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I've considered getting a tt since 95 im a young...

I've considered getting a tt since 95 im a young mom with a 17 year old. Im ready to finally get this surgery over with. Im a bit scared of the revovery and the drains. I have a consultation on december 6 in lenox hill. Im so excited cant wait. Im glad I joined realself it helps with everyone sharing thier experience.

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I want to go buy a couple of things to get ready...

I want to go buy a couple of things to get ready for my tt surgery any suggestions??


yes eva i was saying the same thing im so happy to have found somebody who having surgery in the same month maybe we can get the same ps i really need to do this too ,i work out but it not enough to bring this stomach down after having three kids im done ppl tell me it dont look bad but that bullshit...keep me post so i can know how it went
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I agree in finding someone thats doing it in the same month n same hospital yay. N yea like ppl tell me I dont need it I tell them they only c me with clothes on thats the reason they will say I dont need it. I will def keep you posted you do the same :)
hey eva i have a consultation december 20 @ lenox hill ive been wanting a tummy tuck for years but just me thinking about what they are going to do to my body fakes me out but the aftermath is great!! i cant wait how soon do you want to have surgrey ? im thinking about feb so that will give me enough time to save some $$$ girl..
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This thursday is my consultation yay finally I...

This thursday is my consultation yay finally I waited two months for this lol hopefully the price is right I will keep ya updated after the consult.. have a great day :)


Im so mad....i forgot i have appointment the same day i go for my consult...damn i hope they can give me appointment for next month #stressed
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Awww if you cant make it call them asap..

How did everything go with the consult?

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Good morning to all. Yesterday was part two of my...

Good morning to all. Yesterday was part two of my consultation it went good. Im schedule to have my surgery on febuary 20th. The grand total amount is $5, 973 which is great because im having a tummy tuck and lipo on my flanks. It also includes the over night stay in the hospital pictures and anesthesia. Im soo excited I hope all goes well.


Hey boo....im not going to lenox hill anymore im going to this doctor i found dominican republic her name is dra walkiris robles. she great! And i love her work. i feel the doctor out here wont shape me right .......anyway good luck with your sx..
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Hey nik :) When do u plan on going to dominican republic? I read so much great stories about dr. Robles. Wish u luck.
I was thinking april but if that dont work out im going in june..i know thats the end of my summer but its always next summer....her work is great! I love the way her tummy tucks comes out...the only thing if my friend dont come with me i will be going alone

Counting down the days 15 more days to go and I'll...

Counting down the days 15 more days to go and I'll be on the flat side...


Ok thanks
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Hi @nik1705 put up some before and pics plz so we can see her work I'm in the same boat as you 3 kids @23 can't wait to get this over & done with
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I didnt get a tummy tuck yet im going to her n june

Five more day's to go woohoo!

Five more day's to go woohoo!


Hello , thanks for sharing your story . & countdown your date is approaching best wishes to you .
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aboyn3girlz. Thanks :) I'll def keep everyone updated.

Good morning ladies. Today is my big day im in the...

Good morning ladies. Today is my big day im in the hospital. I'll keep everyone updated. Wishing every one a wonderful day. See ya on the flat side :)


Hello ladies my surgery went well I had full tt n lipo on my flanks yay I wasnt going to do the lipo but my great ps said she will do it a little. Im not in pain they have me on morphine im just swollen. I will keep everyone updated. To all that had surgery today happy healing :).. gnite
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Hey girl im so happy for you god bless and take care....
Thanks nik I cant wait for u to get yours done :)

Hey everyone today is p.o day 2 im finally home....

Hey everyone today is p.o day 2 im finally home. on my way home from the hospital was hell smh the bumps were to much and getting in and out the car was trouble. I had to walk up five steps to get in my house and that was painful. Im laying in my recliner and waiting till ten to take my pain meds. All I can say stay on top of your meds and walk around your place for a bit. Btw coughing and laughing is also painful. Oo and you will definetly need someone or two or three lol to help you.:) gnite ladies till tomorrow


Where did you do it at lennox hill right ?
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Yes. N every one here are great and helpful I love this hospital and will recommed it to anyone.
Aww glad to hear cant wait for pics I'm so excited like its me lol
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Good morning everyone today is p.o day 3 I had to...

Good morning everyone today is p.o day 3 I had to stop taking the percocets I was really feeling like crap being on them. Pressure keep dropping and feeling dizzy. Now im just on tylenol dont feel much pain only when I get in and out of bed. And the lipo on my flanks bothers a bit. All I do is sleep most of the time it sucks cuz when I get out of bed my body hurts its uncomfortable. My drains are ok the lowest cc's I had was 7.5. Other then that im ok. Hope everyone else is doing good. Ttyl :)

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Helloo to all my tt ladies... hope everyone is...

Helloo to all my tt ladies... hope everyone is recovering good. Today im p.o day6 im feeling good just weak. Thursday is my follow up appointment hope the drains come out im tired of them. Im still sleeping so much wow I havent slept this much in years lol. I dont want to hear the word SLEEP after this. im feening to go outside cant wait till thursday. Wishing everone is doing good ttyl. :)


Hey evavelez....how are you doing girl? I didn't forget about you...I see you put some pick up show off j/k lol but you look great boo
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Hi nik1705 im doing good :) I hope not im waiting on you to cross over. N hell yea I need to show off lol.. thanks sweetie ;)
Wow, I'm sure your results must look amazing because your already naturally small. Can't wait to see some more pics. I'm also going to lenox hill but with a different dr. Im scheduled for April 4th. Hope you have a healthy healing.
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P.o day 8 today I finally got the awful drains...

P.o day 8 today I finally got the awful drains removed woohoo. My tummy looks great just extremely swollen still. will try to upload some pics tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a speedy n comfortable recovery. Gnite everyone.

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Happy friday everyone. Hope my febuary ttuck girls...

Happy friday everyone. Hope my febuary ttuck girls are healing great. Im p.o.day 9 only have back pain that wont go away. Does anyone knows how long it takes for us to stand straight?? its painful to try to stand straight. A friend of mines recomended for me to get massages that it would help. Has anyone heard of getting special massages for tt?


brand spanking new here- I live in St. Louis, MO. Any ideas on where to get TT with lipo on abs and flanks? All consults have been $8-$13k. I see here tons of ladies at $4k-$6k. I saved the cash and now its sooo much more expensive then I thaught. I am willing to travel if it makes sense financially and it is save.
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Hi jloeffel my surgery was done in lenox hill hospital the reason why I paid that price is because the Dr thats doing the surgery is the fellow that needs further teaching under close observation by the attending.
Do you live in the area? I'm considering it but in not sure how I'd travel with recovery and all.

Hope everyone is healing good. Im P.O DAY 20 and...

Hope everyone is healing good. Im P.O DAY 20 and feeling good. Im still swollen. Does anyone know how long it takes for the swell to go down?? Today was my first day back at work i work a 7-3 shift office job. But did lots of runing around today. By 3pm I was beat my
back was killing me. miss taking my naps
during the day. So far my incision still burns a
bit from time to time. I started putting
merderma on it. My belly button still have ink
from when the surgeon marked me before my
surgery I tried dial soap to remove it didnt
work alcohol didnt work I even tried makeup
remover didnt work. Any ideas what would
work to remove the ink?? Gnite everyone to all the ladies that had the surgery happy healing. To all the ladies upcoming surgery wish ya the best. :)

button looks good but still feels hard around it.


You paid a good price for your surgery, and you look good Hun! I hope you are healing good, I'd like to see more pictures! I keep looking for a lower price so I stumbled on your page. But I did find a PS in Pennsylvania who has some good prices! He charges $3000 for the surgical fee for the tummy tuck, plus another $1200-2100 for the hospital and anesthesia fee. If you want to add lipo, it's just another $1000. This is for anyone who is looking for a plastic surgeon who is skilled and affordable.
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Hi sweetie. Thanks. I will def post more pics. Im glad u found a good surgeon and affordable hope all goes great for you :-) you gonna look great.
Hi evavelez:) haven't seen you on here in a while, just wanted to see how you are feeling? Hope you are recovering well!
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