I currently wear a 38 G cup - 6 months post op - Manhattan, NY

Today I went to Dr. Eric Sadeh for my consultation...

Today I went to Dr. Eric Sadeh for my consultation for a Breast Reduction and Breast Lift. I was totally comfortable and confident this will be my Doctor for a breast reduction. Mikal is the office coordinator and his wife---she is a doll !!!! I 'm planning to do my surgery late April or the first week of May because I'm paying out of pocket. I currently wear a 38 G cup and want to be a full C cup or a small D cup

My surgery date is may 17th

My surgery date is may 17th

I'm so conflicted with going to Florida. I love...

I'm so conflicted with going to Florida. I love love love Dr. Azurin's breast with implant. He would reduce my breast from a G to a b or c cup and then add the implant to achieve the look that I want. My first thought was to go to Fl and rack up added expenses(air fare,hotel, car rental. Etc) and then I finally came across Dr. Sadeh and thought ill give it a shot. Dr.sadeh and Mikal are so sweet, just like family, I was in shock !!! I would ideally like to be in NY just in case any problem occur. And I also have other procedures I'm getting done so I'm not sure i can suck the bill up for 2 trips to Florida and one in expensive ass NY

I'll also add -- in 3/12 years I went from a 34/36...

I'll also add -- in 3/12 years I went from a 34/36 dd to G/GG depending on cut. This was due to weight gain but for the most part I've always had large breast!!!! And it hurts physically and emotionally :-(

I'll also add -- in 3/12 years I went from a 34/36...

I'll also add -- in 3/12 years I went from a 34/36 dd to G/GG depending on cut. This was due to weight gain but for the most part I've always had large breast!!!! And it hurts physically and emotionally :-(

After much confused thoughts, I finally made my...

After much confused thoughts, I finally made my deposit. There are many great surgeons in the U.S and outside this country, but I decided to stick with doctor Sadeh. Although it will cost me a little more money than going to Florida or the Dominican Republic, my piece of mind hopefully will be priceless. I went back to the office for trip 2 and went through more pictures of my desired results-- Dr.Sadeh assured my I will love my results or at least he hopes I will..he told me "anything less than the results we discussed he would be disappointed" if my breast ended up square or flat.I ran Mikal and dr. Sadeh's ears off repeating the same thing, saying this is what I want and the results I am looking for. My deciding factor at this point was more than money, I really appreciated Mikal talking to me on the phone for 40 minutes prior to me coming in and then spending another 1 1/2 hours with me between the Doctor And Mikal just to put my mind at ease. I have to say it was the customer service at this point, if it was money I would have still decided to go to Florida and save some money. So long story short I'm really glad they took their time approaching my concerns.

Mikal called me today to confirm my date. I'm one...

Mikal called me today to confirm my date. I'm one month away from having a collection of bra and panty sets..lol so excited and not nervous at all.

I want to start getting my stuff together now, a month will go by so fast. Looking for advice on any necessaries items that maybe helpful during my first week or two of recovery.

I think tomorrow I will go to Lord and Taylor's and buy my first set in a long time :-)

Exactly 30 Days Away!!!

Exactly 30 days away and very excited. Im waiting on my clarence papers in the mail from dr. Sadeh office. I don't think I need anything right now, I'm going to wait till after my surgery to make any purchases. I'm officially a 38 G cup, the f cup was to tight depending on the brand.
I keep going into stores trying on shirt that look awkward on me because of my breast and maxi dresses that will only come up the side of my boobs , can't wait to go back next month to try the same thing on with smaller boobs

Not sure

Not sure on the size I should go down to....I'm planning on losing 60 lbs by December , and I'm not sure if the weight lose will greatly impact the size and shape. I what to be a c cup but I'm thinking that a D cup should be fine and with the weight lose ill make it to a c cup. I'm hoping my surgeon can lead me in the right direction...

Few pics

Before pic

Big day tomorrow!!!

Surgery is tomorrow, hope I have everything I need! Doing all my chores today, hoping I will exuast myself tonight. Finally the day has come......

BR and Lipo

The pain is not so bad for BR but the lipo is another story. Will update tomorrow, but so far my doctor was wonder and I get my bandages off Friday. I wish I could see the new boobs faster ;-)

If any typos, sorry in advance !!


Literally sick waiting to see my new boobs

Sick to my stomach waiting to see what my new boobs look like!! Having so much anxiety ..

4 days post op

I don't have much to say right now about my xperience I'm very hurt by my day today but wanted to at least share my photos.

Healing pic??? Is this normal



Another pic of swelling knot directly under the incision on the side. Hoping this is part of the healing process.

The day of my surgery

I went to sleep at 12:00 am on the dot and woke up at 6:08am had a little bit of Anxiety. I arrived at the office monday around 9:45am, I was expected at 10:30am. I sat around for maybe 15 minutes then I was brought to the pre op room with the nurse( Diane). Diane ask me lots of medical questions and was very informative and very helpful at calming my nerves( I love this woman). Dr. Sadeh came in around 11:30 to prepare me for surgery. He was coming out of surgery from another patient. After getting marked up I met with the anesthesiologist and off I went for surgery. I was placed on the bed at 12:19pm-- then they put the tube in my mouth, I tasted that nasty gas and then I was out cold. I woke up about 5:45pm feeling good ready to get up and walk out the facility. Dr. sadeh ask me how I felt, I said great and was all smiles asking him did he finish everything and did he need me to help ...lol he replied I'm all finish, no help needed. I was asked to try and lift myself as soon as I did that-- the anesthesia took its toll on me. When I stood up, I fell back down became very sick and light head. I passed out for a moment and was very dehydrated and freezing. I could here everything around me but I just couldn't get up. My original nurse (Diane) had to leave, emergency came up so I had a new nurse but I forgot her name. But she is white with blonde hair and not very warm in her approach to patients, she's the surgical assistant. Very nicely i will say--I had a rough time with her following my surgery. I started to regain myself after a few cups of water and some more sleep. My family picked me up and off I went. My surgery went well..my first post op was Friday

More photos

I have splitting in my incision

I was told to leave in alone and shower 2x a day and put the gauze on it. This is scary stuff!!

36D/DD from 38 G

Breast starting to round out, still have lots of swelling. Will do a complete update on my experience so far and the many small changes that have made an huge impact om me.. It feels so good not to have oversized boobs!!!!

Review on my post op appt and results so far

Almost 2 week has past since my first post op appt. it was a complete nightmare due to one employee that doesn't deserve to work with patients. As I understand everybody at the practice is aware this one woman is not a people person( forgot her name) but she is a piece of work. But everybody is okay with her behavior. I wanted to wait awhile to resolve my feeling about my first post op appt, I wanted to write a fair review and not let one person destroy my whole experience. My appt was about 40 minutes . I spent 10mins with dr. sadeh and 30mins arguing with the surgical asst...smh. I was absolutely disgusted by my first post op, and still don't understand how a cold and bluntly rude employee can still work for them. I'm a strong believer that one person can destroy your reputation and unfortunately that's how I feel about the one employee. I'm so offended by this employees behavior I don't think I will do anymore surgeries with Dr.sadeh because I do not want to be in the same operating room with this woman.
Its unfortunate because I really like Dr.Sadeh and Mikal. Their customer service was expectional and I love the energy they give off. That's why I chose dr. Sadeh for my surgery. My nurse was Diane , she is absulotely the best. I wish she could have been with me 24/7. Everybody else at the practice is great.

My second post op was great, they really did damage control...lol

I had a breast reduction and liposuction of the abdomen and entire sides. My breast did not hurt it was the swelling that was killing me but the lipo is a killer. I will admit after surgery I felt so ugly and felt I went to the wrong doctor, I was completely hurt broken by my result and hat one employee did not make it any better. Now that some of the swelling has went down I'm quite happy with what I see so far. I'm far from perfect but I was very realistic about my outcome. I think Dr. Sadeh did the best he could do, I was not an easy case, by far. I so happy about my decision, I can honestly say I feel good about myself when I look in the mirror.
My next post op appt ill be sure to thank him for give me my confidence back, it was really lost for a long time. All I do text my my friends and family" I have normal boobs" and I look great. Before my surgery me and Mikal spoke about my results and she said dr. Sadeh and her hope that they could make me 60% better than what I was. That number may seem low to many but he had a lot to works with. I still have more to write...to be continued

I'll end by saying results take time and I'm very pleased so far, I feel like 70% of myself 3 weeks out of surgery

Excuse any errors, I'm using my iPad


Love this dress, still have the tags on can't wait to wear... So happy right now...


Fitted This weekend

From day one i felt like my breast were bigger than what me and my doctor disgust but I know after surgery u just have to wait for swelling to go down. Before my surgery i was a 38G, thats what i was measured and every bra i had was a G cup. So This weekend --3 weeks post op I went to get measured at a lingerie store and I measured 38 H.. WTF, say WHAT!!! Doesn't G come before H?? I'm lost!! so i tried The bra on and it was loose but not that much so I left the store convinced this girl didn't know what she was talking about. This girl started to tell me my doctor doesn't know cup sizes over a D cup, What!! Stop right there, my doctor had been doing this for over 20 years. I just told her thank you and I no longer needed her services. I went to VS and measure a 36 but because of my breast being so full she said it would be best to try on 38DD and that's what I did. I tried on 38dd in VS, Macy's and the lingerie store and they all were snug, I'm assuming I'm tipping into a 38 DDD but not quite yet, not good at all. I'm very upset and lost for words but I hope everything settles down. Before surgery I made it clear i wanted to be a large C-little D cup and I didn't want to know what DD cups or bigger would look like on me!! I'm not sure how I feel right now but it's not good. I have another post op coming this Friday, I'll see what dr. Sadeh says because I still feel like my breast are bigger than what we disgust and getting measured made me feel worse.
Besides that , I've notice small things like crossing my purse around my breast&shoulder, wearing a neckless and it falls to its proper length, wearing a towel that stays closed, my seatbelt is more comfortable and many ppl have noticed I actually have a neck...lmao a friend of a friend wanted to know if I had something done to the lower part of my face and neck area...lol

Incision healing

Went for my post op, Incisions are healing slow but nicely. The healing process is so long and dreadful . I still have swelling and no more tape on the incisions , time to let them fully breath. Although I have mixed feelings about my results, ill just stay positive and let time take its place on my recovery. Still in all, I have a great doctor and I hope whatever the differences may be, he will resolve them :-)

Feeling down.. One Month Out

Feeling down about the size of my breast. Although my breast are better than what I had, my breast are not nearly the size or shape me and my surgeon discussed. I was expecting to be a full c cup - small D cup. Right now I can still wear my old bras(G cup)...smh how can this be? Of course it's a little looser but I should be swimming in my old bras. I'm trying to be happy about my decisions to have a breast reduction but after paying everything out of pocket, I was really expecting that 'WOW' factor, feeling happy seems so hard right now . My next appt is in a month, I will be discussing a revision in size.

5 weeks

Haven't noticed much change, my incisions are closing up completely..very grateful for that!! I didn't use any creams, doc said we want to dry the scar out, just let them breath and the air will help with healing.
Kinda hard to take pics of myself, I feel like I'm posting the same pics. I'm ready to buy real bras now, the bras at target are cool because its not easy finding no underwire(Doc said no wire bras). I have tried on underwire bras are target as well and sad to say I do not fit them , I'm still to heavy on top : ( they run small in size ) or at least that's what I tell myself to feel better about them not fitting! Not much has changed will have a better update when I go back to my post op visit to discuss a revision. I hate the fact I have a like - hate relationship with my boobs.

Any errors iPad update

2 months post op

It's been 2 month since I've had my surgery, I go back for my follow up this week. I will be discussing a revision. I have tried to come to terms with my new breast and I can not do so because I am dissatisfied with my size. I've been bra shopping and I'm still purchasing $60 bras....WTF! I'm only a size smaller than what I was and thats not okay-- I would have never did the surgery to be a size smaller for my case. I have close friends and relatives asking me why didn't I get a lift..... It's heart breaking to hear after spending so much of my hard earned money. I highly doubt that I have much small now but you never know, I just want him to fix this so I can be happy. I really hope we come to terms....right now I'm a full DDD/F cup

Changes in breast

On another note I still have full sensation in my right nipple and partial sensation in my left, before they were overly sensitive. I do notice the shape tends to look different day by day. As the swelling went down , they are a little droopy as well. Also considering implants next year if I don't like how they settle-- that was my original plan-- to reduce them and then add implant at the same time to accomplish the look I wanted but I was advised not to do so by my doctor. I wish I would have went with my gut instant...btw my incisions have healed nicely no scar therapy yet, I have a few stitches that need to be cut but otherwise my healing process has went smooth which I am very thankful for. Oh yeah!! some of my back pain has eased up as well and i started going back to the gym at 5 weeks and i have a personal trainer, trying to get these boobs and body smaller ;-)
That's all for now .. Thanks for everybody's support

Sending healing prayers to everybody

More pics

I spoke with Mikal today to confirm my appt with dr. Sadeh and we had a small discussion about my revision. She said we still won't know your full results until 6-9 months... So I'll be waiting awhile but that's ok... At least the doctor will be prepared to hear I want a revision.. So at least we will discuss it briefly tomorrow

Revision in the works

I went to my follow up and expressed my dissatisfaction in size and how depressing it was for me. Of course I was very calm because I wanted my meeting to be productive and I really do love my surgeon and most of the staff. So after my follow up, as expected I was told its to soon to tell but if I still wanted a revision after i have completely healed then he would do so after reevaluating me.. Wait time( 6-9 months) We all agreed: even though my breast were 100% better than what I had before, they did acknowledge they definitely could be smaller and closer to the size I expected to be. I brought my old bra in and my new bras for comparison DDD and G cup, I wanted everybody to see this wasn't all in my head andI'm still full at the top. I think that was the best thing I could have done to help communicate that my reduction wasn't significant. We were able to evaluate my case successfully in my opinion, That made me feel a whole lot better and relieved rather than some doctor trying to convince me that I'm perfectly happy and nothing is wrong. I was advised to lose whatever weight I was looking to get off so I can get the results I'm looking for and don't have to worry about my boobs dropping and changing because of weight loss. They said the second time around let's get it right so you can be happy. I gave dr. Sadeh a hug and then I left and went shopping ;-)
Very happy to get to this point---

Excuses any errors, writing from iPad

Me now

I have decided I will get a revision with a reduction down to a b cup and Add an implant which would hopefully bring me to a C cup or a small D cup, I want projection and firm breasts. I have discussed my desire to have a revision and my doctor he agreed and said we should wait for the scar tissue to heal first.

Thinking about getting implants

So I'm thinking about getting implants along with a breast with a breast lift although my breast are 100% better than what they were, I'm still not satisfied with the lack of projection/size. I would like to be a size smaller and I think having a implant would give me the look I am looking for. I have to get I contact with Dr. Sadeh and discuss my revision, I think I waited long enough to see me results IMO. We have already expressed my dissatisfaction and discussed the possibility of revision already, so I just need to make arrangements at this point and decide do I want implants or not. I think Dr. Sadeh is a great Doctor, and those considering this surgery should consult with him.

Another pic


Manhattan Plastic Surgeon


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Wow!! The incision looks scary my dear and painful!
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Hi, thanks for updating and for the updated pics. You look good. I sympathise with your desire to have a revision, it's a long journey to take only to be dissatisfied with the results. I must say- I'm surprised you're standing by your surgeon, though, given that you aren't happy with the results of what he did before. Did you consider going elsewhere for a revision?
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Doctor Sadeh is a great a great Doctor we just had differences of opinion on my size. I don't hate my breast, still look good -- I just want more projection and to be a size smaller. Revision is very common . He does really great breast, my friend looks awesome she got implants and they look hot , HOT I tell you. I still adore my my doctor till this day
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Well, as I said you look good. I wish you well with the revision :)
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Awesome healing!
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I must say my healing process went 100% better than what I expected , I was so grateful
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Yes you never know what can happen! I eat right drink water take all the victims eat oranges jello anything I read that will help my skin heal ...its often more than creams which determine better results in patients :)
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I'll keep that in mind for my next surgery
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I hope you get the desired results this time around. I have a friend who lost a lot of weight and volume in her breasts and she had the reduction with implants and I have to say they look great. Good luck.
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well I cant wait till your 6-9 months I was told that it will be 7months and my size will show up that the swelling will be up and down till then , and reading a lot on here on ppls 6-9month follow ups its true so don't give up you will still go down ,
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A lot of my swelling had went down , I just prefer to be smaller and have more projection... I love how implants look
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I am glad your consult went well and that they will do the revision - I hope you get the size you want in the end. He is right about the losing weight part - my surgeon told me that as well. Also, being in the best shape you can be in will make recovery go smoother as well. I loved your Natori bra - I just bought my "dream" Chantelle bra the other day to wear to a wedding next week. I could never wear one of them before. Good luck!
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Are you going to have to pay or will they cover it since they didn't reduce you the amount you wanted, and they acknowledged it? I would hope they would at least waive the surgeons fee... I'm so glad that you got your point made and they listened! Happy healing :)
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The paper I signed before surgery stated I pay for anesthesia
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Let us know how your check up goes and what your surgeon says. I agree with you fully if you are paying for the surgery that you should get the size you want. If you are a true ddd I would consider that large for a reduction. When did your breasts start to drop? I am at five weeks post op and I am still perky and I know I am going go be sad when mine drop. Good luck, I hope you get the look hou want. You are healing well to be back at the gym so soon. I am walking a lot but I can't imagine being able to actually work out. Good luck with your journey and thank you for your honesty. I think it is important for people to realize that not everyone is completely happy with their results.
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I noticed the drop maybe at 4 weeks. I'm happy that my doctor did improve the way they look but I don't think bra less is an option anymore. The girls still look better than what they were but I had higher expectation for my boobs and surgeon.
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I know how you feel because I paid for my surgery out of pocket as well. I am actually happy with my results but I probably would like to be one cup size smaller. For some reason surgeons seem to go on the bigger side and I don't get it because I think people should get the cup size they want. Let me know what your surgeon has to say.
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Sometime I think they go bigger because they don't want you to regret being to small. But I think it's a risky chance they take when they make the decision for you because there is a 50/50 chance for love or hate it reaction. But all in all I do believe they mean well and have the best interest of there patient
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Awesome to hear you're back at the gym 5x a week, with a personal trainer even! You are definitely on your way to the healthier body you want, I hope you enjoy the journey ;) Thank you for sharing your story, it's so helpful to see how my breasts might change from here at week 1 to month 2. Are they still changing in size & shape? ..still settling ? I wish you the Best on your upcoming visit, you'll have to updated us on what you guys decide for your revision, I hope your not charged a single dime.. going down one cup size when you're a very large cup to start with is not an efficient breast reduction. I'm sorry you had to endure that, but don't give up hope! ..those babies are going to be the most beautiful yet! Good for you for speaking up about how you truly feel to your doctor. Congrats! & look forward to hearing how everything goes :)
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My breast seem to be the same shape although the girls did round out at the bottom. As most of the girls here would agree the swelling gives you projection and once it's gone it gets a little flat but also in my case they are dropping more because they're big I think.
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I'm sorry you are not happy about your size - they look great in photos. But, they are your breasts and you are the one who has to be happy with them. I have to agree with jerseyperson below about the width of the breasts. My surgeon said the same thing about mine when I went for my one week post op check up. He said if my breasts weren't so big and wide to begin with he could have gone smaller but he had to work with what he had. If you do get another reduction next year I hope they give you a big discount.
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I had a similar experience when I tried to get fitted just under 3 weeks post-op. BIG mistake. I normally wear a 32GG (pre-op) and the girl in the shop measured me as a 32E and even suggested I wear a 32F and got a bit high and mighty (I felt) when I quibbled. As someone has said earlier the width of our boobs is a big problem. You may well fit an H in terms of the 'pocket' that your breasts sit in, but I'm sure you won't fill out the cup. And that's the thing to remember- it's important not to get preoccupied with numbers and letters are these are just that, numbers and letters. You look soooo much smaller, great in fact. I'm not saying you couldn't or wouldn't want to go smaller but don't underestimate a) the swelling but more importantly b) that sometimes to reduce to a C or D cup is all very well, but the industry doesn't make bras for women like us, i.e. who have the pockets for large boobs but much smaller boobs sitting in them. That's not about you, or your surgery, or the disappointment of not getting what you want. Sometimes it's just about recognising that a C/D cup on the way down is a hell of a lot different from a natural C/D cup.
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Oh and by the way you really don't fit that G cup bra you're wearing in the photo! Loosen the top straps so that the cups sit normally rather than hoisted right up. That is your G cup. The way we have had our bras hoisting our boobs up mean that our new boobs now sit snugly. But if you set your bra up properly you will see that there is plenty of room inside the cup. I was initially devastated when I fitted my old bras until I loosened the straps so that the cups lower. Hope that makes sense!
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It took me some 2 months to fit into a normal non wired bra, and even longer to fit into an underwired one. The shape of my breasts looked nice, but they were close to the body and wide at the base, so the smaller sizes were of course too tiny, and the larger ones fit at the base but the cup was baggy. Anywho, give it time is what I wanted to say. It might not look like it to you, but at 5 weeks post op you are still swollen, both the boobs and also the surrounding area.
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