Shaved Mole Regret

I had a mole shaved off the side of my nose about...

I had a mole shaved off the side of my nose about 5 weeks ago. The mole was biopsied and it came back negative. The mole was raised (3-5mm), light brown and about the diameter of a pencil eraser. I was not informed by the Dr. that the mole has a possibility of growing back by this method. I wanted it off for purely cosmetic reasons and if I knew that it could grow back from this removal method, I never would have had it taken off in the first place. Kind of defeats the purpose of having it removed.

Anyway, the skin where the mole was shaved is now fairly flat (ever-so-slightly above the surface of the skin), but the remaining skin is now a brown/pink color. (Depends upon the lighting) I am using Scar Guard, but I am fearful that the color of the skin is just remaining pigmentation from the original mole. If this is the case, then the Scar Guard is useless I assume.

Here are a few questions:

What are the odds of the mole growing back? (Seems to be a popular question)

If the mole does grow back, how will it compare to the original? Darker/lighter? Bigger/Smaller? (Another popular question)

Since the mole was already shaved off, does this pose a benefit or problem for a possible excision in the future?

The mole was on the side of my nose. (Where the nose meets the cheek) Is this a difficult part of the face for a mole excision. Does this part of the face heal well from stitches?

Should I continue using Scar Guard?

Thank you!


Hi, I had this done and the mole ended up being too deep for it to be successful. I waited several years before doing anything about it. Basically it didn't "grow back" but the pigment remained slightly darker than my skin. It was not terribly noticeable. It was only slighly bumpy/raised. It did not seem to get worse over the years. We tried another shaving and noticed as soon as it healed it did nothing. The good news is that I remained a candidate for punch biopsy removal which left a scar but no trace of the mole.
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I'm so sorry that you're unsatisfied with the result. I just had my dark raised facial mole shaven off yesterday. After it was off, my dermatologist treated it with a laser which also seemed to stop the bleeding. He told me that there was dark pigmentation under it as well and that a second treatment (laser? excision? dunno) probably needs to be done in a few months. The mole was located right besides my nose resp. bordering on it. Size same as yours. I pray for us that they heal down well. Thanks for having the courage sharing your experience! Would love to read some doctor's opinions on this!
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Alli, how are your results?
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