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Latisse - After 4 Weeks of Use - Manhattan, NY

Started using Latisse last week of January...

Started using Latisse last week of January. 

First week mild redness in eyes that disappeared the following week.  2nd week threw out the applicators and started using a fine eyeliner brush.  Note the biggest con about this product is only the applicators provided by Allergan.  They are in my opinion, akin to using a scratchy paintbrush on your eyes and causes product loss.  3rd week starting to notice eyelash growth ie tiny eyelashes sprouting and existing lashes growing longer. Skip to 4th week and I can retire my eyelash curler since my outer lashes have gotten longer and have a beautiful upward curl. 

Biggest Pro: It works. Very easy to use as I apply early in the morning, flip the Latisse cap over put a drop or two in the cap and carefully apply along my lash line with my eyeliner brush.  Clean off my brush. That takes 2 minutes in the morning so it's not alot of work.

Biggest con: The Applicators which I don't recommend unless you want to waste a very expensive product. I also found the applicators caused more run-off into my eyes that first week of use.  The product lasts longer when you have better control with a high-end eyeliner brush.  So for me, the applicators go in the garbage!

My reply to any fears of contamination by reusing an eyeliner brush is well everyday I use black eyeliner, black mascara and eyeshadow.  Hello ladies,  we are not cleaning those brushs everyday so since I wasn't born yesterday I will keep my eyeliner brush and save on product loss.

Would a primary care Dr prescribe, or is this presciption from an eye Dr?
I obtained my script through a Dermatologist. Go to the Latisse website as it has a link that finds Drs in your area that will script for it.
I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one that has trouble with those applicators. The idea of putting it on the lshes and letting it wick down is interesting. Someone on another thread suggested putting a drop of the product on a sterile surface and dipping your (clean, Lattise-or-Lumigan-only eyeliner brush into it. I have blue eyes and am a bit fearful of brown spots, so I do my best to keep the stuff out of my eyes.

UPDATE 8 Weeks:  Lashes are really long and...

UPDATE 8 Weeks:  Lashes are really long and thicker.  I also have more eyelashes now on my upper lid which is adding to the thickness. I am not applying to my lower lashes but the product must be seeping onto them because they are longer.  Also, one area where I pulled out a few eyelashes to an eyelash curler mishap years ago are growing back in which is amazing.  On that note, saw my Doc and some patients using on eyebrows are actually seeing re-growth after years of over plucking or thinning.  Still no change in eyecolor or skin color changes..

Ask any doctor and they will tell you Bimatoprost is EXACTLY the same product as Latisse. The ONLY difference is the marketing for the product and boy are women falling for the high $$! You can purchase Bimatoprost online for about $45.
I have been using latisse for about two weeks and i already notice little eyelashes growing on my upper eyelids,... so I am so looking forward to 4 weeks of using this product!! I did experience dry eyes and itching at first but it has gone away also noticed darkening of my eyelid. I started using a eyeliner brush to apply the latisse and its so much better! The darkening of my eyelids has gone away and i am not sure if its because of the switching of applicator? I use one drop for both eyes and still have extra on the brush. (highly recommend!!) I do have a question for someone who has been using this for a long period of time... do you have to continue using this forever to keep the length of your lashes or ones you have reached 16 weeks can you stop??
I also got a bottle of Latisse and had same problem with the aplicators as everyone reports here, but my biggest problem was with pricing .. The generic name of Latisse is Bimatoprost and I reserched it on google and found a website called 4rx.com that has Bimatoprost 3ml for about 35$ and aplicator is included.. I placed my order and 2 weeks latter got a bottle made in India that works exacly as the original Latisse. As far as the aplicator is even better than the ones coming with the Latisse bottle. I use now the solution every 2-3 days and my lashes are spectacular I get complimented all the time. Just my 2c
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