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tt, bb, lipo - Manhattan, NY

HEY REALSELF SISTER...I am 25 years old and I have...

HEY REALSELF SISTER...I am 25 years old and I have two beautiful boys. One is 5 years old and the other one is 8 months. I decided to get a tummy tuck because I am so tired of exercising and not seeing any progress. I have been searching for so many plastic surgeons...so for those of you who are starting to search make sure you see more than one so that you can compare what they are telling you. I had booked my tummy tuck with Dr. Yager for April 5...but I canceled. I did not feel comfortable. The reason why I booked was because my cousin and my aunt had done it with him. Than I went to NYEE and I met with Dr. Perkins. I just didn't like his attitude and he was not willing to show me photos of surgeries he performed in the past. I started doing some research on realself....Thank you realself I don't know where would I be without you ladies. I found Dr. Kenneth R. Francis. I love his staff. Anela is the best. Any questions I have she makes me feel at ease. They make me feel like a family member instead of a client ;). I am so happy to say that I am having a tummy tuck and bbl and lipo on my back. Here are my before pics. I promise to keep you updated because I rely so much on real self so I am ready to do my part.


Hey havenot check you inbox I send you a message.
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Hey love thyself, sorry just saw ur post. I'm getting lipo of. My stomach, flanks, upper/lower back and arms. And getting the fat injected into my butt. I'm really scared though cause the girls who have done it with our doc recently r not satisified. I'm a mother of two little boys and i work hard to earn the little I have. The thought of taking so much money for myself is hard enough but the thought that after I get surgery I won't be happy scares me. I don't want to feel like I wasted my hard earned money for nothing.
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I gave my deposit too havenot...what are you getting done. I see his tummy tucks and they look great.
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NO LONGER UPDATING THIS REVIEW...PLEASE USE THIS ONE http://www.realself.com/review/manhattan-ny-brazilian-butt-lift-ttbbl-and-lipo-scheduled-june-29


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Hey how r u doing?? Can't wait to see your post op pics
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Im feeling better
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