I did it! 2 months in and I love it!! - Manhattan, NY

So after a long time in thought process, I decided...

So after a long time in thought process, I decided to go for it.
I currently have breast implants(457CC)D cup currently. I have had them for only 7 years but the weight and the dropping made be to make them much smaller.
I am using the same Dr from my prior surgery and will post op pictures as well.

Hi everyone, I am hope resting in bed.I feel...

Hi everyone, I am hope resting in bed.I feel comfortable, I'm on percocet and in no pain.
Fist let me say that ALREADY I feel alot lighter.
I'm in a lil shock how small I am, but I have 300 cc's in replacing my 457.
I'm in a bandage so I cant see them. My nipples seem a lil low but that may because of the way I am tapped up. Will update and post pics soon:)

I am just past the 72 hr post op mark and I feel...

I am just past the 72 hr post op mark and I feel pretty good. I am not moving all that much and the pain is minimal, I started to space out the pain med's and I think tomorrow will be my last day taking them.
I wont be back at the Dr until Tuesday to get the tape off, I cant wait to see what they look like! I'm def a whole lot smaller, but I'm so used to them so big, that they are prob just right, and perky!
I'm draining the drains which is not a huge ordeal, and I'm def not looking forward to getting the tubing taken out, I'm a bit of a baby when it comes to that stuff.

Can't wait to see my finial results and to start jogging in the future!!

Im about a week and 3 days.. I have to admit they...

Im about a week and 3 days.. I have to admit they looked a lil unevel when the tape came off, my nipples were def uneven. I know im very swollen and its super early on, but the dr showed me a pic from right after surgery and the looked great! Just hope they heal that way.

Day 11 my drains are still not ready to come out,...

Day 11 my drains are still not ready to come out, hopefully after the weekend. I had a bad pain in my left boob all last night, I couldnt even sleep. It does feel better already today only a pain, but the dr gave me muscle relaxers which are helpful.
I have adjusted to my size and I am starting to like:)

Day 15..FINALLY got my drains out today, what a...

day 15..FINALLY got my drains out today, what a relief. My PS was very firm that that stay in as long as they did because he did not want the fluid to build up and ruin the shape of my new breast, I'll buy that. That was pretty rough though..Scars have a way to go but everything looks good.

2 months in and I love it!! I feel so much better...

2 months in and I love it!! I feel so much better and comfortable in my clothes. I look pretty good naked too;)
Great decision!!
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You look great! Congratulations :-)
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Your picture looks great, Westside. I'm sure the drains were a pain, but you can't argue with your results! Congrats!
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Try 14 going on 15...My dr says as long as they are filling with fluid they had to stay in. He didnt want the fuid to build in th epockets, don't forget had implants put in. Tomorrow is day 15, got my post op at 3:45, I will be counting the minutes.
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11 days with drains and they still aren't out! YEESH.... Your photos look like it was worth it though. I have my fingers crossed that mine will come out sooner than that! why so long? sorry for being nosey, just Lookin at all the things that could happen to me. Your scars can hardly be seen in your photos already. Was that what they call the vertical incision? Here's to you feeling better and drain free!!
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You look really great....congrats!!!
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11 days with drains. You are a champ. And deserve a medal. Glad you are pleased with results.
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I think your picture looks great! Give it some time, I bet that with a couple of more weeks you will start to see a difference. There is lots of healing going on!
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Having the drains removed isn't too bad. It is kind of an odd feeling, but it doesn't take long and it is over. Even if you aren't very brave, I'm sure you will be fine!
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So you can feel the weight difference already! Amazing! and don't worry, you aren't small. Looking good!
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Thanks for letting us know that you are doing well. Glad you can tell already how much lighter you are! Congratulations!
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How did everything go for you today? Update us when you feel up to it!
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Thanks a million!
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Noticed that today is YOUR day! Best of luck.
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thanks!!! Ill update soon!!
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Good luck! I will be thinking of you on Monday! Let us know how it goes :-D
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removing implants, lift with new much smaller implants..
very nervous but excited
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Hi WestSide! Welcome! Will your PS only be removing the implants or will he be taking additional tissue?
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removing implants , replacing with smaller and a lift...Monday is the day!
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