My Sparse and Non Existant Eye Brows Are Getting Dramatic Make over - Manhattan, NY

After a lot of research and thought, I am going...

After a lot of research and thought, I am going for it.
As I am getting older, my hair is not as filled in on my eyebrows and hairline. One eyebrow is definitely worse that the others but they both definitely could use some more hair. I am getting about 300 grafts per eyebrow and 1500 in my hairline.
Sept 29th is my date and will post soon after.

AFter a few consultations, I decided to go to Dr halaas in NYC.

Before photo's

Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon

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How exciting, congrats on your decision to go for it! Be sure to take progress photos and if you are comfortable sharing with us we would love that. Here is a link to the Hair Transplant video section if you want to have a look. Good Luck!!
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