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Excited Yet Very Nervous - Manhattan, NY

Hello, I am scheduled to have liposuction of...


I am scheduled to have liposuction of my abdomen Nov. 7. I am taking 5 days off from work. I sit at a desk all day and have my own office so I figured that would be enough time. I am a bit worried because I have only told 5 people so far, including my best friend who is going to bring me home the first day. I do not have help on the following days, though. My boyfriend is going to check on me everyday but he is extremely busy and we are kind of in a new relationship, so I do not want to ask for too much. Do you guys think I will need a lot of physical support?

I will post some pics of the before shortly.


Hi shortness....I think u will be fine...I took 4 days off from my desk job...I was sore and could of used a lil more time but made it thru it with Tylenol. I just was really tired by 2pm each day for at least 10 days..went home...elevated my legs and rested ALOT...I really think u will be FINE...I am 5 wks post op as of Monday...still sore and still tired..but getting better...I am still waiting on results..not liking my profile of my tummy at all rite now..but they say could take months..see my dr next Monday to ease my concerns...u can see my pic's...I was pretty big in the tummy prior to procedure....BEST OF LUCK TO YOU....keep us posted :)
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Hi there, welcome and thank so much for sharing your journey with us! Good luck with your surgery, I'm sure everything will go well. Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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October 31- One week til my surgery. I wanted to...

October 31-
One week til my surgery. I wanted to give everyone some pics as a before reference


I think you will be fine. Trying to think back on my time, I think after the first week I probably would have been just fine going back to work. Luckily I work from home at the moment so I didn't have to worry about it, but pain pills will definitely make u more tired a lot fast though
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Thanks for the advice. I will try to keep the pain pills at a minimum when I go back to work (although I can lock the door and take a nap if necessary, LOL)
Good luck!!
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11/10/12 I am three days post op. While I still...

I am three days post op. While I still have some soreness, I am finally able to get up easily to walk around the house. I have been sleeping a lot for the past 3 days but that is due to the medications. I have not eaten a full meal since Tuesday and today I am going to try to eat.

I have had a lot of fluid drainage. But I can see the great results. My doctor is the best. He calls me twice a day to check in on me. Also, my best friend spent the first 12 hours with me, as did my boyfriend. If they did not spend time with me, I have no idea how I would have gotten through that first day.

I will post pics later, but wanted to update everyone.


The first few days are rough after a week you will feel much better. Get some rest and continue taking your meds. Try eating just soup and crackers ( that was my diet for the first week lol). Happy healing can't wait to see your pics.
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My breakfast. lunch and dinner yesterday was a reubun sandwich. I took three attempts to finish one sandwich. Also i have not done a #2 since Tuesday. Is this weird?
Lol no not weird the meds can make you constipated. Try eating a bananna but after a week you should be able to use the bathroom. Same happened to me.

Update 11/13/12 Today was my first day back to...

Update 11/13/12
Today was my first day back to work and it was a tough one. First, I certainly took for granted the little things that were so easy which are now a huge task. This morning while getting up, luckily I had a wrap dress I could wear, thus little need to abdominal movement. However, putting on socks (I wore boots) was the most difficult thing. I couldn't bend far enough or bring my feet close enough to put on socks. After 20 minutes i gave up and went barefoot in my boots.

Also, I have laid mostly and bed and walked around. I did not do much sitting up. Sitting at a desk was uncomfortable. I felt like my abdomen was in my lap, which it wasn't. I could not find the right spot to sit up. Also, I think because of these new movements, I became more swollen. I had much more fluid released today than any other day. When I finally got home, all the activities that were difficult were a breeze, so I guess that is a silver lining.

Attached, I've added some new pics of day 3 post op. I was very swollen, but I can already see the results. My stomach looked like it typically does when I suck it in. Very excited for the swelling to continue to decrease.


Thankfully this morning I became regular again. ;)
They have been truly amazing. My best friend changed my dressings on the first day. I have a new found love for her. I attached new pics

9 days post op: I removed my drains yesterday...

9 days post op:

I removed my drains yesterday and finally took a look in the mirror today and I am so happy with my progress. My lower abs are very swollen, but I can see the results already. I am still sore and it is still uncomfortable to sit up, but hopefully i will be better come thanksgiving. I did not tell my mother about the surgery and I don't want to tell her (fear of judgment). So I will need to help her cook on Thanksgiving and hopefully I will no longer be as sore.

Please see updated pics below


how soon after your consult did you have your surgery?
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All the best on your journey. I told you the first week is tough but gets better and better each day. Don't worry my mom doesn't know either lol
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When I first thought about getting liposuction on...

When I first thought about getting liposuction on my mid-section, I decided that I was going to try to go to the best surgeon I could find. While I did not have unlimited resources, I refused to limit my search based on cost. I researched through various websites and I came up with a list of doctors to consult with. On my very first consultation with Dr. Engler, I knew I did not need to look any further. I felt completely at ease with him. He took the time to answer my list of questions. I have a type-A personality, so I definitely had questions regarding the smallest details.

When I went in for my second consultation, I felt even more confident that I made the right choice. Dr. Engler's staff was warm and welcoming. Pictures were taken and I hardly felt self-conscious because the atmosphere was so professional.

I was hardly nervous for the surgery until the day actually arrived. I entered Dr. Engler's office and was walked, once again, through the details of the procedure. My nervousness quelled and I was ready to go under. When I woke up, I was groggy yet elated. Dr. Engler called me every day, sometimes two times a day, to check on my progress. He continued to be patient with my many list of questions and comments

Two weeks after my procedure, my results were already amazing. My friends started to notice and comment about how amazing I looked. I was told that some people were not even telling me how great I looked, but was whispering it to other friends. I also became much more confident. I started to wear more form fitting clothes, belly revealing shirts. Now, two months after my surgery, I am so grateful I went through with it and immensely grateful that Dr. Engler was the surgeon I went to. I do not think another doctor could have sculpted my mid section to look as amazing as it does now. As I prepare for swimsuit season, I keep staring at my body in the mirror and smiling. Thank you Dr. Engler and your staff for not only the amazing work, but also the professionalism and warmth.

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Here are more pics

Here are more pics


How was the operating room area?
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He is doing my lipo and modified TT. CAN'T WAIT!!!
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He is amazing!

10 months post

Just wanted to update pics. I'm in love with my tummy. I wear lots of crop tops now.


Hey sorry. I just saw your question. How was your procedure? The operating room was fine. No complaints at all but to be honest I don't remember much about the room other than it being cold.
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