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Full TT with Muscle Repair - Manhattan, NY

To start out, I have wanted to have a TT for a...

To start out, I have wanted to have a TT for a long time now. I've been trying to find a way that I could possibly afford to have it done. I recently came across Lenox hill hospital plastic surgery clinic and had a consultation on thurs aug 1 st. They quoted me a fee of $4900, which I feel is doable in a few months. the only problem is the residents rotate every 3 months, so the doctor i saw, will only be there until the end of september and i was planning on having surgery in december. I am not sure if i should try and arrange it so i can have surgey sooner or just wait . I am a 39 year old mother of 2 boys(7 & 18). I had my oldest when I was only 21 and only weighed 105 lbs when I got pregnant. I gained 60 lbs and it destroyed my stomach. I lost all the weight fairly quickly and was left with a lot of hanging skin and stretch marks( stretch marks don't really bother me) . It's the skin that bunches up in my clothes that I can't stand. My second pregnancy just added to the extra skin, gained 60 lbs with him also. Just do really want to do this , but not sure if I am ready to do it in a few weeks. It's hard for me to take 4 weeks off from work and don't want to rush my recovery.

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Lenox Hill Hospital Plastic Surgery Clinic

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p.s. there is no "rushing "this recovery. it heals in its own sweet time. not simple, but worth it.
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is there a doctor you can see who will be there in a few months and who you can trust? follow up contact is critical, so i would make sure you have a doctor who does it and will be there for at least 3 months post op. MOST IMPORTANT IN THE FIRST MONTH TO 6 WEEKS!!! they know what they did, the exact details of how they did it--- PS do differ in technique, so do not rush to do it, then lose your follow up doctor. and if youare not ready mentally and for your work, then your worry will not help. good luck!
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I have an appointment with a fellow at the clinic in the end of sept, she will be there until the end of june. So I will be able to see her for all my followups. I we will so it goes with her and hope I feel as comfortable with her as I did with the resident I saw.
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