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Don't know looked great after surgery. Now four...

Don't know looked great after surgery. Now four days later I look like a monster. Big rope like scars on my lids and below. I'm ver worried and wondered if anyone else has had the same experience. Have n appt with dr on Tuesday so scared. Can anyone share if they have had a similar experience. Tis

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Saw ps on Tuesday swelling went down he reassured...

Saw ps on Tuesday swelling went down he reassured me that it was normal healing process my eyes are symmetrical and balanced and open. Lol.


Manhattan122, Recovering from eyelid or any other surgery can be frustrating as you have documented, but nearly always works out well when done by a skilled surgeon. It is normal for things to appear great immediately after surgery, only for swelling and bruising to kick-in and cause a "scary" look. If you had surgery on your ankle, would you expect to limp for a few days? Probably so. Think of it this way; your eyelids are "limping." It is important for you to follow-up with your surgeon to let him or her do the worrying for you. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
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Thanks for your reply. The ps reassured me on Tuesday. Swelling went down eyes are starting to take form. I had a moment of panic. Thank goodness I went to the dr.
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