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A little of my story .... I had always been...

A little of my story ....
I had always been overweight and I was teased incessantly growing up for being fat. Towards the end of highschool, I ended up in a class with a few of the boys who used to tease me the most, and I was so scared. But as weeks went on, we were placed in groups and they got to know me. By the end of the semester some of them even apologized. But, as people say, you can always forgive but you will never forget. Those words never went away, and food had already become my comfort.

As I grew up, graduated college, then got my masters, I took a look at my life and realized everything was going in such a positive direction. Why couldn't I be happy? Answer (and always the answer at this point in my life): My weight. Somewhere a lightbulb went off and I got it together, went to trainers, changed my food, lost weight, gained a little back, lost weight, gained, lost weight, lost weight, kept loosing weight, lost 60 pounds. Proved to myself that after loosing the weight I could keep it off, which I have done now for 2.5 years and then hit another plateau. My stomach won't move. Well that was probably because I am 5'3 and was over 230 at my highest point, and now I had all this extra skin. I am 27 years old, shouldn't I love my body? Shouldn't I feel sexy? YES. So, I made the decision to undergo the tummy tuck procedure, and decided since I was unhappy already with my breasts, to get a breast augmentation.

Well, my surgery was March 20, 2013 (just about a week ago now), and already what I am seeing is life changing. Its been such an emotional experience for me, and now I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Actually I googled him! The before and after photos made me make the appointment, I did not know him through a recommendation. I chose him over other doctors that I did get recommendations from too, based on my first visit. After many trials and tribulations, I finally ended my search for the right doctor, after meeting with Dr. Sadeh. He and his office staff are such lovely people, they are courteous and kind. They send positive energy all throughout the office, and it is an environment that you can be comfortable in. Dr. Sadeh was confident that he would provide me the results that I was looking for. My questions were answered before I even had a chance to ask. He was not arrogant, pushy or hesitant, which I found a lot of doctors to be on my search, doctors that were even recommended by friends or friends of friends. He is easy going but, meticulous, his work is extremely important to him and when we discussed what I wanted, he had no doubts he could fulfill my hopes for my new body. I left that day, and I knew that, that was my doctor and I could trust him. I could not have picked a more skillful surgeon, whose attention to detail is impeccable, and who is as confident and as reassuring as Dr. Sadeh. He has forever changed my life.

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Congratulations Hun I have my surgery next month with him !!! Do you mind sharing any pics
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hi sexycakes! when are you scheduled with dr. sadeh and what are you getting done or did you have your surgery already? lol…I am scheduled for 4/18 for a tummy tuck and lipo and was looking for ladies whom recently had surgery with him
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Hi Jen!! Your story has me in tears!! Please post some of your pics, its great to see the results and it helps other women in the process! I had my tummy tuck done with Dr. Sadeh in July last year and his work is AMAZING!! People don't realize that these surgeries are life changing that 80% of the women who decide to undergo the knife, have tried so hard to feel confident and sexy! Here's to your new body and new beginings!!
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Thank you so, so much. Its true though, I had so many body image issues, and it all started from such a young age. I am so excited! Already, its looking so great. I am still obviously healing quite a bit, and still experiencing some numbness around the belly button. Did that take a while for you to come back? I have been juicing a lot, I will definitely take your advice on the cucumbers, thank you!
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Hey honey just checking in on you how are you feeling? Post some pics of that new bod!!! I am doing my boobs with Dr. Sadeh in Sept. very excited!! My tummy tuck still feel a bit numb but it gets better with time!! Hope you are well!
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Welcome to the flat side,I am also doing my Tt with Dr.Sadeh.My procedure will be on Friday April 5.So I am just counting my days and prayer for a good recovery .Well happy recovery and god bless
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You've made it through the toughest part. Thank you for sharing your story with us here on RealSelf! I'm so glad you're happy with what you're seeing right now?

What has been the hardest part of recovery for you?

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The first 3 days are the hardest. Getting around, trying to feel comfortable, it was very painful. After that, the pain decreased and the painkillers really kicker in. But I know its worth it :)
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Congrats mine was the 19th, this first week has been rough but better day by day going to ps tomm for 3rd PO appt hopefully get the 2 md drain pulled, now the swelling is in full force ..... Ugh, it will be all good in the end thought:) happy healing
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Thankyou! Yes agree, first week is really hard, but I think so worth it from what I can already see! Happy healing to you too!
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Happy healing to you too! I am still with my drain, hope it comes out asap! Looking good tho, swelling is coming down and I couldnt be happier with my breasts, they already, look amazing. Cheers to new beautiful bodies :)
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Hi Jen, Drink lots of water and juice some cucmbers they will help a ton with the swelling.
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