9 weeks Post Op :0)

Hello all, after reading several stories on this...

Hello all, after reading several stories on this wonderful web site, I was more inspired to schedule a consultation with a highly recommended PS. I have dreamed off having a TT for years. 

I finally have the courage to pursue this dream.

Hello ladies, I have scheduled my surgery it one...

Hello ladies, I have scheduled my surgery it one week from today!! I am so excited and nervous. I met with Dr S and His wife on Wednesday and rapped things up. A big shout out to Mikal! She is my PS wife, she is wonderful and answered all the question I was to embarrassed to ask my PS like when can I have sex again? lol. I need so advice ladies on what I need to help me through this journey.
About me, i am 42 OMG years old i never say my age lol, i am 5'2 and weigh 140lb. I have 3 children my son is 12 and my twins daughters are 7. I am totally in love with my husband! He is my rock , soulmate and best friend. We have been married for 13 years! I have always desired a TT since always lol. So I finally build up the courage and have my handsome husband support and My Big sis support. My sissy is flying in from FL to help me and I am so grateful to have her! Well ladies happy and healthy healing to all those on the flat side!

Hello everyone, I am only 2 1/2 days away from my...

Hello everyone, I am only 2 1/2 days away from my surgery date. I am so nervous and paranoid. I keep thinking what if something goes wrong, I would never want to leave my children and hubby. My husband keeps telling me to relax everything will be absolutely fine! I love him :-). I already picked up all my meds, I purchased a recliner as an early BD gift for my hubby, except I get to use it first, lol. I picked up some fresh pineapples and cucumbers to make juice to help with the swelling, after surgery. All that left is some housework and Ironing at least 2 weeks worth of my kids school clothe. Oh and my sis arrives tomorrow :-). I am so glad she is coming a few days in advance, at-least we have sometime to hangout in the city before surgery. I will post again tomorrow and let you guys know how I'm feeling. God Bless to those who are having surgery and happy healing to those on the flat side.

Hello ladies, 1 1/2 days till surgery oh boy!...

Hello ladies, 1 1/2 days till surgery oh boy! today was a great day! My sis arrived from Fl today with my nephew. We went out to lunch to have some soup because it was really cold today! My recliner was delivered this afternoon yeahhhhh! So I guess I am pretty much set . I also spoke with PS wife and was given my scheduled time for surgery. Well ladies, will post again tomorrow going to bed . Happy Healing and Blessing to those who will be having surgery :0)

Ok ladies I am about 12 hours away ! I can not...

Ok ladies I am about 12 hours away ! I can not believe the day is almost here. OMG , I am a nervous wreck, I had some many things On my to do list before surgery and was able to complete most of them. I went shopping for some nice PJ since this will be my new wardrobe for the next couple of days. My sis and I got our shopping on!! That is a ritual when she comes to NYC, lol , had lunch and then picked up my girls from school. I packed my bag PS said to bring my PJ so I can wear them to go home since I will be going home after the procedure and my estimated recovery time is ? My surgery will last about 5 hrs, HS! So ladies I have to blow dry my hair now just got out the shower and try to get some sleep (yeah right), thank you so much for you kind words and keep me in your prayers! Happy Healing and much blessing to all.

The big day is here, I'm on my way to the Dr...

The big day is here, I'm on my way to the Dr office, I woke crying I guess my emotions are kicking in, a little and excitement. My husband keep telling me I'm going to be fine and even more beautiful ! God bless and keep me in your prayers as I will for those who are joining me today on this journey to the flat side! Whoooo Hoooo!

Hello everyone, I am post op day 2 and have much...

Hello everyone, I am post op day 2 and have much discomfort and pain in my lower Abs. I thank god I got through this and will keep you Ladies updated, I feel like crap now so don't want to sound scary. Oh I must thank my amazing husband and the worlds best sister, My big sister is the best! we lost our mom at a young age but she really help fill that gap, luv you Sis. without them I don't know how I would get through this. Happy Healing to all and God Bless

Hi ladies feel a little bit better and I wanted to...

Hi ladies feel a little bit better and I wanted to say I have not seen my TT or BL so i can't really rate Dr on the Procedue. however, he has called me every day to make sure how I'm doing ! DR Sadeh Rocks

Hello everyone, post op day3, well today I went to...

Hello everyone, post op day3, well today I went to see my PS, as you have read I have been dealing with pain in my lower abs and was really worried. My PS showed much concern and had me come in this afternoon. Thank goodness everything look well I have no infection and my pain is do to swelling, I guess I am super sensitive. I came home had an emotional melt downing my sis which I really felt bad because she has really been the best. Now after all that crying i felt much better. Maybe I just needed that, lol

Ok I just posted some pre and post op pics I am...

Ok I just posted some pre and post op pics I am extremely swollen, hopefully by next week my results will improve, I'm just glad all that skin in gone!

Hello ladies!, today I am post op day 12. Sorry...

Hello ladies!, today I am post op day 12. Sorry have not been here for while. Well, I am finally starting to feel much better! I still have my drain in and probably won't have it removed this week do to the storm we are expecting. But it really doesn't bother me at all. Swelling is the major discomfort for the past few days. Drinking a lot of water and pineapple juice. I did have issues going to bathroom #2, but once you go Amen! My appetite has decreased since surgery but the gas pain are hell. So I have a hot cup of Anise seed tea and it really helps . So if you are suffering from gas pain drinks this tea, you can find it
in the spice section at most supermarkets. I have a hot cup after every meal. The pain I complained about on the left side of my lower ab is still there but the pain is not as bad. I guess my body is tacking it sweet sweet time to heal and I have excepted that. I had C section and bounced back in 10 days, I guess this will take longer :-(. The best decision I made before scheduling my surgery was tacking a leave of absence from work and oh boy my body is tacking advantage of the LMAO. Well ladies happy healing to all and much blessing to those who we be having surgery soon.

Hey ladies, hope everyone is healing and feeling...

Hey ladies, hope everyone is healing and feeling well! I have some new pics to share with you. I am going through swell hell aww! I wake up looking good then I'm swollen :-(
I have minimal salt intake eat alot of pineapples and cucumber , but still get really swollen threw out the day. Any other tips on how to reduce swelling ladies?

Hello ladies, I am now 3 weeks post op!!! What a...

Hello ladies, I am now 3 weeks post op!!! What a difference, I feel pretty good. I do get tired easily after doing chores but it not too bad. I am finally wearing a full body CG, aww, it tight as hell. Something to get used to. I have said my goodbyes to my Recliner :-( and have returned to my bed with my handsome husband :0)!!!! . I really did miss his scent lol. I am still not laying flat yet, but one day at a time. My scar is healing lovely on my belly and my boobs. My bruises from lipo are all gone. I am just going threw swell hell and yes ladies it is hell. I wake up on the flat side and as the day progress I get so swollen it feels like my incision wants to burst open. The CG really helps me not to feel the swelling as much. Oh I have not lost much weight :-(, maybe 6lbs, but I did not really have to much fat it was mostly skin. Happy Healing to all you beautiful ladies and Blessing for those whom will soon join us!

Beautiful ladies! I love the flat side! I am...

Beautiful ladies! I love the flat side! I am finally fitting in to most of my jeans and slacks. I still have swelling :-/ but I guess that's part of the journey . I am about 90% back to normal activities. I began exercising again, I can only walk 1 mile and 10 min on the elliptical, after that I am beat or I feel this weird pressure in my lower abs. But at least I am enjoying the outdoors agains! I was also able to tend to my handsome husbands need! LOL my wifely duties and Boy did I miss them! Now I am basically trying my very best to keep a healthy diet! I gave up Diet Pepsi,Splenda and Red Meat. This was a big step for me but in the long run it is healthier. I love veggies so that is incorporated in my every day diet. I hope to lose some more weight before the summer, at least 6 more pounds. I am currently 137, pre op I was around 145. If any of you ladies on the flat side have any suggestion on how did you lose weight after surgey please share your stories. Ok girls good luck to those who will be joining us on the Flat Side and Happy Healing! Much blessing to all :0)

Hello Chicas! I am 6 weeks post op and would like...

Hello Chicas! I am 6 weeks post op and would like to share pics, my emotions and experience .

Week #1- Day of surgery, holy shit WTF did I do !! So so much pain, while walking to the car and climbing the steps to enter my house. Hubby had to carry me upstairs to the bedroom :-( . Day 2, still in pain but only when I walked, thank sweet Jesus for Percocet ! Day3, walking a little better and starting to stand up straighter, but still in a lot of pain on the left side of lower abs . My DR had me come in to the office to check me but found nothing, so I guess I was super sensitive in that area. The rest of the week flew by, very little appetite, slept most of the day and tons of trips to the Bathroom.

Week 2#, very little appetite, slept often, still tacking Percocet every 4 hours for pain, no longer constipated :-). Developed bad gas and bloating after meals. Drank lots of hot Anise Tea. I was able to shower and standing completely straight. Oh my Drain was removed. That was not painful at all.

Week 3, the pain has finally mellowed out, tacking extra strength Tylenol, but Percocet at night. My Breast are starting to ache and still a little sore from lipo. Now swell Hell has begun! Began to do some house chores and went grocery shopping.

Week #4, no more Meds! Just when my breast hurt. Had my first glass of Wine to celebrate Easter. Had fun in the bedroom with hubby!
Wearing a compression garment all day :-/ . Swell Hell is a pain in the A. Drinking lots of pineapple and cucumber smoothies. Dr S gave the OK to exercise ! Starting wearing silicone strips on my TT and BL scars.

Week # 5 still some swelling, Oh man my stomach feel super tight after being on my feet all day. My breast no longer ache. Almost back to normal .

Week #6 I am Back! LOL, well at least that's what my husband says, went shopping in Jersey for the twins summer clothe and bought myself 2 dresses from NY & Co. Omg I m an XS :-). I am finally able to clean my house! I have Julia whom I must thank god for . she has really helped me with the kids through this journey. Julia does light daily house chores, but no one cleans like I do! I set up the backyard patio furniture of course with help and did some gardening! I will finish the rest during the week since we expect beautiful weather in the 70's.

So beautifully ladies, this has been an unforgettable Journey, I unfortunately encounter complication and thank God over came them! I often questioned why did I do this? But once I looked in the Mirror my question's where
answered. I did not do this for my husband or society, I had PS for myself ! I have always felt beautiful and confident! I just was not happy with the way I looked once I removed my clothe. I am so happy I gave myself the best gift ever beside my children ! Good Luck Ladies Happy Healing and God Bless!

I love my new body! I cant beleive how much my...

I love my new body! I cant beleive how much my body has transformed! I always had a nice figure with clothe, but this is awesome. I love love love looking at myself in the mirror with out clothe. In the past I would undress in private now I undress freely when my husband is around. I am still swollen by the middle of the day but that is no comparisons to the extra skin i lived with for years. I wear a CG all day long, it helps with the swelling and I actually like the compression on my belly! Once I take it off i feel my stomache getting bloated. Does anyone have this feeling? I have new pics of my side views , these where taken in the morning since i get swollen as the day progress. Well much blessing to all and Happy Healing :-)

Hello my TT & MMO sister, I am loving this body !...

Hello my TT & MMO sister, I am loving this body ! I am now 8 week post op. I have very little swelling, but I still have swelling by the end off the day. I have return to my normal life style, however I do get tired easily. I am continuing to use my CG until all the swelling is resolved. I must say I feel more comfortable with it on then off. As for my breast, I am using silicone strips to fade the scar. I am a little sad that the swelling of my breast is gone because my breast are smaller. But they still look beautiful and my husband does not mind lol. Well ladies take care off yourself and Happy Healing! Blessing to those whom will join us on this journey.

Hola beautiful ladies, i am 9 weeks post op and...

Hola beautiful ladies, i am 9 weeks post op and going out dancing with hubby tonight! I am so confident tonight and so not worried about if my stomach looks big. Lol, well those days are over :-). Today i really would like to thank my PS DR Sadeh God Bless Him ! Happy Healing to all and Much Blessings!!!!!!!

3 months post op mommy make over pics

Hello ladies, hope everyone is healing well and getting ready for the summer. As for myself, I unfortunately still have swelling :-( . I experience a lot of swelling around my stomache muscles and below my belly button. I guess the healing process takes time. I have maintained my weight loss of 12 pounds and hope to lose 5 more! I must say I miss wearing my Faja! It helped a lot with the swelling. But it just to hot to wear it all day. As for my BL they look really good and I no longer have swelling. Overall, I am pretty satisfied with my MMO. I just wish the swelling would go away! Well ladies happy healing and Blessings.

3 months pics


6 months MMO Post Op Pics

Hello Ladies! It been A while and I do apologize ! It's been a busy summer with my children! :0)
But let's get to the good stuff! MMO healing has been amazing! I am wearing a Bikini! I must say I still don't feel comfortable in one but my husband Made me wear one for him! LOL . I still get swelling through out the day, but it is barely noticeable. However, my stomached muscle repair is what seems to be the problem now! I get really swollen in that area, but not all the time. So I am constantly massaging that area to help with the swelling. I am finally getting back to a normal exercise routine, but I must admit doing sit ups hurt! I am trying to loose a couple of more pounds, since as you can see in my pics, I still have some back fat! I am hoping to loose 10 more pounds :-) wish full thinking! lol . Well ladies I hope you guys are all enjoying your summer and happy healing!
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

On consultation a rate him 5 stars. So I choose Dr Eric Sadeh and had my consultation was last week. My husband and I felt very comfortable in his presence and he answered all question in a friendly and professional manner. He complimented my waist line and advised that a MMO would be ideal for me! With no pressure or obligation! Which I felt was his best quality. He listened looked and advised. Most important he was not withdrawn like prior experience with PS. So I have chosen him as my PS for my Mommy Makeover OMG!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Looking hot in your trip! My muscle repair is doing the same. My PS said because he pulled me tight and that is why the swelling happens still.I'm also on the same boat as you! I'm trying to lose a few pounds, but well see hehehe Congrats on your new body!
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How you doing these days? I finally had my surgery
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You look great!!!! I know you love wearing fitted dresses! I can't wait!
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you look wonderful!!
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Your story is such an inspiration for me. Thank you for sharing it. N your body looks absolutely wonderful. Thank you for sharing pics. The ones with clothes gives me an idea of how it looks. Happy healing!
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Thanks Luvmy3js, I am so glad my story has inspired other woman. It is a tough journey I will not lie, but so worth! Remember always that we are beautiful no matter what! Just trying to correct the little flaws that our body has encountered through out the years! :0) Good Luck
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Yes thank you Rose NYC for your comment. "Just trying to correct the little flaws" love your quote
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Hola Chica- You look great!! I had a TT with Lipo of the flanks and a BA on March 12. I wish I could say that i had a smooth journey, but I did not. I am 6 weeks po (47 days) and I'm just starting to feel some what like myself. My ps advised me this Friday to begin to do crunches..ouch..I found out how weak I am. She told me that the only way I can get rid of my cg and girdle that I have been wearng 24/7 since day of surgey (March 12) is to get "good" at doing the crunches! Did your ps advised you to do any "tummy" exercises???
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Thank You luckymom17, for the compliment . As for crunches, no my PS has not yet OK them. I just do the elliptical and lots of walking. I still where my CG I just remove it at night. I also had a tough couple of weeks of recovery. But thank god that's over. So dont worrie the pain will pass! Please post pics of your after results. Happy Healing
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Oh rose, you are coming along so nicely. Will you be greeting any,ore procedures done with dr.sadeh, they say once you start you can't stop...lol. Btw..do you still experience swelling
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Thank you sculptMeNow, no this is it for me! I initially had a consultation for a TT and then was advices to have a MMO! So all that needed to be corrected is done! For now LOL. But I am totally satisfied . As for swelling, yes I still get swollen :-( , mainly in my lower abs, but now I experience a lot of swelling on my upper abs. Where I had muscle repair. But the CG helps to reduces the swelling.
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Yes,Rose you look wonderful .So happy you are in love with your results.For me I went back to work 17 days post op and like you said ,I wear that cg all day lol , I do get tired very easily when I do A lot of walking around my job ,but other than that I love my new flat side too .Enjoy and you will be fabulous for summer that's now coming with beautiful weather so you can wear those jeans with nice fitted shirts .
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Thanks 35look, I am so happy you had a smooth recovery! I still get tired when I am on my feet all day. As for the CG, it a love hate relationship ! LoL but I still can't give it up :-) You will feel better as time goes by.
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Lookin good! What size implant did you go with?
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Thanks Sprinter123, i did not get implants just a breast lift, my PS said I had enough breast tissue and would not need implants. So I took his advice!
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your doc did a great service and man you are a bombshell waiting to explode lol
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Hello sexy diva, thanks for the compliment ! He did do a great job.
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yes my body type is similar to mind and i have already imagine that there are some actual hips that lie underneath this belly.... Well keep posting. I'd like to see how you have healed if you don't mind sharing. I will have to re-read but I think you mention some of the things you were using.
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Oh Rose,did you do any scar therapy? He gave me the 3m tape to use for next 2 weeks to see how flat scar will go down , right now scar is already blending in with skin which was kinda quick , love the very low incision he gave me as well.
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Woohoo Rose,every time you put a new pic up my jaw drops. It gets better more and more has your weeks of recovery go by.Enjoy money very well spent .Good dam Job .Love it Rose.
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Awww..sadeh did a 360 on you!!!
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Really great results!!!!! Congratulations! I have stretch marks more than yours on the top of my bb pre-op so I'm told I will have them postop. After healing completely I'm told I can use airbrush makeup to cover them up. Not sure if it helps but I'm told sephora typically can suggest what to use. After incision recovery though.
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Thankyou ! When is your big day schedule ?
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Beautiful!!!! I know your so in love with your new you! Oh and I took the Valium and you were so right I was able to sleep a full night (last night) without being uncomfortable.I love it!!! Can't wait to see how mine looks under this binder Rose. But for you your results are marvelous . I already see my top stretch marks are on the bottom of belly button . So when I go in this week I will get to see my new stomach .
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