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" OMG" 6 mths P.O. & luving it

Well like most of the T.T. sisters here my story...

Well like most of the T.T. sisters here my story is about the same. I'm 37 yrs old and a mother of 3, all vaginal births ages 15, 9, 4, whom I titled my baby # last she really did me in at 9lbs. Need I say more my body has never snapped out of her trauma. and while I'm at it I may as well include my bigger baby my husband.. who is very supportive but definitely not happy about it. Well as much as I love them all I've found myself always putting me last. So after a long battle with feelings of guilt I've decided it's now or never while I'm healthy but tired of carrying this pouch around.

Today I took a bite out of brave & made it official and made a deposit this belly has to go
T.T.L here I come.
I've met and read stories of some very encouraging women here so I'm hoping to stay courageous and inspired by you all. B.C. I'm scared, nervous and anxious all in one.


Merry x-mas to us. I'm hyped right now I can't stop thinking about it, but I'm still a big ball of nervousness. But I know we will be fine. I'm looking forward to sharing my experience and I pray all goes well
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Good luck! You'll be great!
thanks for the encouragement :-) . I'm loving the big sister energy from all the ladies here.

Just booked my pre-op appt, feeling better than...

Just booked my pre-op appt, feeling better than blessed. Happy thanksgiving to all my lovely T.T.L sisters out there. Enjoy & happy healings


Thanks so much, the way time is flying it will be here tomorrow. Lol
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Thanks, I would love to hear yours also. When do you have surgery or have you crossed over to the flat side already.
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Hey, Happy Thanks Giving! my consultation is February 4th. Surgery appointments are usually booked quick there after so i should be getting the surgery mid to end February. Im going to start posting my tummy tuck journey in January. I will send you the link once posted :-)

Pre-op today, then 8 days to go woohoo, I'm...

Pre-op today, then 8 days to go woohoo, I'm feeling nervous and its not even the real thing. Wish me luck not to mention my whole household is sick I think Lysol should give me a contract I've sprayed so much this week. Xoxo to the ladies crossing over this week. I'm on my way. :-)

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Pre-op went well. Now its official 8 days to go.

Pre-op went well. Now its official 8 days to go.


Good luck ,,, where ur having ur surgery and how much? im looking for a price the i can afford . tks good luck again u b fine.
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Thanks 1 ready girl have you crossed over yet. I just want to get it over with already. Anxiety is killing me softly
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Not yet I go December 26th so far my nerves are ok. Once I made the apt for the TT I calmed down i go next Monday for my preop apt. I know I will be bad then lol.

Okay ladies so I'm 4 days away and I'm in panic...

Okay ladies so I'm 4 days away and I'm in panic hell. I never mentioned that I'm having my procedure done under local with the iv sedation it sounded good at first b.c. I really disdain general anesthesia, but now I'm wondering if I should go general. By the way it would be an extra $1800.00 which at this point doesn't matter I just want to get this done n over with.There has been a few ladies on the site that had theirs done this way and reassured me but now I'm scared. My doc says not to worry and I have confidence in him now I'm just questioning myself. I have til tomorrow to decide which way to go. But I welcome wholeheartedly advice. Thanks ladies


Hope you make your decision and feel a sense of calm about it. Countdown has begun. It's going to be worth it. You are worth it!
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Hope you make your decision and feel a sense of calm about it. Countdown has begun. It's going to be worth it. You are worth it!
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Thanks so much for the lift, I think I'm going to try the local and keep the positive energy flowing. I will let everyone know how it goes. Jizfiya

Tomorrow's the big day. OMG ITS REALLY HERE. I...

Tomorrow's the big day. OMG ITS REALLY HERE. I have been cleaning, wrapping gifts and trying to get everything prepared. I can't wait to get to the flat side. To all the ladies going in tomorrow I'm praying and wishing us all a safe journey. Also for the sisters going in this week the same to you too. C You guys on the flat side. Hugs and speedy recoveries. Jizfiya


It will be the best thing you've ever done for yourself. I am 7 days PO and very happy. Keep on the pain meds, they help. Walk ASAP and often. But lots of rest too. Drink lots of water. Just follow your doctors orders closely and you'll be fine. Post pictures of your new belly. Good luck!!
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Jford614, thanks for the well wishes and advice. C u on the flat side. Jizfiya
you'll be fine. good luck!
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Post op day 1, The Pouch is GONE, let the recovery...

Post op day 1, The Pouch is GONE, let the recovery begin.
Their driver picked me up on time , very nice not having to drive . Okay so yesterday i was so nervous that my bp went up so i had to relax for a bit. So my son joked and played music to calm me. My husband came after he dropped our girls off to school, he made it in enough time to give a hug n kiss and his words of encouragement. The PS came in talked to me took his pics then off to the or.now my procedure was under local anesthesia ( twilight) but the meds helped me relax n sleep off n on. I remember only a little bit the lipo tickled a bit and the tummy tuck portion I didn't feel much of n what I did feel wasn't painful .my husband drove us home and i only remember getting in n out then I was home. I'm finding sort of unpleasant to walk hunched over I'm only 5"2 so I feel like I'm about to topple over lol. My husband has been the perfect nurse even called the p.s.to confirm what he needed to do. Well I threw up twice after i came home before n after I ate that hurt but not that bad b.c. I took a Percocet soon after which rocked me to sleep like an infant. The drains are starting to run pink I'm drinking lost of water trying to take short walks around the house as much as possible. I only took extra strength Tylenol today. Let's see what tomorrow bring a bowel movement I hope. No regrets yet I only had enough courage to look at my b.b. which looks great oh yea my belly is a little swollen to I hope it doesn't get much worse. That's it for now good luck to all the ladies crossing over your gonna love the new you. To the sister on the flat side continue a healthy healing. Happy to be journeying with you.

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P.O.day 3 swollen hunched over but loving the...

P.O.day 3 swollen hunched over but loving the results already. Saw P.S. yesterday everything looking good hope it continues. My husband who was supportive but reluctant is even like wow he's more supportive now. Lol.


Hi, It sounds like you are doing really well. Thats great news. I think I have overdone thewalking around and shopping as tonight I am feeling a bit more swollen than usual. My b-button is also still not "dry" or scabbed over. How is your BB ? Looking forward to seeing your photos. Take care my friend. Suzi
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Hey Suzig, you are the t.t. road runner, lol rotate shopping n resting but I no how you feel needing to free yourself from the house. I'm stuck til I'm able to stand straight but other than that I really can't complain pain wise I only hope it continues this way drains have started running semi clear, b.m. effortlessly, thank heaven. the b.b. looks good but I don't think its dry n definitely not scabbed yet either. Take it easy so you don't delay your healing. Hugs Jizfiya
so so happy for you! Continue to take it easy! We look forward to seeing pictures I go the 26th and can't wait.. I'm a little scared but ok... Can't wait to say I'm on the flat side.. lol
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Day 5 p.o. so far so good b.b. is starting to get...

Day 5 p.o. so far so good b.b. is starting to get the itchy feelings guess that's good. Every now and again I get a burning sensation along my incision . Menstrual came full speed its a few days early but I hope it wont stay longer than regular. Starting to walk a little straighter but trying to bend slightly I don't want to disturb anything. Haven't taken any Tylenol for about 2 days now :-). FYI I think the key to b.m. is drinking LOTS of water. Wishing you all a Holly Jolly Christmas, and healings. And to the ladies crossing over this week a safe journey. Hugs Jizfiya
P.S. can't seem to get my pics to upload from my tablet advice please maybe I'm doing something wrong.


Glad to hear you are doing well!! iPads and some tablets don't allow you to upload pics. You have to use a computer or your phone if that allows
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Thanks, Clarks how r u holding up?? I'll figure it out after the holidays. Happy holidays to you & yours. Hugs Jizfiya

Okay so I'm p.o.10 days had an appt. With my p.s....

Okay so I'm p.o.10 days had an appt. With my p.s. yesterday all is healing well and he took those damn drain out, I could've kissed him lol Except he didn't prepare or warn me for it just snip n pull from 1side then the next HOLY SHIT I was ready to pass the hell out. My TTL sisters as much as I was ready to say bye-bye to those pain in the ass drains I was not ready for THAT. My drain sites were beginning to heal so it burned more than hurt I was fine 20 minutes later. I'm trying to post pics but still having a problem so I'm gonna have my husband take some with my cell phone over the weekend. I'm thinking about sleeping w/o my binder tonight I hope I don't swell up like a balloon, lol . I wish us all continued healthy healings. Best wishes to all the ladies taking the leap this week you'll be happy you did it. Hugs to all


Happy healing!!! I was reading your story and thinking hell she sounds like me. I was telling my husband this lady sounds like me lol. I'm 38 African American 3 children 17,14,10 and I just had a tummy tuck Dec20 2012. I can't wait to get rid of this damn drain. This mess is painful oh and yes my cycle came on also lol as if I needed something to go wrong. I know that we are going to love it I'm loving my results that I see already. Get to feeling.
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Hey Itgmiller, its funny that you said that b.c. I have done the same thing comparing bellies to mine minus my signature stretch mark keloid. I was pissed off that my menstrual came early but glad we won't be breaking in the new year together, lol. I hope your drain experience won't be as traumatic as mine. How is your healing going?? Remember not to over do it, you pay for it later. I feel happy with my results but don't think I will be totally satisfied until the swelling goes down. Jizfiya
Lol I'm taking it slowly as possible. A couple of my nursing coworkers had it done a couple of mos before then so they really told me what to expect especially the pain level. The pain is really bad but I'm waiting to see the end results when the swelling goes down also. Thank God for my husband and kids they have been a big help to me and very patient with me lol.

Okay I've been trying to post pics and having...

Okay I've been trying to post pics and having problems so I need someone to please to direct me b.c. I've tried from my tablet and cell phone and still nothing. Hell I did it b4 & now feel disfunctional .
13 days p.o. so far recovery has been going well still swollen but overall very happy with results so far and faithful they will get better once my swelling goes down completely. Still haven't driven or slept in my bed which I'm longing to snuggle up with my husband but would rather wait a little bit longer since my incision is still on the sensitive side and I don't want to disturb it. I will see what my p.s. says Thursday. Happy healings to all
Okay so flat side jumpers get ready new year new us, yay. Everybody everywhere be safe Happy New Year's


I think you can only upload from a pc
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I'm gonna get it together n real soon cause I hate feeling slow,lol, Happy New Year's
lol Happy New year

YAY I feel like I just won the lotto lol, I...

YAY I feel like I just won the lotto lol, I finally got my pics posted. I apologize for flashing you guys, also my ugly stretch marks extend all the way down to my to my pubic hairs, so it's not a bald spot on my pub. LMAO (damn kids). okay so today I'm P.O. 15 Days feeling good moving a lot better still not straight but getting there. Swollen but it's going down gradually. My incision is starting to itch so creepy. So I laughed & blew my nose yesterday it went well but I'm still scared to sneeze. it's so true that these little things are like a small victories as simple as they are. I'm still wearing sweats everyday but hope to put on some real clothes next week. Best of luck to all the ladies crossing over to the flat side this week happy new year's and a speedy recovery to all that have taken the plunge. hugs


Wow, such a huge difference. Love your results. I started and wrote my pre-op review last night. I'm waiting for it to be posted. I will send you the link once its up.
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Wow, love your fotos. I agree with Melisrw78, you look like a new person. I am soo pleased for you my friend. Take care of yourself. suzi
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Hey Suzi, how's work going?? Thank you girl I'm happy for us all b.c. this was such a huge deal that we don't regret that outweighs all the discomforts. We did it woo hoo.

SEROMA ANYONE Okay so I'm p.o.18 days saw my p.s...

Okay so I'm p.o.18 days saw my p.s. on Thursday and I told him I was oozing a little above my pubic from my incision ( such a small opening) well low n behold I have a seroma so he aspirated and took out 20cc but it was cloudy so he did a culture but he isn't to concerned about anything. So I've been wearing my binder as tight as I can stand it still oozing but not as much and I've noticed my swelling has gone down a lot since aspiration.
Is their any other t.t. sister(s) out there that have or had a seroma that can tell me what to expect now. I go back to my p.s. on Thursday but this is sorta bringing my spirits down my healing thus far has been exceptionally well. I don't want to stress it if its no biggie. Happy healing to all.


You is lookin good !!.... Hope the seroma quickly resolves. you have done so well with your recovery so far. Take care my friend. Suzi
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Wow, sorry to hear that your going through that. Hope it clear up and all goes well.
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Here's the link: http://www.realself.com/review/new-york-ny-tummy-tuck-and-in-the-new

Hey tummy sisters it's been a little while since...

Hey tummy sisters it's been a little while since I've checked in. I hope everyone is doing well with their healing & recovering. As for me I hit a few bumps along the road. 1st was the seroma then a baterial infection, then I spit a stitch,Seroiusly WTH. Then let me not leave out the pity party that I threw, the why me, was this worth it then I look down and I can honestly say YES IT WAS. To all the ladies no matter what stage in this mission you are in this journey is not smooth for everyone but hold on b.c. it makes some fast turns. Don't become discouraged when your results don't favor another but try to be positive,and patient with yourself. I'm swollen still but every week I see little improvements that keep me encouraged. not to mention this tummy tuck sisterhood knowing that your not alone on this roller coaster.
hugs to all


Awesome results!!
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your kind,Thanks girl. I really hope I get flatter, this is good but I hoped to be flatter. guess its gonna happen slower than I anticipated. My patience is a work in progress.
My patience was a work in process also!! LOL! Im not a very patient person at all!!! Spoiled rotten!!!!LOL

I was gonna wait for week 12 to do a update but...

I was gonna wait for week 12 to do a update but since I hit the treadmill today I feel good to my surprise. Lol I've been sitting on the ledge for far to long. Since I'm already swollen I decided what the hay its now or never. I reinforced the belly with my compression garment & my corset on top of it. So far so good, no added swelling. Fingers crossed. I hope all you TT sistas are healing well and enjoying your results. I thank all the ladies that keep me encouraged when I fall off the patience wagon.


Hey Missy.....It's been a LONNNNNNG time since we last wrote. I love your results. I hope all is well.
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Hey Sexy girl ..........how have u been adjusting to the new fab u. I haven't been on here in sooooo lonnnnnng. all on my end is great still no regrets just made 6 mths P.O. and luving it. need a little touch up at my request but its not a major deal, still numb in the mid section and slight swelling but I've been getting herbal massages and it makes such a huge difference. XOXOX & thanks for reaching out.Stay sexy & K.I.T.
Congrats!!! You are healing very well :-)
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Well hello T.T. Sistas. I hope all are doing their best and hanging in there. It's been such a long time since I've updated my review. So I just recently made it to the 6 mth mark and still no regrets I love wat I C when I look at my both dressed and nude. Having this has made such a remarkable difference in how I feel both physically & mentally. to anyone who is 2nd guessing their self on taking this step I say follow r heart & make it happen. It truly gets better i must admit that I was discouraged sometimes b.c. my results didn''t fit the image of some of the other awesome completely flat results that I saw on here and to be honest it still doesn't but I'm cool with it b.c. it look & I feel natural & proportioned properly for my body type. For all my NYC T.T. Sistas, I had a herbal lymphatic drainage massages done in Flushing N.Y. at Chandra wellness 45-45B 162nd Street & 45th ave, by the lovely suzzane & OMG she has hands of pure gold then she wraps you in her Asian herbs which is included in her package. It may sound & look super crazy but it works. I'm gonna post my B4 Suzzane & after pics. 6 Mths down 6mths to go then I'll c if I really need r want to be touched up.
The weather is hot & so are we!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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5 mth P.O. & pics of herbal lymphatic massage wrap


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Jiz, your results are inspiring!!!! Thanks for sharing.
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Hi Ladyp31, thanks I'm happy to share.
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

I was referred to him during a consultation for smartlipo which I was not a candidate for b.c. of a lot of sagging skin and stretch marks. So I researched him and decided to book a consult with him and loved the way he answered my questions before I read them off my notepad, and he was very honest & patient. I feel very confident that I chose a very experienced knowledgeable P.S.okay so I've had a few bumps in the road & Dr. Diktaban is always on top of his game seeing me weekly until my issue was resolved and speaking to me straight forward with out any sugar coatings. He's a very seasoned doctor. And the staff and his patient coordinator Juliana is awesome.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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