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Okay so my husband stumble on this site i wish i...

Okay so my husband stumble on this site i wish i knew about it prior to my procedure i just had the bbl on december 11 2013 for some reason i had no idea of what was in store for me I would like to keep an update on my progress and would love info or feed back i did a ton of research and have been talking about doing this procedure for years im still shock i actually did it the first night was the worst all the draining i changed about 8 times the next day was better but i passed out from getting up too fast my butt to me right now on the 4th day im a little concern im going to wait yil the swelling go down but im a little nervous i went to Dr Mikcheal Jones in Manhattan and he does pretty good work so I might need to just be patient but the kind of person i am Im nervous dont quite see a shape I can live with but its only 4 days has anyone else had this experience early on


Welcome, I can't wait to as your pics.
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Hii gurly r u goin to post pics
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Feel like days are moving slow

This was my ass day two very swollen funny shaped because I was bludging out the back of my garment having a hard time keeping the garment up between my inner thighs and butt any suggestions I went to a smaller size but still having the same issues here are pics of day one and two


It takes a minute to see results but you'll love them. Welcome to the booty dooo club
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Thanks every day it's looking better learning to be patient
Welcome Hun.....Just had my BBL done on 12/12/13 with Dr Schulman in New York.
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Garment issues!!!!!!

So before I went in for my procedure I called the company my doctor referred and ordered the garment they said I would need I called the company and they asked what my clothes size was its a 12 so they recommended for me to order the garment in a large and I ordered the band also for my stomach (doctors rule) well the garment was ok the first day but I noticed it kept sliding down and was not tight in the lower abdomen area and my thighs which was lippo so I ordered another one in medium which was tighter at first but I felt better in it but as the swelling is going down in having the same problem I need help I want something with good support in the thigh area and lower abdomen area I want something where I can bring the abdomen in tighter with time any suggestions


Hi I also had my bbl done with Dr Jones and I to am not loving my shaping im 6 weeks post op and I just dont know. Pls tell me if your butt filled out the way u wanted
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Congrats any more pics
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Hi I will be going to see dr schulman soon. How was your overall experience? Also how did you handle the not driving?
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