Dr Wallach I Just Had my Implants Removed That I Only Had Done 6mths - Manhattan, NY

Ago CCon Rt Brst Now Im So Depressed Lks Ugly. I...

Ago CCon Rt Brst Now Im So Depressed Lks Ugly. I had a C cup before implants i wanted them to look natural and full which he did a good job but I got CC twice on rt side .So he gave me 4 options and with each one I had a big chance of getting it again which I did.So my husband said because we had already put so much money in it decided to take them out.I just removed them yesterday.I could not belive how much damage it did to my rt side.I so depressed and mad at my self for doing it in the first place.Cause it was not that I was small I just wanted to look perky.Will they fill in naturally?

Ok well it's been 4 months since I was explanted...

ok well it's been 4 months since I was explanted and this is what has been happening.I have been getting pain in both breast and the rt one that had most of the problem is leaking motor oil hahahaha that's what it looks like and it is sticky and thick but it has no smell so that's a good thing I GUESS but I go to see my PS tomorrow and will see whats up.My rt breast is so lil compared to the left.Not a happy camper.

Hi girls went to see my PS and my reg Dr had all...

Hi girls went to see my PS and my reg Dr had all the test done to see if it is breast cancer because of the leakage .My PS told me he will put new implants no charge for his work but I have to pay for nurse's and implants and I said can you guarantee that it will take he said no I can't and I said are you kidding I won't go there again.I'm waiting on my results and will update on that .But so far I feel good not so depressed anymore just wished I would have left them alone but hey I learned my lesson to love me the way God made me.
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I want a second opion .

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was your removal not worth it? do you like your results? You marked not worth it for removal so just wondering.
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I have never operated on this patient as far as I know. I have never had to remove implants within 6 months like Emmita describes. Sorry for your troubles It can be rough for some people having to go through a lot of procedures in a short time.
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Hi, sorry to hear what happened to you but I am not clear whether Dr Wallach did the bad surgery or not? Thanks
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Hello Emmita, so hope all your results come back ok xxxx watching your posts, take care x
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You spend $7,000 to have them removed???
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Emmitta - are you feeling better? I am still having very rough days. Frustrating i know... but give it time girlie. i think time heals everything. at least that's what i keep telling myself. I hope you are in better spirits. XoXo
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Don't be mad at yourself, give your body time to recover Emmita and be proud you've gotten rid of those things. Blessings. xx
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Thank you for your kind words as you know we are our worst critics as my mother tells me your never happy the way God made you and she is rt.It just wasn't for me but now I just need to be patient and pray that it heals good and leave things alone and grow old gracefully .Blessing to you Felicitygal.
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I have no idea if they will fill in, I am researching all that as I have CC in my left side. I have seen some ladies who healed nicely after explants and you cant even tell. Have you looked at those reviews? I am trying to figure out if I should explant or try for a capsulectomy, or capsulectomy with Strattice. Doc says my best chance is with strattice. Reduces recurrence to 1%. But it is so expensive! Will you be posting any pics?
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Hi scrappy37 I tried twice in hopes that C would not come back but reality is it will come back your body is telling you it's not apart of you and it will keep fighting it so save your self lots of many and pain .I am 6days in from explant and I miss them but I know in my heart I did what was right for me I tried it all spent more time in pain than enjoying my self so you weight what they mean to you and no matter what you choose it's your to make and not anyone else.Best of luck to you.I'm recovering but it is going to take time I just need to be patient and not be so critical of my self.I'm not posting pics because I never took any but I can tell you that having that CC removed the first time I also lost tissue so having the CC twice did damage and the longer you leave them in with cc more damage they leave.I didn't have the CC removed this time he left it in and said it will devolve by it self the body will absorb it.They are starting to look a lil bit more natural but only time will tell.Good luck and I hope what I have wrote can help you and others that are thinking of removing them.
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Thanks Emmita for the advice. But how depressing! I am afraid that having CC it will just always want to come back. I will have to keep thinking about it.
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what is cc?! are you Ik now?!
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