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Lot stress in the biggining but everything worked...

Lot stress in the biggining but everything worked out just fine. Love it his job. My body look sick. Beautiful curves. Scheduling he is not good at all. But very professional. And funny too. Wasnot happy with my body. I have to kids. Lot fat around my stomach so I decide to do it. My first surgery ever. Should got done long time ago.

Almost 2 week after my surgery. I am feeling great...

Almost 2 week after my surgery. I am feeling great my healing time has been great. Doing my massages drinking lots of liquids and eating well. Very importante after surgury. Now just wait few more weeks to see the 100% resolt. Smart lipo takes time. But so far I love it. My back look amazing my butt look amazing.

Shame on him.

Doctors are suppose care. Not like him.

Bad rewiwes

I was reading about him. Bad things. I did not believe it. But guess what. Every little thing was true. So ready about your doctor before u go in his table. Read about doctor Shahine

Fake pictures.

He only take pictures right after the surgery and he tell you to suck in and put the arms up. Lair. And tell you to tell people that the anesthesia doesnot hurt. Yea. Hurts like a motherf$$$$$

Not professional

I am fighting with this dr. Sorry. He is not a dr. Fighting with this guy for 6 months and I only get excuses and excuses. This is the final result from dr shahines hands.

His beautiful job.

Gonna post the final result of dr Shahine. But he blame on me. He said I was seating to long on my left side. Joke right dr Shahine. Or a belt. Guess what dr Shahine. Belt goes around my stomach not only one side. Please.

Let's talk

Nice stomach dr Shahine. Enjoy my money. You need more than me. You going to get a copy of this right. So tell your lies to people like you did to me to take my money. Lot people writing bad things about you. Try get yourself together and get more professional. Example. Tell your nurse to stop text Durante the surgery and start get on time to see your lady's we work too. You are a mess.

Only my opinion

Hey girls. I am getting a lot comments about my comments on the realself. So I am going to try explain myself. I don't write and speak a lot ingles but going to try. First going to explain why I talk good about dr Shahine. I have every minute of my surgery. What I have on mind was they would be so nice and treat me like a princess. Never did a surgery before but my friends did so they told me that. But anyway. When I got there and went inside everything was different lot pain and not comfortable at all. The nurse was texting the whole time. While I was throwing up cause the pain. 4 hours later was done I looked like a dead person. I could not walk or talk cause he hade to give more pain killers on the table cause I could not take the pain. When was over I went home prying to god to be all ok. So 2 weeks went by I was doing the massages like they ask me too and I also knew about it. And not gonna lie. I was happy with the results. He was everything what people was talking about but I thought that he did a good job on me. So doing the massages for 3 weeks and the girl told me that my left side was something wrong and I see it but did not pay to much attention cause he told me I hade to wait 3 months. And that was nothing only water. I knew was water. But my question was !!! Why the water still there. So I kept going back cause he told me too. 3 months you got wait 3 months. So 3 months went by and that water was gone but was a hole there. That's why took so long for the water drain from that spot. So now I went back crying cause I look like a monster. That was when he start to Blaine on me. Saying he hade nothing to do with that. Yelling and telling me to go look for a lawyer. Gave me the middle finger. And told me to look for my rights cause he knew it how to take me out of his way. He offer me a touch up. So now is my question to you girls that is accusing me to lie about my history. Would you go back to the dr that curse you and yell at you and told you that he doesnot give a fu$$$$ about your problem. No I don't think so. Dr Shahine is very nice caring loving till he put his hands in your money. After that is over. I am in this situation right now.

Only my opinion.

So I made a mistake about him. He laid to me about what kind of dr he was. I was there crying and asking him to fix the problem and he told me no. He would not raunch that hole. He would do lipo on the side over again. I did not care about the sides. I want that hole fixed. But he said no. He is a bad person. Not only a bad dr.
Dr. Ayman Shahine


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I saw your comments and hony I felt for you then I looked at your pictures that you posted after your bbl, and I see in picture no 3 immediatly after your procedure and picture no 14 and 15 by the swimming pool few weeks after your procedure that your stomach was even and flat with no dents, also in your review you were happy, which meant that all was dandy. So its evident to me that your Dr did a great job on you like he did a great job on me. My experience with Dr Shahine was excellent. I called him on his direct cell no any time I needed. I had similar lines and fluid retention that resulted from wearing a tight jeans that he worned me not to wear, but he showed me how to correct with appropriate compression. Its evident your are very emotional about your experience however from your pictures its clear your Dr did a good job and you wore something tight weeks later that caused that... Dont put all the blame on your Dr. I had a great experience with Dr Shahine and I allowed him to post my pictures and the actual video of my procedure on line and youtube for all to see. His work is phenomenal, he is the nicest most professional and most educated gentleman I have ever seen. Many of his patients are big shot celebrities. I saw Nya lee autographed pictures and her bbl video on you tube by Dr Shahine, as well as many other famous celebrities. I understand your anger and feel with you but I think if you discuss your issues with your Dr CALMLY he would have worked with you like he has worked with me. He really is a very reasonable person!!
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Yeah Right!!! Nothing can make your stomach look like that besides bad lipo!! A whole side of excess Fat was removed. It takes months to see your final results.
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Thanks lalaNY. This people have no idea. Dr Shahine is a terrible dr. Took 3 months to see the final result. And lie to me fr all this time. I wore my girdles for 3 months every day. But they still blaming on the jeans. Sad.
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So sorry to read about your experience :-(
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I believe every single word you said. I am extremely sorry to see you in such pain. After reading the "good" and the real bad reviews about this OBGYwhatever I should be stupid , or stupid, or....wait..oh yah, stupid to allow his dirty hands to touch my body. I can't believe he let you suffer with no mercy. Maybe he wanted to be a doctor but he should know that for a butcher he doesn't need any Diploma. Oh my dear I want to cry so bad . Hugs and Iove from your sister here ZiZi. Keep your spirit up.
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Thank you ZiZi. I hope the other other can fix me. He said is going to take 3 steps. I have to do fat grafting. Was my mistake. I should learn more about dr Shahine. But I was so exiting about get my body done. I did not believed what people told me about him. Week before my surgery I spoke to girl and she told me that he was not good but anyway I went. Bad choice. Wish me luck. I am having my surgery on February 13 with the doctor was suppose to do my surgery on the first place but I decide to go to dr Shahine. What a mistake. So now he took me back to try fix me up.
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Im just confused. Your first pictures look so good. How did your body suddenly change? How did that dent in one side happen? It wasn't like that in your early pictures?
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I had water in that side. He told me to do massages and wait. I did. Went back to him after a month and half with the same problem. Water that I could move around. And again he told me to wait. He said the water would dry out. Really did. Took so long for the water desaper because the dent. Was so deep. Took 3 months. And that was the result after the water gone. A big hole on my left side. So deep that side ways look like I hade no side at all.
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Lot work with him. Every time I hade to go to see him was 11 12 1 in the morning. Lot wait. Same times 2 to 3 hours. For to to tell me nothing. He knew samething was wrong because every time I was there he would tell me to not talk loud. Course not. He doesnot want people to hear what happened to me. And much much much much more. I am tired to talk about it. He hurt me every way he could. He lied he still from me. He gave me so many pain killers to make me calm down on his table cause I was screening in pain. And when the final result came out. He told me that wSnot him. And told me to go to a lawyer saying that I had not chance. You sign all the papers he said. And gave me the middle finger. Dr Shahine the classy dr. I am done. I hade the worse experience of my life. Glad to be alive. Tried to tell my history. But can't chance no ones choice. Wish luck for who decide go to dr Shahine. Just remember this post. Good luck.
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Wow! I'm sorry you had to go through this hun my heart goes out to you I can only imagine that's why I took my time picking a surgeon I really wanted to make sure I was making the right decision but good luck hopefully this will be just a lesson learned & you can move on from this :(
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Thank you so much. Yea I hope so too.
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is this fake? the post all seem to be on one day.
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I Dont think the post are Fake. It seems like she is just venting. Its hard to realize you have just be taken advantage of by chop shop Dr. I have hole and dents similar to her. Its not easy i was depressed for almost 2 yrs behind my decision to have work with Dr. Shahine. My stomach is all bumpy and wrinkle and lopsided. Its just terrible just terrible!!!
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I must say I completely disagree with these negative comments you have posted regarded Dr. Shahine. Lets begin with the fact that he is a Harvard medical school graduate and trained as a OBgyn as well as having triple board certification. It saddens me to see the ignorance that exists with many people. I had liposuction and fat transfer to my buttocks performed by Dr. Shahine and I can only say the results are spectacular! The procedure itself was painless. Afterwards you will realistically sore and swollen for awhile because a surgical procedure was performed on your body. This is common and any reasonably intelligent person understands this fact. Also regarding the comments on the Dr. And staff being unprofessional is outrageous. The staff was always extremely courteous. Dr. Shahine himself is a extremely polite, intelligent and compassionate man who took his time examining me and my goals for what I wish to achieve through these procedures. And the follow up care is outstanding. I was called immediately to come in for the massage treatments which are very important in achieving the best end results for your body. I can contact Dr. Shahine with any questions or concerns I have. If you want to have a quality doctor perform liposuction or buttocks augmentation you cannot be in better hands than Dr. Shahine.
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Why would u get plastic surgery from an OB/GYN doctor? And everyone's experience with a surgeon is different
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Just Stop Just stop... I dont get upset when people have negative exp. or comments on their own Dr. Or with anyone I know. The only time I would care is when you have personal interest financial gain from it. Who cares about his So called harvard education. Last time I checked he did not by the way. My MD graduated from Harvard top of her class!!! she knows nothing about plastic surgery so one has nothing to do with the other. He has no skill no real training in Plastic Surgery thats why he is not board certified..
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You so right lalaNY. This guy should not be calling Dr.
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I paid the price.
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Hey Hun. Nice results. I recommend potting a cotton ball in your belly button to help it form while the skin is still tightening. It helped shape mine.. Happy healing
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