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I had my procedure done 4 days ago. During the...

I had my procedure done 4 days ago. During the procedure, there was one time I felt a sharp needle poking the nerve of my scalp. I actually jumped a little because I did not expected that sharp pain. On the second day, I felt numbness to the back side of my right scalp. Each time I touch my right forhead, I would feel tenderness to the right side of my scalp. You mentioned that the forehead nerves transmit sensation from the scalp. Is this normal? Will it go away? Was there any nerve damage caused by this procedure? I am really concerned. Please advise.

Hi Diemchan, It has been over two months since you had the procedure done. Have you noticed any significant improvement? Are you happy with the results? Thank you.

Sorry to hear you are concerned. I can understand why it would be alarming to you. Here is some info that might be helpful:

Will Ulthera Cause Damage to Facial Nerves?

Facial Nerve Injury After Ultherapy

Please update us on how you are doing and what goes on from here.

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