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So ready to do this and so nervous as well. I am...

So ready to do this and so nervous as well. I am 45 and have 2 young kids. My firstborn was a big baby at 9.5 lbs (I am a petite 5 ft 3) and left with me a lot of stretchmarks and stretched out skin. It got a little worse the second time around. I really want to get rid of all this loose, lumpy and marked skin and get back a body that I am not ashamed of. Surgery scheduled for Sept 27. Trying to stay calm and get organised. Its so helpful reading about other experiences with TT on realself.


I think I had the world's worst stretch marks and belly, was so glad to finally get rid of those after having my child at 18 and didn't have tummy tuck until I was 55, but am so glad I did it and so glad to be rid of that belly and stretch marks, best of luck to you, if you have questions or concerns just ask away someone will answer you, these gals are great on here ! Also if you get a chance check out Kimmers25 survival guide for tummy tuckers, she has so much great information
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I will be watching, hope it all goes great! Can't wait to see some pics!
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Good luck!!!
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