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My surgery is actually today 06/17/14 at noon, I'm...

My surgery is actually today 06/17/14 at noon, I'm a bit nervous and excited at the same time. I was referred to Dr. Yager by one of his patient who had work done and looked amazing. I tried to research reviews on only back lipo transfer to butt, didn't really have any luck. I'm hoping the outcome is what I'm expecting I am investing a lot of money and don't want to have it done again. So far my experience has been great the staff is amazing, Dr. Yager answer all my questions and concerns made me feel comfortable. I posted a few pics getting ready to leave pray to god all goes well, definitely will update as soon as I get home!

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Post op 3am

All went well, I was put asleep at 12:30 and woke up at 2:30 everything was all done. I couldn't open my eyes at all they felt very heavy, I was finally wheeled out to my ride home just a few blocks away. When I got there all I wanted to do was sleep. I was in no pain at all, took my antibiotic no pain meds. Slept and walked through out the day. They called me 2 times already to see how I'm doing making sure I follow directions. Finally I just took a extra strength tylenol don't think I need the stronger pain killers at all, not a fan. So far so good pain about a 3, I have no fluid coming out at all which is a good thing.

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Slept a little better after tylenol


Happy to hear it went well, happy healing... :)
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good luck hun my prayer are with you
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This is a site for legal procedures that's done by real doctors with degrees. I will not shot anything unsafe into my body

Anesthesia all warned out

Today is day 2 post op, a little more difficult anesthesia all warned out. Took tylenol every 6 hours, the bruising is pretty bad around my breast pain is manageable I'll say a 5. The anesthesiologist called to see how I was doing, getting in and out of bed is a bit uncomfortable .


Day 3

Today I feel great the discomfort is very minimal, took tylenol only once this morning. Can't wait to take the gourmet off and see what I look like, that I'll do tomorrow when I get my first massage.


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How is the scarring?
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Thank you!
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