unless I make them stare really really hard under a bright light and even then it's so minimum. Still have more healing to do but like I said im pretty happy with my eyes.
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

I just had the surgery so its too soon to make a valid statement on how I really feel yet.

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Great results. I want to get both done at same time.
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You look great! What's the lower blepharoplasty painful while healing
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Your eyes look very good! I want to get this done but I am so afraid because I never had surgery done before but Im tired of always walking around looking tired. I try to conceal it with make up but make up is not enough because i can see the lines under my eyes. But your results motivated me to look into this procedure. :)
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Thanks and u should look into it whether it's with my doctor or someone else because as they say the eyes r the windows to the soul and for me the last thing I wanted was for ppl to think I was tired all the time and older looking lol. Never realized what a big difference my eyes made to my face till I got them done
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Yea I would like to try your doctor what is his location and do you know what is the average price for the lower eyes only. I got kind of confused with the numbers you gave.Also I really agree with you about looking older because all the time people always think I am 25-27 and I am only 22...smh lol :)
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Well for me since I had multiple surgeries at once I only had to pay 4500 for my eyes but if I had only done my eyes it would of been 8500.
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Your lower lid looks great after the surgery, I have the same problem but I'm scared of surgery, I had fractional laser but I'm not pleased with the result, just wasted my money. How much is lower lid surgery alone?
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aww im sorry to hear that. yea I had that done to my eyes too the fractional laser but he just threw that in there and didn't charge me extra. Idk if I can say it did anything for me because i dont have any wrinkles or spots around my eyes to begin with. I think u can tell a difference when someone does have that, then gets the laser done and sees that the skin improved. He said it wanted to use it on me to help tighten my skin for when my bags were gone. So far I loveeeee my eyes and especially with makeup . If i would of done my eyes alone it would of been 8500 (4500 surgeon fee and 4000 for the operation room, and anesthesia fee) but since I had a rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty done at the same time i only had to pay the o.r. and anesthesia fee once. at the moment Im kinda eh with the rhinoplasty because the side view is beautiful but i have some asymmetric in the front view at the moment but right now its been 3 months so i still have a long time to wait and see if anything changes (dont change my nose from the pics I have on here thats an older pic from a month into recovery so some swelling has gone down, and at the moment i have a small depression on the right side so I'll doing the waiting game to see how that changes as time goes by. But I can honestly say I love my eyes right now, especially since everything has pretty much evened out (early during recovery i had lots of asymmetric with my eyes so I was freaking out)
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p.s. I made a typo meant to write (dont judge my nose from the pics I have on here thats an older from a month into recovery...)
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Glad to hear your results are turning out well!

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Thank u for the kind words
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Getting through all that swelling and seeing the real results can be so nerve-wracking! I'm so glad to hear your results are finally showing.

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Thanks, it is nerve wracking to wait lol
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