4 Days Pre-op Full Tummy Tuck and Breast Implants - Manhattan, NY

Hey everybody! my name is Kelly, i have been...

hey everybody! my name is Kelly, i have been looking into getting a TT for over 2 years now and getting my boobies done since about the age of 16 yrs old. I am a mother of one amazing little boy, he is 2 1/2 years old. i had an amazing pregnancy, but unfortunately like 98% of the other women out there, i developed veryyyy bad stretch marks 2 weeks before i gave birth. My belly isnt that bad, but i do not want to live the rest of my life feeling so self conscious about my body. (i dont even let my husband see me naked , sucks. ) i am also a beginner B cup, full A cup, i just want a full C, beginner B cup. My surgeon said he ordered various different implant sizes that he wants to check out, ranging from high profile 265cc -330cc... he said they will look phenomenal, not to worry. ok so enough of the blah blah blah, my surgery is scheduled for thursday 2/28/13 (in 4 days!) I am veryyy nervous. I am having my surgery done at Lenox Hill eye, ear and throat hospital in NYC. My doctor is very sweet, and the whole staff is very nice and encouraging. They answer any question you have very thoroughly. My dr even got another doctor to check me out and make sure this is what i want to do. he recommended me on waiting to get the tt done and get a mini tt done later on.

But i insisted i want the full tt and breast aug combined. The reason why is because i am an EMT. i work on an ambulance. I am going into FDNY EMS academy this april. I need atleast 6 weeks to heal until i can work out. SO therefore this is the only time i have to do my surgery. I will be posting before pictures so you guys can see my belly. I WILL NOT be showing my boobies without a bra lol, ill just feel weird doing so. ^_^

ok so i know you ladies are going to want to know how much ive spent. The surgery costs $6038. BUT there is a mandatory overnight stay at the hotel (AFFINIA GARDENS) across the street from the hospital. The cost for the hotel is $222. BUT you also have to come out of pocket for the nurse who stays with u which is another $800. so an over all of about $7060. Which still isnt bad for this combined procedure! im sure siked about getting it done, im also veryyy nervous. ive done soooo much research, ive seen amazing results, and also nightmare results :-/ . I just pray to god that my doctor does his thing and doesnt make me regret this decision. well ladies, here is the beginning to my journey, i hope u all enjoy xoxo

Ok so today is the big day! its 8:30am , my...

Ok so today is the big day! its 8:30am , my surgery is at 10am. I am already registered ahhhh, now just counting down these nerve wrecking minutes lol. Wish me luck xo

Ok so today is the big day! its 8:30am , my...

Ok so today is the big day! its 8:30am , my surgery is at 10am. I am already registered ahhhh, now just counting down these nerve wrecking minutes lol. Wish me luck xo

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Mommy Makeover
4 Days Pre-op Full Tummy Tuck and Breast
Implants - Manhattan, NY Update


Posted to 4 Days Pre-op Full Tummy Tuck
and Breast Implants - Manhattan, NY on 28
Feb 2013
Ok so um still in the hospital! my surgery
was done by 2pm butttttt sadly i had a bad
allergic reaction to some meds they had
givin me so i was sent to the emergency
room. Im so happy that a bunch of my EMT
co workers came to visit me :-) gosh i love
them! my surgeon and the rest of the staff
were incredible, they made me feel
comfortable the whole time. My doctor, dr.
Avraham came to visit me in the ER, such a
sweetie. Well pain level, its not too bad. I
just feel sore. The breasts definately hurt
more than the tt. Good news is that i saved
$1000 due to not having to stay over night
at the hotel lol ^_^ … well m going to relax
for a bit until my homegirl comes to pick me
up xoxo Pray that i get better soon

Hey ladies! so i am 5 days post op from.my full tt...

Hey ladies! so i am 5 days post op from.my full tt and 300cc submuscular silicone implants. Im feeling really good for the most part. I went for a follow up yesterday to see my dr. He said everything is looking just lovely :-) , swell hell is an understatement lol, but that will Decrease with time. (Have patience young grasshoppers.) ^_^ he believes he will be removing my drains this friday, 3 more days woo hoo :-) . Well i know im constipated because i have yet to go number 2 since my surgery, ive been drinking prune juice here and there and still nadda. Im going to take a stool softener yuckkkk. The only stress ive really been going through is the fact my husbands sistee (age 34) and his brothers girlfriend (age 28) are both posting indirect immature comments about me on instagram and facebook about its selfish, insecure , waste of money yadda yadda when women buy new bodies instead of ork out for it. Ughhh i cant stand them. so i went at it with them and now are no longer associated with their high school minded crowd (reminder im the youngest, 23.) anyway, i love to have a fan club ^_^ … well ladies, comment me.. let me see some feed back xo

1 week post op woo hoo! well im feeling great. I...

1 week post op woo hoo! well im feeling great. I am almost standing straight up :D oHHh yeaaa. I have a follow up appointment tomorrow, crossing my fingers to taking my drains out. my husband has been amazingggggg with helping me, im so thankful for him! ive showered 3 times, did my hair and makeup (sitting in a chair), my back aches when i stand too long because im still slightly hunched over. my steri strips are still attached, so i havnt seen my scar yet. my belly button scar is nice and scabbed, that will be looking really nice in a couple of weeks ^_^ im still a bit swollen, mind you i didnt have any lipo done, so i do still have some fat in my mid area, im not completely flat, and i didnt expect to be. i will be burning that off as soon as i can work out :D i bought my juicer yesterday, i will be going on a very lean new healthy eating habit. i want to lose a good 30lbs, im 168lbs now (well pre op i was, havnt weighed in yet.) i want to be 140lbs. i will be posting up pictures today ;) if you have any questions, just ask. xoxo Oh p.s. i had to take some colace and drink some prune juice because yesterday was my 1st time since the operation i had went #2, i know tmi tmi, butttt you are on the wrong website if you are a bit sceeved out by that ^_^ lol ;-p

Ok so i am 2 weeks and 2 days post op. i am...

ok so i am 2 weeks and 2 days post op. i am feeling greattttt! i got both drains removed, one after one week, the second on wednesday (a day before my 2 week mark.) i dont feel any pain. i stand up pretty straight, sometimes im slightly hunched over when i am sitting or laying for a while. ive been up and walking since the 1st few days, now im able to return to just about all of my regular activities except working out (as told by my doctor.) although i feel i can handle some light excerises, he said NO! lol so i shall listen to him. my scars are healing very nicely. my boob scars are almost already faded, my Tummy scar got red, but its starting to flatten a bit :D . ive been doing some massaging on my boobs to help them drop as advised by my doctor, its been a bit successful already. i did post up a new video on youtube if you would like to see my progress. i will try and get some pictures in a bit to post up. if you have any questions, just ask me.

Ok so i am 3 weeks post op from my tt/ breast aug....

ok so i am 3 weeks post op from my tt/ breast aug. i am feeling great. ive been back to my normal routine since week 2. i just cant wait to start working out! im laying in my bed (no recliner) for about a week now. no pain, walking straight. im still doing the massages on my boobies to help them drop. when i wake up in the morning my tummy is soooo flat! throughout the day it gets a bit swollen. i havnt been wearing my compression garment much when im out and about. when im home its always on (except when i shower.) well i have a couple of pictures i will post up (with clothes on.) ill try to take some scar pictures tomorrow :D
Dr. Tomer Avraham

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4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great, how do you feel now?
  • Reply
Love that he did both surgeries at the sane time. I went to the other teaching hospital NYEE and they do, one surgery at a time. You had awesome results!! Take care
  • Reply
You look amazing iam due mummy make over a week today seeing your results is just beyond amazing xxx well done
  • Reply
hey kelly can you please do an update :)
  • Reply
You look amazing
  • Reply
Damn! Your Dr, is no longer there (bummer)
  • Reply
love the confidence hunny you are looking really sexy and the scars are healing nicely too. i wanted to ask how long does it take to schedule the actual surgery date. (consult - surgery) is it like months you have to wait.
  • Reply
Well i waited like 5 months, but that was my choice. They do get booked fast though so i suggest you get on it lol
  • Reply
and thank you so much!
  • Reply
I have my consult on march 26 this Tuesday. Do you think I can book it as quick as April 1. Wishfull thinking right
  • Reply
Does your dr have a website or a phone number . You look wonderful by the way .
  • Reply
You look amazing, I hope my results are like yours if I don't chicken out since my nerves are in full effect and having doubts!!
  • Reply
thanks luv! oh noooo why would you chicken out? you will be fine! lots of women go through it. we were all extremely nervous!
  • Reply
Welcome and so happy you were ok :) and nervous about the implants and healing time for the TT and lipo.
  • Reply
Looking all cute in ur recent pic :) has ur PS said when u can hit the gym? Just to give u an idea, I went around my 5 week mark
  • Reply
i have my next appointment the 27th. hopefully around the 5th week. what workouts were you able to do at that point?
  • Reply
and thank you :D
  • Reply
I would only use the treadmill or the bike machine (don't know what's its called) lol anywho I did any work out but I knew my limits. Try the workouts u did before the surgery but know ur limits and try not to start right away with heavy weights
  • Reply
I was watching your videos_ omG girl,..I'm so glad that you didn't die...how scary :-/ You do look great though :) Congrats!!
  • Reply
Is dr tomer really that cheap in price.. All the doctors I've been to so far are asking for $11,000 & up
  • Reply
its not him thats cheap, its the hospital clinic prices. theres actually a new doctor, my doctor isnt going to be there for much longer, hes moving on somewhere else.
  • Reply
Do they accept patients out of New York?
  • Reply
Its funny that people talk crap because you don't spend your hard earn money on something they think you need cause its what they want. All it boils down to is jealousy. All that matters is if your kid does not need anything at the end of the day. Laugh at them and tell them to get a life instead of try to control yours cause your a grown as woman.
  • Reply
thanks sweetie. you are so right! its just sickening because its my husbands sister, it aggravates me. its whatever though, i dont need her in my life if shes going to act like a beeotch.
  • Reply
did you need any lipo and was it included in the price or was it extra
  • Reply