Smartlipo on my Abdomen and Flanks - Well Worth It

Hello all!!! I am 5'3", 140lbs (pre-op), and...

Hello all!!! I am 5'3", 140lbs (pre-op), and 22 years old. I am also an ICU Registered Nurse. Like most of you I had an extremely difficult time getting rid of my love handles and the small amount of fat I had in my anterior abdomen despite how healthy I ate and how much I exercised, so I became empowered to get up and DO SOMETHING about it. I had Smartlipo touch up done on my abdomen, flanks, and upper back fat on Tuesday, 1/26/10 and boy am I AMAZED!!! I am post op 2 days and my belly is flat like a pancake and I look like a model with curves of course, not your typical tall and ultra skinny model..YUCK!! I love my thick thighs, my hips, and my small round butt because it goes perfectly with my new flat tummy to give me that true "hourglass" shape that every woman desires. I LOVE IT!!!

My situation is a little different however in that I had Smartlipo done once before in the same areas minus the back fat (I didn't have back fat then) when I was 20 years old back in June of 2008 and I maintained the results for about a year in which I had the same excellent results I have now. But then I started screwing up big time beginning October 2009 when I began working. Given that I work 12 hour shifts 3-4 days a week, it was impossible to exercise on the days I worked because the days are long and exhausting. I'm gone for 14 hours at a time factoring in commute time. (ask any RN and they'll tell you the same thing) But I love my profession/career nevertheless and have a strong passion for what I do so it's all worth it. Of course on my days off, I wanted to catch up on my rest, run errands, and take care of business. I began eating on the go and consuming all kinds of junk foods and fatty foods, you name it, I ate it. I also stopped exercising because I had no time. The end result, I gained 15 lbs in 4 months, approximately 4 lbs a month. I haven't weighed myself since I had the procedure done but pre-op I was 140 lbs. I'm sure I weigh less now. I would like to lose just 10 lbs which isn't much at all. I don't want to look skinny but I also don't want any extra weight on me hanging around putting stress on my internal organs.

I feel like I got a second chance and this time, I am maintaining these results FOR LIFE. I have given up all of the junk and consume ONLY healthy foods. If it's not good for my body, I DON'T WANT IT. Period. Very Simply. I have to treat myself well and body well so I can continue to treat my patients well. Every time I pass by a Dunkin Donuts, Wendy's, Red Lobster, any fast food restaurant, or any time I am offered the SLIGHTEST unhealthy food/snack (mac and cheese, baked ziti, lasagna, cookies, cake, ice cream, pie, brownies, chips, candy etc), I am not even phased by it because I instantly remember my before photos and remember what I looked like just 2 days ago and how unhappy I was. I also think about the amount of money I spent and how counterproductive it would be and how much of a waste it would be if I were to consume those foods. I am on point with my diet, strong willed, motivated, and very determined. My belly will NEVER look the way it looked in my before photos ever again.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to post or e-mail me any questions regarding the procedure itself, pre-op, intra op, post op, the recovery phase, whatever it is and I will gladly answer them. Have a good one!! I certainly will!!!


Hello lpnnyc and thank You so much!!! Wow, that is a bit pricy. Very pricy in fact. And about the pictures, I feel the proof is in the pudding and what good is a smartlipo story with no pics to actually show your I love to read stories and then see the pics because I think it makes it believable and valid. It definitely reassures others who read the post. I am glad that you are going to see him. He's great and so are his staff!! And yes, I do believe that smartlipo is better that traditional lipo in that it's less traumatic, downtime of only 2-3 days at most, and you don't have any of those complications you would with traditional lipo. I would never get that. They don't liquefy the fat first as with smartlipo where they use the laser. They just take out solid fat and that's why people end up with droopy and saggy skin. Due to no laser use, there is no skin tightening afterwards. Pretty sad. Check out some of these people's stories/pics under the "liposuction" section, the results are not good at all in my opinion, unlike smartlipo the results are amazing as long as the person is small to begin with and has little fat to be removed. Big difference!! Hope this helps. If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask :)
Also...Do you feel that Smartlipo is better than Liposuction itself?
You look fabulous. I had a consultation with a well known MD on Lexington Ave and the procedure costs a little over 10 grand. Thanks for posting your pics and I will definately go for a consult with the MD who did your procedure since I live in NYC.

2/9/10 -  UPDATEI!! I went to my MD for...

2/9/10 -  UPDATEI!! I went to my MD for my two week post op follow up appointment but when I saw him, it was 17 days to  be exact. He and his staff were truly amazed and couldn't believe how great I looked. They were so excited and happy for me. They took pictures and weighed me. I lost 7 pounds and I am now 133 pounds, and the funny thing is that I'm still a little swollen. I can't believe I lost 7 pounds within the first two weeks following the procedure. I was ecstatic. I definitely felt lighter and looked smaller but didn't know I lost that much already given that I still had swelling. All I've done is change my diet. I haven't even started working out yet so can you imagine when all of the swelling is gone, when I do start working out again, and me continuing with my healthy eating, I'll lose even more pounds and be even smaller than I am now.  I'm definitely keeping it up!! I am so proud of myself that I have been so strong and focused. I feel great and I am highly motivated. I am loving my lifestyle change. I will be sure to post pics when I get a chance :)

plz do keep us all updated on your status b/c i think that you have really been a great inspiration to all of us. thanks a lot for all the great advice and info.

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hey RN congrats on that terrific bod of yours. I to got to into work and winter came and really just got lazy. i think your doc did a great job and wanted to know his contact info. Thanks
I had a consult with him yesterday. You are right the staff is GREAT. He took his time and explained everything thoroughly to me. I felt extremely comfortable. I am doing my procedure in April.

2/26/10 -  UPDATE!!! Like I promised, the new...

2/26/10 -  UPDATE!!! Like I promised, the new pics are here!! The 9 new pics were taken yesterday 2/25/10 prior to me working out. (i know, that's a really random time to take pics, right? lol) Today makes exactly 1 month since I got my procedure done. I am very pleased and ecstatic about my results. I am sexier than ever AND LOVING IT!! As you can see, my belly is flat like a pancake, the swelling is gone, my abs have great definition, and my belly is sculpted all over. By the way, I'm still massaging my belly everyday twice a day for 20 minutes each time and I still wear my compression garment at night only. I've already lost 7 pounds within 2 weeks post-op and I have 8 more pounds to lose which will shed quickly now that I've started working out again. I am now 133 pounds and I'm excited about getting back to 125 pounds which was my original weight the very first time I had the procedure done back in 2008.

were you not allowed to shave or something?
Love your results! I just had mine done 1 week ago but having a little hardness in lower abs especially...Did you do any sort of lymphatic massage? or did you experience any hardening of your stomach and how did you deal with it?
Hi great results , is this the lipo when your up through out the surgery ?
New York Ophthalmologist

He was very professional, very knowledgeable, and attentive to me and my needs. He answered all of my questions, explained everything to me in detail and genuinely took the time to listen to me. I was well taken care of. No complaints :~)

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