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She removed too much fat on my upper lids and...

She removed too much fat on my upper lids and talked me into a premature facelift at age 29! Upper eyelids were unnecessary too. She made me look bug eyed! I can see if she wanted to tighten them a bit but now when I put eyeshadow on it doesn't look right. I have to work extra hard to make it look even and nicely blended. My upper kids look huge!

My eyes at 21

They were more almond shaped and easier on the eye.
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Did you find a solution to the hollowing of your upper eyelids? I had the same thing happen to me. Not I have the round surprised look with hollowing in the inner corners of my eyes.
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are you looking into someone to correct your eyes? If so and you find someone who you think knows what they are doing and can trust let me know. I want to have ectropion of my lower lids repaired.
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what a face lift at 29??? Your surgeon is money hungry..... No one........ should get a face lift so young. ................... I know you didn't need it . NO one sags at that age.
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you may find this strange but I think your eyes look lovely
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Thanks I appreciate the compliment. I guess I'm focusing more on what I don't like about them.
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hi. You might want to check out sculptra. It's added volume back to my temples and cheeks using it. I also had a facelift relatively young (37) but I had volume loss as well. I've been doing sculptra for a few months conservatively and it's made a big difference. For the upper eyelids, I had restylane injected (laterally, right under the outer eyebrows) and that has really re-volumized my brows. I know they can do it on the inner part of the upper lid as well and it can look really good. check out the before/afters on dr.Aharonov's site. He's in beverly hills and has done this for various patients who had too much fat taken out of the inner upper lid. Dr.Eviatar in NYC did mine. I brought in some of Aharonov's images as references for him to see what I would want done. It is a relatively straightforward procedure and the effects last much longer than usual (3+ years apparently). You also don't have a any laxity of skin so I feel you'd probably get really nice results with only a little bit of resty in the upper lid. hope that helps.
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There is an eye surgeon that I was referred to that I'm going to visit soon. I will ask him about sculptra. Thank you very much for the info.
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sculptra is for the face/cheeks. Restylane is for the upper lid hollowness. Do not put sculptra near your eye. Best of luck. Would love to see the before/afters if you get it done. cheers.
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I also agree with other postings that your eye looks beautiful and you actually don't really need anything my opinion.
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For what it's worth, I think your eyes look beautiful. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience
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Thank you, very refreshing to hear. I haven't heard that in years. I do worry about my later years though as I know that the face loses even more volume.
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Thanks for sharing.  I hope you find support in our Community.  Why did you originally go into see a plastic surgeon?

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I originally saw her for a nose revision which btw, I'm also not happy with and she talked me into this other stuff.
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