Hello ladies, hesitated to write a review for a...

Hello ladies, hesitated to write a review for a while now, finally gave in. I have spent a lot of time here... Im 5 weeks and 3 days and its really a long transformational journey with many ups and many downs. This site helped me so much. I knew what questions to ask and what to look for and what to expect.

I can't really say anything that hasnt been said. It hurts bad specially MR which I had (no lipo). Wearing a faja 24/7 takes some prayer and getting used to. Drains are worse than entire surgery :-/ .

So far, am very happy with my results. I learned a few lessons along the way reading all the amazing, inspiring and funny stories you guys shared. Lessons Learned: DO YOUR RESEARCH! Let the PS know - you know the ins and the outs. You need a strong support system. Most important lesson I learned - we are all different and our starting points vary so don't compare your results to other people!!. Give your body time to adjust and heal.
Congrats!! Looking good!
Thank you for your update ! I was really happy to see your results being that I am planning on getting my Tt with Dr. Yager as well. Love his work and he definitely did a great job on you. Please continue to post pics. This will really help me and others who are planning on surgery with him.
Lookin gr8 so far:-) x

Forgot to Mention

Im turning 39 in less than 2 weeks! - Im active - work out 5 days a week - and was nicely toned EXCEPT... yeah you guessed it...Finally said that's it - Im doing something for ME. I have 2 kids (18 & 12).

I started back at the gym taking it light but getting my body back to being active. It feels strange - not painful - but strange sensation that am going to break in half - can't explain it.

I still wear my faja 27/7 and now have gotten to love it! Its my friend and comforter ;-)

Scar treatment. I massage by tummy every day after I shower with Bio Oil - taking my time and close attention to my scar. I then put a silicone strip. I have been doing this since week 3 and I notice a lot of improvement. Scar is overall smoother, thinner.

Here are the updated pictures.
You look great!
Thank you ;-)
Thank you! - Im happy I crossed over the "why in the world did I do this to myself" phase.. looking forward to complete healing. ;-)

Last Update *promise

Fajas.... Well after sx I was wrapped like a taco in a CG (I see all you ladies loved that one NOT)... Then moved to the one the PS gave me - then I bought my own - which came down to the knees - then got too big... and now using this one....tank/corset in a small and I LOVE IT!!!!

Oh.. and wanted to show you guys the scar close up.
You are gorgeous girl...an advertisement for successful TT! Keep posting, you're inspiring ;-)
Wow!! I'd love to have that hour glass shape!!! You're looking smoking hot!!!
You look fabulous!

6 Wks ! Yay

Tomorrow is my 6 wks - I can't believe time has gone by so fast. Sat I see my PS - everything is going great - I have been working out - but getting really swollen at night... Sneezing still makes me jump a bit WTH... my incision is itchy... and my stomach is still pretty hard. I still need to work on my posture!! - I catch myself walking hunched over - anyways... not expecting the PS to tell me anything I don't already know... ;-)
well you ended up looking great congrats
Did you get lipo on your flanks? I love the shape you have..... perfect!
love2bmommy - I didn't have any lipo - my PS just did TT with muscle repair, he said he would give me a waist - and I was wondering what that meant since I was not getting lipo - but he came through with his promise! - not sure what he did - but he mentioned he was going to tighten me up - I have always used my faja (religiously) - and as of a week or so ago, I started using the faja/corset - so I it was the work of his hands and I have helped the results a bit...making sure I do my part. Im 39 and I have never in my life had a waist - Certainly not like this one!!!

I have made it to 6Wks!!!

Just wrote a long...review and it didn't save...(let's try this again ;-/)

Just got back from seeing my PS - all is healing great thank God. He set me free to resume all activities - and released me from the bondage that is the CG/FAJA.

So why am I sad.... well I have become fond of my faja; we have bonded through some rough times so am not ready to move on. The last 2 week I switched to a faja vest / corset - and Im in love it with. I believe* (these statements have not been reviewed by a doctor) that it is helping shape my body as its healing. I never really had a waist - so Im going to do what I can to make sure I don't lose this one (it cost me a lot of money). So my plan it so continue wearing my faja/corset - it helps with my posture and random swelling during the day - and give myself some freedom in the evening. I have tried to sleep without my binder a few times, can only make it through half the night - so I will slowly work on that.

Well enough about the Faja (told you I was fond of it). Im also now released to do core/ab work which IM TERRIFIED of doing. Im a gym junkie - but since I started back - I have been scared to even breath using my abs - so will report back when I do my first crunch or plank (shivers) O.0.

For all of you ladies starting your journey... you would be surprised how fast time goes by... I saw a lady at the PS clearly early in her journey and I thought to myself - wow can't believe that was me just a few weeks ago and look at me now.

Congratulations to all you deciding or already crossing over to the flat side. Ladies, remember this is a BIG investment $$ at least for me it was ... so I have to protect and take care of my investment! - Its a new journey a new YOU, we fixed the outside; lets make sure we fix the inside, eating healthy, exercising and beautifying ourselves from the inside out. Happy Healing!

A few more pics....from this morning.

Looking super fab!
Lisalicious - Thanks so much!
You look amazing

7Weeks & Other

Hello Ladies, hope everyone is healing well... and those that are getting ready to take the plunge ! know that we are thinking of you. So.. Im and 7 1/2 weeks... I saw my PS and he said to start taking off the faja.... and wean off... WELL Im still wearing it.. at least 12-15 hrs a day - take it off only for sleep. Im happier with it on.. (don't judge me LOL).

I did some ab workout a few days ago and I was scared to death... It was not painful - but it feels sooo strange... so my effort was not great, but at least I got a taste of it...I hope it gets better...

I don't know if this is something that has happened to everyone and I know nobody talks about it here - But I figured I bring it up... It happens to be that one of the side effects of a TT with MR is a crazy strong orgasm!!!! OMIGAH!... I read another of the ladies who said the G spot went missing after the surgery and it apparently moved LOL - well I was concerned about my out spot - but luckly it didn't move - BUT it got super sensitive and I guess with the tightness of my abss..HOLY chicken wings.... So a big shout out to my PS!!!!!!! Woooo!

A few updated pictures... Just celebrated my birthday last week... and I wore a mid-drift shirt - YEP stomach all out showing it off...like I paid good money for it... hehehe...
You look amazing girl! I think our shapes are similar so its really great to see your results and the changes your body is going through. I need to post an update! Stay strong! :)
We def have the same shape - how are you doing with your recovery? You are a little further along than me - I had SX on 9/20.

8 Wk Update

Let me get straight to the point - 8 weeks and sneezing still gives you a jolt down to your spine >;-/ ... I found to have some major episodes of swelling - not sure its anything Im doing.

I had started working out a little more -but found myself hurting a bit and thought I even hurt something inside - I felt a pull for days - so I as much as I want to go back full to the gym, I have to moderate it - and take it very easy even if Im feeling great and energetic.

I did run 2 miles non stop and felt great. I'm 140 pounds 5'1 - currently, prior to surgery I was 145 - so just a 5 pound difference. Im hoping to go down 10 pounds just to tighten up a bit more.

I bought another FAJA smh (am addict) this new one is an Ann Cherry (small). I still wear this one or my black one everyday - for about 12 hrs. Usually when I get home I will not wear anything the rest of the night or to sleep. It helps with my posture which is still bad from after surgery, it helps me control my appetite, and it definitely reshaping my waist (I didn't have lipo) and controls the swelling which happens sporadically without warning.

My scar is good, getting very itchy - trying a few different things...Bio oil, Mederma, and silicon strips.

Just need to continue listening to my body - instead of getting anxious.

I hope everyone is healing beautifully!
You look amazing! What was your starting weight if you don't mind me asking?
Best I seen since I've been on this website
Barbara - wow thank you for you comment. ;-) Im very happy with my results and I can only imagine it will get better. He left me looking very natural which is what I love the most.

10 Wks - Update

Hello ladies, am 10 weeks and 2 days today - I feel great - but the swelling got really bad these past 2 weeks - not sure what the trigger was probably a combination of my period and starting back at the gym. But long story short - I felt like I was about to explode (even had to take the faja off). My scar felt raised up and painful from the swelling - not a happy place at all. Felt like I took 10 steps back.

Today was better - Here are some pictures
You look fantastic!! How's it going now? Do you feel you started working out at the right time or did you wish you waited a little longer? I'm scerrd!! Also, where did you get that corset? And are you still wearing it?
Thank you sweetie tt2014!. Things are much better now - swelling had gone down but it's still there - specially at night. I def started working out too soon, even at 6 wks that I had the OK from my PS, I felt it was still a struggle. Now at 11 wks I can say it's good to be back at the gym and it feels fairly "normal" although I still have my limitations and don't attempt any core or abdominal workouts. I still wear my corset, figured its a perfect time for a little bit of waist training. I didn't have lipo so I need to make sure my sides stay trimmed - I see a huge difference and Im happy with the results. Will continue to wear it for a few more months until I reached desired results. My body continues to change. I bought mines in a lingerie store near where I live. I found it easier for me to touch the material and feel it and try it on. The white one on the picture is a Ann Cherry small. Hope this helps.
looking awesome!! I use to have upper belly swelling also! I now only notice it after i eat

11Wks Today

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. A quick update. All is great, much better than my last 2 weeks (weeks 8-10) had a lot of swelling - but now subsided a lot and Im more comfortable. Not done with the swelling but more manageable. Im still wearing my corset everyday and have seen a significant improvement on my waist line. I didn't have lipo just the TT with MR. For those wondering, I'm 5'1 and I weight 140 lbs. I weighted 145 prior to surgery, and now depending on the swelling I can go from 140 -143.

Im back in the gym - for the past few weeks, but the last week I have to say it has started to feel normal and am more comfortable and not so self conscious thinking everyone is looking at my stomach.. LOL - what a journey - most of it has to do with our minds for sure.

Hope everyone is healing great ! Here are a few pictures.
You look absolutely great.
Lookin' good!


Today is my 12 week anniversary and boy oh boy... what a journey! I found that at the 11 wk mark I can say I am 100%. I test that by my ability at the gym - and I can do everything - except really hard ab exercises. I still get swollen - not sure when that will end, but usually by end of day... I got a belly bloat (see pic).

Tomorrow I see my PS. My scar has been quite itchy lately, using scar gel and silicone strips. Its thinning out, still red, but you can't hardly feel it when you touch it so its not hard or raised.

I'm still wearing a faja/corset I believe it's helping shape my waist and helps me with swelling, posture and lower back pain. Im starting to get feeling back in the my lower belly which up until now was still numb.

Not much more has changed, so will probably update every month - instead of weekly. I hope all is well with you ladies and Happy Healing my friends!
Thanks for the update! Coming along nicely!!! Happy for u!
Wow You look so amazing!!!!
Thanks for such a great review, definitely keep posting won't you. I'm so inspired by watching your transformation and I can tell you are really working at it too post surgery. That's what I'm hoping to achieve once I can exercise again. Your results are beautiful.

12w Clothes

Wanted to show you guys a pic with me with some clothes on - I wore a fitted sweater dress for a baby shower over the weekend and I was amazing at my own body. Unfortunately the whole time I felt I was tucking my belly in - it was just a habit from my old belly - so I was not relax the entire time. The mind games..
novprincess you look beautiful tell me please if you only have tummy tuck with mr o if you did the lipo before tummy tuck
Only tummy tuck with muscle repair, I didn't have lipo (never had lipo done).
novprincess do you have just tummy tuck o you did first lipo and then the tummytuck

Working out....

I can now say that I can work out in the same capacity as I did before the surgery. At night I do feel some tightness and some uneven swelling, but I can feel my abs getting stronger and stronger. Officially 13 weeks today. Yay Me!

Ladies, protect your investment! Eat well and exercise - this is the best time to do so as our bodies are continually changing.

Happy healing and Happy Holidays ladies!
You look amazing. Keep us posted on how the workouts affect the tummy tuck. I plan on keeping up with my workouts as well once I'm healed.
That update made me feel so good, thankyou. Of course, you look so outrageously good! You inspire me to continue with my plan of working out after recovery phase one!
Thanks sweetie! Yes work with your body but definitely working on you - that's how I see it. My husband would say I was doing the surgery for other people because he surely didn't care my tummy was the way it was and I kept telling him, I didn't to it for him or for others, I did it for ME! and with that I will continue doing things that make me feel great both physically and mentally. Im so much happier too ! ;-)

Quick Update & Happy Holidays!!

I know I said I was not going to update so soon anymore since not much has changed, but I can't stay away... ;-)

Well Im really excited because I started doing core work, yes!! abs, crunches, leg lifts, all kinds of core work out and it feel good!!!! no pain, no discomfort, its was mostly in my head - thinking something was going to rip apart but not at all... finally sooo happy I was able to do crunches like a normal person and it was great!

Anyways... enough about that...I also bumped into some before pictures I took about 4 years ago.... and its amazing to see how far I have come.

Now I have not lost weight still weight in at about 142-145 depending which is what I weight before surgery. But I eat healthy and I work out hard 5 days a week.

Im happy so far and looking into buying another waist cincher - I can see the difference and Im pretty darn happy.

Ohh...also scar therapy update, been going back and forth between scar gel and silicone strips and I must say that I noticed a difference with the consistency of the scar gel... Merderma. My scar is def lighter in color and smoother. Will continue both treatments.

Also, I massage my belly every day 2x a day with bio oil I can see a difference in my stretch marks much lighter and even skin toned and smoother.

Sooo there is light at the end of the tunnel!...
You look good! Now I feel major guilty for now working out post recovery. I just had my BL w/Implants so i have to kick it back a bit more now. Wahh.. I am bad at my massaging. I need to do that...
Don't worry about it, you need to be make sure you are fully healed, am happy I can finally get back into it.
You look fantastic! We are around the same height/weight so it was nice to read through your progress. Am I am totally with you on your Faja! I have been reading a lot the past week (I'm 9 days post op) and I have read several postings about Faja's and they were mostly from those who had the TT in the Dominican Republic. Their results are phenomenal. Faja does slim the waistline! I purchased o Faja MariaE based on recommendations from another RS friend. I purchased the shorts because I need the butt lift (I had fat transfer to butt) and Lipo to inner thighs. Do you buy a specific brand? Any recommendations?

Almost 4 months - Swelling DOWN a lot!!! ;-)

Coming on to my 4 months - swelling is definitely coming down a lot, it still comes and goes, but I don't feel like Im going to explode or look deformed. Workouts have gotten more intense and Im able to keep up and don't feel any discomfort. Still wear my waist cincher - but need to come down to an extra small. I have not lost any weight but my body is still changing and transforming so don't give up on what you might see early in your healing journey - know that is not the final outcome, BUT you are still responsible for doing your part ladies....
Thank you so much for posting!!! A great review!!!!
This is one of my favorite reviews! You have gotten such beautiful results following ur tt! You look great. I can only hope that mine will come out as good!
Thanks hon! Absolutely, do your research, make sure you pick a surgeon that speaks to you - and whatever you do, don't allow yourself to build up all these unrealistic expectations you see sometimes here. Our bodies are different - and will heal differently - as well as what we do post-op is plays a big role. So take this opportunity for a complete lifestyle change that will benefit you greatly in the long term.

Scar Update

Im 15 weeks - and take a look at the scar. I massage my scar twice a day (my whole belly actually) with bio oil, I have been using Mederma scar gel for a few weeks - and noticed it was lightening up my scar nicely - it's smooth to the touch, but gets raised a bit when I'm swollen. I stopped using the silicon strips for a bit - was not really sure if it was doing anything - it would irate my skin sometimes. Anyways, sticking to the scar gel for a few more weeks and see ....
U look so good...I think I'm going to get a vest faja. I'm only five weeks in and my waist is the same size it was before sx. I wear my binder 24/7...I hope my waist goes down even more. When did u start noticing a change in ur waist
I started noticing change in about a month...and slowly moved to smaller ones.. but now is the time that your body is continually changing - so I think that is why we can see changes right away. Hope all is well sweetie.

Just an update -

A few pics - really hitting the gym now... so let's see how that shapes up my new tummy :-) - bought a new corset but its tight as (explicit) - and these things are not cheap, so I find myself - hiding them when I purchase a new one...

Won't see my PS until Feb 8....

Nothing else to report ... still get swollen, still get tight specially if I worked out hard... not painful but certainly uncomfortable. Most of my swelling is in my upper abs...and lower where the scar is.
Looking great!!! I can see some definition in your abs!! Woohoo!!!
You look great! I can see some abs!

Nothing New

Things are great! - I'm fall in love with my tummy more and more every day. I nature it like a baby LOL - Dr. Yager did what he said he would do - and Im very very very happy with my results!

A few pics - pics really speak for themselves.
Woww!!! U look absolutely amazing
perfect results!!!
Wow...thats all just wow

5 months Guys...

Just about five months, things are great. Bottom line, still get swollen!! UGH and now that Im working out 5 days a week - my tummy feels soo tight sometimes - it can be uncomfortable. Will tell the my PS - just to make sure everything is good.

Scar is getting lower - or so it seems, definitely lighter but still there...

I still use my corset everyday about 10 hours a day. I see a big difference on my waist so happy with my progress.
You look great! I saw your update a few months back about waist training. What did u do? Sounds like something I need to do! I love your butt btw. I am starting a squat challenge to build/shape mine. Any advice? Thanks for the update!
Hey Elijanh - thanks sweetie. You can Google waist training - and you can read up on it. I use a corset/faja with steel boning - I use it everyday 10-12 hrs a day. I got so used to the CG after surgery it made sense to continue. I have seen a HUGE difference! - I just had a tummy tuck NO LIPO - As for the butt (hehe) thanks! Yep its natural and it didn't look like that before - so SQUAT away!!!!! Squats, lounges, deadlifts and little by little keep adding weights and you will see - Keep me posted, and if you have any questions inbox me.!
Looking great $!! Congrats doll! Cant wait until I heal!

Just some pictures

Hope you ladies are healing great!. Don't lose hope with what you see, you would be surprised how much you body transforms after the initial surgery.

For those that are about to go in....Wishing you a successful journey. It's not an easy one, BUT it's one that is worth every pain and tear.

Here are some comparison pictures. The pre was taking about a year ago, I was 135 pounds. At the time of my surgery I was 145 pounds (but been working out so fairly toned). Now at the right pic is current 5months post op TT and Muscle repair, no lipo. I'm STILL 145 pounds and I'm 5'1 1/2 . More toned but my body totally changed, I am doing waist training - so I wear a faja/corset 10-12 hours a day, everyday. I work out 5 days a week for a solid hour - cardio and strength training. I eat well, (not perfect) but healthy.

You can't see it on the pictures but I still have some stretch marks in my lower abs - but they are fading nicely with bio oil and I don't mind them as much.

Still working on trimming my side handles a bit and making my tummy overall tighter - not looking for a six pack just a nice smooth abs.
You look amazing!! What are you workouts like?
Your are looking Gorgeous!! I love that you work your ass off at the gym and don't use surgery only... to solve your body issues you have. You are a true inspiration on here and I will google waist training and your ass does look Fab!!!
Thanks Beachgirl66! - Im trying, its not easy, but we can all commit to a healthier version of ourselves. Why not?! We certainly deserve it! Hope you are doing well!

Almost 6

Almost 6 - months - all is great - nothing much to report.... Swelling has gone down a lot - but still there -

when not swollen I can see a bit of definition.. most times... NOT...
Looking greatttttt !
Lookin AMAZING...still! Just thought I'd stop by n see how you're doin. I'm in my 5th week PO, and healing well. Not allowed to work out yet. See doc in 3 weeks, think he'll clear me then to start some exercises...I need it. Hugs :-DSuzy
6 months already wow that seems to have gone fast. Your entire transformation has been amazing. Thanks for your continued updates

6Months - Time flies

I still can't believe its been 6 months!! - For all you ladies that have recently taken the plunge.... know that it may not seem like it but time does fly!

I have been working out hard, trying to trim and tone more, running strength training.

I also wear my salome faja - every day!!! 8-10 hours a day. I didn't have lipo - so been doing waist training instead and Im very happy with the results and highly recommend it if you didn't have lipo and want a more hour glass figure.

Hope you ladies are healing great.
Wow! You have one of the best tummy tucks I've seen on here! I hope I get lucky like you .. Take care
Hello! Quick question...what did you use in your scar? I've been using silicone gel sheets but I feel like I should be putting something else on like mederma
I started with silicon strips - did see some progress, then moved to mederma scar gel and used that for a solid 2 months - it def helped - I also been using bio oil on my belly and scar overall. Its flat to the touch - but still dark (I guess because of my pigmentation) - trying to remember to rub lemon juice as its a natural bleach - will see if that works a bit.

7 months :-)

7 months already... what can I say besides can't wait to put on a bikini!!!! All is great working out 5 to 6 days a week. I do everything running kickboxing boot camp weight training crossfit. My tummy still feel tight, I still experience swelling here and there for whatever reason. I wear a waist trainer during the day all day every day and I have a latex one for working out. Remember I didn't have Lipo. Hope all you ladies are healing well.
Hey there...at what week mark did you start wearing your Faja? I am not sure from your post if it was at six weeks or before? thanks!
I have always wore one, I used what the doc gave me and If I remember correctly at 12 weeks I was told I don't have to wear it but I continued and bought different ones as my waist got smaller. It helps a lot with swelling which continues for a while. Hope this helps feel free to inbox me.
Look forward to your post each month - inspiration and motivation. HUGS :-adSuzy

Swelling ....

Had some serious swelling this weekend. Not sure why but felt like I was going to explode. Sooo ladies please note it doesn't end, not sure when I can say; no more swelling.

At this point there is nothing you cannot do, your body adjust, buT I still experience tightness and little spasms here and there after a hard workout out.
Swelling and all u look fantastic
Awww thanks sweetie lol it can still be so uncomfortable ugh ...
You look fabulous hon! Don't lose too much weight. ... you don't want to lose your curves or booty ;-)

8 months

Well ladies, its been 8 months! Not much to report..... same old same old.. occassional swelling ... etc. Went to see PS over the weekend but all is good.. no more appointments unless I have any issues. Love my body ! But its a constant work in progress... to stay fit and healthy. Hope you are all healing great. Next post will most def be my bikini picture!!!!!!!! Xoxoxozo
Stay looking fabulous !!!
Very helpful following your journey. You look so good. I didn't do lipo either and I'm going back to the gym today.
Thanks sweetie, going to the gym is the only way for natural long lasting results. Good luck!

new faja

This is my new waist cincher vest from ann mitchell (sports) extra small.
Still rockin it...and being our healthy role model! Glad to hear from ya. HUGS :-DSuzy
Thanks love hope you are doing amazing as well! Hugs back :-)
You look amazing. I like that he doesn't cut from hip to hip, avoiding "dog ears". Our scars look very similar. You go girl! You will have so much fun this summer with a belly like that! ")

9 months & Bikini

Ok, soo I was sooo ready to rock my new and improved body at the beach this weekend... except I was soooooo self conscisious the entire time!!! Couldnt relax I felt everybody was staring and I keep pulling on my bathing suit so to make sure my scar was not showing... ugh ... SMFH!!! We are our worse enemies ;-/ am sure this will take a while to adjust my mind ... anybody else experienced that... ??

after a workout

I wear a sports waist cincher during my workouts. It provide me with support in the abdomen and of course is definatrly helping shape my waist. I also have a waist cincher during the day 10-12 hours a day.... it helps with compression and swelling.
Oh gosh I know how you feel about the insecurities. I can't imagine when it will be time to showcase my belly. I have never so I am sure I will be uncomfortable at first. But we paid too much money to hide. Your results are absolutely amazing!! Looks so natural and uou look fit. I am about the same weight as you. I so hope my results are as beautiful as yours. I'm going to start back at the gym on saturday. I'm scared bUT I will start light. Show it off girl. You deserve it!
Love those bikini pics!
Girl, you look Damn good in your bikini.... show that body off! I know how you feel though. I still find myself sucking in and adjusting my clothes. How do we get our minds right, lol

10 mons

Nothing new to report, hope all you ladies are doing well getting healthy and beautiful!!! A few 10 months pic nothing has changed...really .. definately I must say hardly any swealling at all ... matter of fact been a few weeks ... only around my menstrual cycle... doing my thing, running, strenght training etc...
You look awesome!
Like always looking beautiful !!!!! Enjoy the Summer sweetie !
Yes sweetie, def start very light its going to feel weird but little by little you will see how your core strenghtens.... it will make a difference in your results and give you a more natural look... good luck hon !

11 mons PO

Hello Ladies, hope all you guys are healing beautifully!! Not much to report besides the fact I have been enjoying my new body, but its def take some getting used to wearing a bikini without figgitin etc... I still wear my faja, one for the gym and one during the day.
Hi sweetie just stopping by to say hello , hope all is well
I truly enjoyed reading your review. You have amazing results, and it was a breath of fresh air reading around your 2-3 milestone. I get frustrated because I work so hard to trim my problem areas, and even spent money in lipo. I hope it's just swelling and not fat lol....your figure is gorgeous, you should be proud of yourself!


Its been a year since my surgery and I could not be happier. So update, all is great. Hope every one is healing nicely. The bottom of my belly is still numb somewhat, but I have no pain what so ever even when I do core workouts. I wear a waist trainer to keep my form.
Looking great! I noticed last night as I set a cup of hot tea on my lower abs that I can not feel the heat what so ever. Hopefully over the next year we'll get some sensation back!
Absolutely beautiful result...by your doc and YOUR hard work! Congrats and hope you continue to enjoy your "new" self :-DSuzy
Thank you darling!! Hope all is great with you :-)
New York Plastic Surgeon

Very pleased with my interactions and my personal results. Dr. Yager is very sweet, answers your questions, and almost seems to know what you are going to ask and just says it before you do. His office facility is beautiful and his staff friendly and professional.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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