Hi everyone, I am 34 years old and I have 2...

Hi everyone, I am 34 years old and I have 2 children one 16 and one 9. I have been insecure about my stomach since I had my daughter. My belly was so stretched out that it looks like I have a sun ray around my belly. My bb I havent seen it in years because its tucked in. Well anyway I have consulted with Dr.Sahed, and I must say so far I feel comfortable. He laughed because I had a questionare sheet for him to answer with all my questions that I got from you tube and other sites. Well Iam looking forward to doing my tt ending March. I look good in clothes , but when I see myself in the mirror the stretch marks I feel down again.

Well ladies the countdown has begun for me, I am 3...

Well ladies the countdown has begun for me, I am 3 fridays away from joining the flat side. And I must say Iam anxious and looking at bikinis lol. But will refrain till I see my results then I will go from there. happy healing to those out there recovering.

April 5,13 (Friday) will be the day

April 5,13 (Friday) will be the day

So Ladies I am putting up about 3 more pics of my...

So Ladies I am putting up about 3 more pics of my before , I don't think the first ones were showing what I am trying to get rid of.

Ladies, I have 8 days to go ,to be on the flatter side

Ladies, I have 8 days to go ,to be on the flatter side

Ok recliner just rented and paid for a month,I am...

Ok recliner just rented and paid for a month,I am exactly one week pre op, Now I am writing my list down that some of you lovely ladies put on your pages to get us prepared to be comfortable for the journey of recovering. I am excited, nervous and anxious. I thank all you ladies that have given us so much information about the post op that I feel like I did it already .Well I will also be putting my recovery up for the new ladies coming into the new world of Tt . So they can prepare themselves .Good luck to those out there and happy recovery to the ladies that did there's this week. It's now the April ladies month now.

Omg, ladies I am officially 24 hours pre op to go...

Omg, ladies I am officially 24 hours pre op to go to the flat side and I must say my nerves are all messed up. I've read so many Tt recoveries that I just hope mine falls in the category of just discomfort and bearable pain.I am packing a bag today with a protein shake, cough drops, crackers because as everything is finished I intend to munch on something to get started on my pain pills .I don't want to meet the pain lol, so I will have myself a head start lol. Well good luck to all of us out here and god bless us all.Speedy recovery .

Hey ladies I've come to the flat side as of Friday...

Hey ladies I've come to the flat side as of Friday , I haven't seen my belly yet,but I must say pain wise not much discomfort yes. Well day 2 I pee every 2 hours because of all the water I've been drinking and taking stool softner 3 times a day and been walking around the house every 2 hours as well. Pain is bearable again just stomach very tight taking Percocet every 4 hours and now even up to 5 hours.Well ladies day 3 oh lord I threw up omg, that hurt so so so bad that's the worst pain I have felt since I came home.I have stopped taking the percocets as of 1 am Sunday morning just sticking to Tylenol that traumatized me ladies .I also had my first BM not much but not constipated either ,went down good thank god couldn't deal with another pain again.Well all my Tt sisters speedy recovery and keep strong.I haven't seen my belly yet so I haven't rated just yet , but so far service is wonderful.God bless ladies and I will put up more of more journey later.

Well ladies I realized I am post day 3 today I was...

Well ladies I realized I am post day 3 today I was counting the first day well that was wrong.Anyway I said I stop taking the Percocet as of post day 2 because of the stomach disagreement of throwing up,which wasn't pretty. I have been strictly on regular Tylenol 650, which has helped .Well I decided to take the Valium that the Dr.Sadeh has prescribed me last night . I must say wow what a difference I feel this morning because the last 2 nights I haven't had a full night sleep in and out every 2 to 3 hours. I mean I was comfortable sleeping in my recliner and I didn't feel that tightness I kept complaining about.So I will be doing that again for bedtime just to relax me again and the muscles .I'm not in pain thank god, but my appetite sure has changed eating little portions at a time . I had my first BM post day 2 twice and post day 3 once so far , so the motors are all working lol. The very first night of surgery I took 2 colace then post op day 1 I took colace three times in post day 2 and I did a BM within those times . But because I was taking the Percocet 2 every 4 to 5 hours I didn't want to get constipated . Well by Sunday 1 am was the last of the percocets and at 5 am was throwing up time.I did buy actavia yogurt too, only ate one so far. I must say thank god it's been okay so far I know there's still lots of recovery to go ,I'm just happy I'm on the flat side now .I will post up pics in a few right now I'm all binder up I actually opened up this morning and me and my hubby cleaned the incision area where the drain is at because I noticed a little fluid coming out , so cleaned it with iodine and guazed it back up, so yes got a little peek but laying down flat on recliner so we can put binder back on.Well ladies smooth recovery and be strong.

Post day 4, ok today was a good day after I...

Post day 4, ok today was a good day after I realized that my pinching pain on left side was from straighting myself a little too quick .I decided to hunch back down and do a little less on my body because I notice I get very very tired if I do any little walking around the house .Well I have no pain thank god only the tightness which I can deal with ,I take a Valium at night to relax that. But other than that the weather was wonderful today didn't really enjoy it home bound but the window breeze was wonderful . Smooth healing my Tt sisters and god bless . Good night

Post day 5, today was a good day , no pain just...

Post day 5, today was a good day , no pain just walking around house to keep me busy, still hunched not really straightening up too well. Going to Ps on Thursday and this will be my first visit since my procedure .I must say I thank god that I have been dealing with the pain very good and I have my kids and hubby supporting me thru out my journey .Hopefully when I see my ps he will be removing the drain , but the best part is I will get to see my results for the first time so I am excited got that .Well happy and smooth heeling my Tt sisters .Oh pics will be up as soon as I see it myself lol.God bless

Post day 6, Yay!!!!!!! Drain has been removed. So...

Post day 6, Yay!!!!!!! Drain has been removed. So I feel a little normal again thank god . Well I got to see my belly fully for the first time.The belly looks funny lol, flat yeah but because its so wrapped up a little funny. But I am back to wearing my binder again for another week and a half to smooth it out.I got to go out the house today and that was a good feeling . So today was a good day .Smooth healing my Tt sisters .

Well ladies I put up only 2 pics of the new flat...

Well ladies I put up only 2 pics of the new flat side lol, sides are swollen and I am now feeling the sensitivityon my sides from the lipo.

Post day 7, yay !!! It's one exact week. I am...

Post day 7, yay !!! It's one exact week. I am doing amazingly well thank god .Took such an amazing shower my daughter sat in the bathroom while I showered just in case I got dizzy . Smooth healing out there my Tt sisters and god bless

Day 8, I just decided to look in my closet and try...

Day 8, I just decided to look in my closet and try on a fitted shirt and despite the swelling still flat .Well ladies 2 more pics added today of the journey of recovering . Happy healing out there to my Tt sisters

Post day 9, well my Tt sisters today was good went...

Post day 9, well my Tt sisters today was good went out with hubby to get groceries and I was walking like a women who just had a baby 2 days ago lol.Anywoo no pain still not fully straight but can do things independently for myself in the house .I haven't gone behind my steering wheel of my car to see if I m able to go drive myself around no rush though I still have another week off from work .So I will take my time with that.Well ladies I took the tape off my incision today and I will give you a peek of how it looks.Looks good to me Still swell and it shows so much .The line is really thin which I like.Smooth healing out there my Tt sisters .

Post day 11, Well ladies not much has changed for...

Post day 11, Well ladies not much has changed for me except I notice I get tired very easy.I taped back my incision with the tape Ps gave me and just wearing my binder 24/7. I will be going back to work April 22. So far I feel good , but I know since I do A lot of walking around at work I will be exhausted by end of day and not to mention that I have to drive too.This will be an adventure for me.Well all my Tt sisters that have joined the flat side today welcome and smooth recovery .

Post op 16, well ladies I really havent been...

Post op 16, well ladies I really havent been updating my pofile daily because I was on the April tt forum lol, anywoo nothing really changed for me still walk a little hunch over not fully straight. I will be going back to my normal activities of daily work on Monday. I notice that when I do a lot of walking I get tired quickly, but oh well life has to resume back . No pain thank god, the tightness definitely there. I sneezed today and whoa did it remind me lol. Well all my tt sisters that are joining the flat side this week good luck and smooth healing. And for the ones that have joined this past week welcome and all pain will diminish and you will love your new flatter side take it easy and stay positive. I will post pic of me in clothes on Monday to see how my new flatter belly reflects in clothes. God bless

Post op day 18, Well ladies went to my 2nd post op...

post op day 18, Well ladies went to my 2nd post op visit and my body is healing pretty good will still wear binder and tape on my incision area as per doctor, and I still feel very much the tightness from the muscle repair, I must say that no pain thank god, but at end of day I am exhausted. Went back to work Monday first day 17 day post op. So for all my tt sisters smooth healing and be positive not everything you read on real self will necessary happen to you. God bless ladies we deserve to feel and love our new us. And good luck to the future April ending of the month tt. Let the May ladies get ready and good luck as well:)

Post day 21, well ladies I feel great and my body...

Post day 21, well ladies I feel great and my body (stomach) looks wonderful . I have been at work since Monday April 22. I went back to work post 17 days And thank god I feel great, still some swelling on sides and stomach ,but no pain.When I put my dress on it fits so nice now and flat.In jeans and a fitted shirt it looks wonderful .Ladies if you are in doubt of doing this don't be because believe me you will love your results and not regret anything .I did this procedure for me not for anyone and I love love love my results .So don't let anyone detour you from making you feel good about yourself . I am going to put up some pics in jeans .Ladies god bless and good luck

Well ladies, I am officially one month post as of...

Well ladies, I am officially one month post as of May 5. And I must say I have no regrets , yes I still get muscle spasms and swelling , but over all my ps did a wonderful job . I am getting flatter and flatter everyday. Well ladies happy healing out there .

2 months

Hi Ladies, sorry I haven't been updating so much because really nothing has changed.I just love my body even more now.Dr Sadeh has decided I go and get lymphatic messages to soften up the muscles and relax my belly. Well I have paid for 10 sessions and so far I think it's great because since I have been getting it my tummy has felt great .It has become softer and where the muscle repair is its loosening up, but I must say It hurts omg when they put the machine I'm fine , but when they begin to use their hands and message the sides and top belly it hurts , but I will deal with it because I want my belly to feel natural and not hard like a stone . Well ladies happy healing out there okay .

Lipo ladies

Hello ladies, it's a year now and I must say no regrets love my new flatter side. I will be going back to Dr.Sadeh to get lipo of my back and also my sides to finish up my final touches ... Ik he will do a wonderful job .I will be scheduled for April 25,14 . Well good luck my Tt ladies out there
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

So far consultaion has been good and his wife is very good with words and she does her best to make you feel comfortable.I must say Dr.Sadeh does the craftwork , but his office manager Mikal is great .She coached me thru the whole process as if she was the Dr. She responds back to any and every text I text her regarding my Tt.The staff at the office wonderful , my nurse who tended to me wow amazing as well. The anesthesia doctor told me everything he was giving me so I would know and even on my way home he made me as comfortable as I can be.I definitely recommend this office to anyone that's getting Ps done .Great job

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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oh, did you have the lipo done?
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where did you go for the lymphatic messages? how much was the 10 sessions?
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Hope all is well, where do you go for massages. I had lipo and breast reduction
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Your looking gorgeous, lovely curves and flat in all the right places. I'm also 2 months PO and my tummy is flat but like a rock so I might look into the massages. Take care :-)
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Yeah Neenie, I am very flat but that rock feeling will stay with you if you don't let them message it out for you. Yes is a little costly , but just the thought of smooth and soft skin is what you would like . Not hard has a wood block feeling.
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Looking fantastic!
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Thanks Bev1028
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Great to hear from you..glad your happy with your outcome
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Thanks @ sculptmenow ,
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Your scar looks great! I meet with him and his wife next month for a consult I can't wait I love your results just fab!
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Lol, @polished07 , I remember when I went for my consult I had a sheet written down with questions . He laughed at it and told me you can ask every single one. And I did .He answered and I felt so comfortable with him. Good luck with your decision
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You look AWESOME!!! Love that dress on you!!!
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Thank you@Erinbraz
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I decided to go with Dr. Sedah, he is the only one that will do all that I want. And his TTs are great!! You looking good girl!!
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Ms. Buying me a body do you mind me asking you about the cost? I live in OH and am relocating to CT area but am looking for a great PS in the NYC area because that's all Ive found from the Tummytucktalk.ning board! Ive scheduled with Dr. Yager too but Im loving Dr. Sadeh's work too omg so hard to choose, once I meet them Im sure I will know which one to go to!
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Polished07, I change PS since I posted that. But Dr. Sadeh was charging me 11,000 for everything. But remember that all prices are different for everyone. I decided to go with Dr. Salama in Miami and also I decided to do one procedure at a time. Dr. Yager is good too, but Dr. salama patients on Here just convinced me. There is Dr. Morrison (MY BFF Went to him and she looks great) Dr. Schulman, which I'm consulting with for BBL next month. As long as price is not a factor, then you will find a great NYC Doc. There is Dr. Colen (A women) her TTs are good too. Check them out, hope this helps.
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Thanks so much Doll this is GREAT info! Thanks a bunch I'm wanting to spend no more than 11K (that's what Dr. Okoro in GA was going to charge me so that's engrained in my fiancé's head to pay lol) But I want a muscle repair TT and lipo of the flanks that's all no BBL or Breast lift I'm gonna get a breastlift for my 40th bday. (Im 32) but these stretch marks and fat belly gotta go working out is not working for me! Im getting married in June and I want to be right for the honeymoon so I figure if I get it after I relocate to the area in September is a perfect time! been wanting this for years!
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Dr. Okoro is great too. He wanted to much for a TT for me. But I do love his BBLs. Dr. Yager had quoted me btw 7-8500. Also there is Dr. Kaufman who is in BK NY, I was going to use him, but he only had two TT pics. Althou they are good, I just need to see more. (My own personal thing) but he quoted me 7000 but flanks was not included, and extra areas of lipo will cost. So when looking pay attention to that as well, not all doctors included flanks and back rolls. Dr. Salama is including my Flanks and leaving the back fat for my BBL. But at least my belly and love handles will be gone.
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Yes he is expensive! It's crazy Mikel Dr.Sadehs wife just called me to schedule my consult! Well see gonna research my butt off this month!
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You look great!
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Wowee you look stunning!!!
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You look wonderful! I had a tt with lipo and and a ba on March 12- my ps advised me at 6wk po to do crunches in order to both strenghten my tummy muscles and get out off my cg and girdle! Has your ps advised you the same? Thanks and happy healing.
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@luckymom17,thanks and I go back May 23 for follow up . I love my cg though I feel so much support with it , I got a Spanx and one from faja. com. I went back to work April 22, (17 days post).He hasn't advised me about any exercise yet. When I go back most likely he will lol . But I am very active anyway so to me that's already exercise lol . Happy healing
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Hey mama, looking good! I'm starting to swell now more than ever. Weird. I thought it was suppose to get better. Have you started scar therapy? If so what are you using? Someone told me coconut oil is good. Not sure
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