I can't wait to have my surgery by dr. schulman...

I can't wait to have my surgery by dr. schulman I'm so excited but scared at the same time. I guess it's just the thought of having surgery, I am confident that dr. schulman will give me the look that I want. after doing my research on him he is a board certified plastic surgeon and his work looks great & after speaking to him I'm sure I will have a great out come!

wish pics

Thought I would just post a couple of wish pics...new to the whole RS thing.
Welcome. I'm new on here as well. I'm leaning towards him as well but will make my final decision after my consultation in march ( hoping to get in sooner)
Same to you. I had a phone consultation with him...& the way he spoke with confidence and pride about what he do & how he took time to answer my every question is what made me make my decision...not to mention his work I have seen. I finally get to meet him this Wednesday I cant wait!! I will definitely post how it goes
Awesome. Can't wait to hear how it goes.

face to face consultation tomorrow Feb.19th 2014

well my consultation is tomorrow at 4:00 o'clock with dr.schulman...I know that it is early in the morning but I can't wait till this day is over! not that long of a drive so I figure I will be on the road at 7a.m. and be there a little early to site see and do a little shopping. I will post pictures and my waist, bust and hip sizes tomorrow after consult.
well I went for my consultation with dr. Schulman and he was Wonderful he was very polite him and his staff. I was so out of it because I left home at 7a.m. and drove ten hrs. to get there I got there just in time for my appointment at 4:30 and to top it off I was 15 min. late. but however he still seen me for my appointment and I only had to wait like 5 minutes at the most. I was so excited to get there and to finally meet him and soooo sleepy from driving that I forgot all the questions that I had wanted to ask him...lol. but he pretty much explained everything to where's I didn't have to ask no questions for real. everything went great I was so embarrassed when I had to take off the robe for my pictures with my fat self he made me feel comfortable by laughing and joking with me. the pt. panties was rolling on the side and he went to reach out to fix the side and unroll it and I told him o' that happens all the time my panties all ways roll lol then he replied if you think they are rolling now wait till after you have your surgery I was cracking up....needless to say he made me feel very comfortable and sure about going through with my decision to have the surgery. Thanks Dr. Shulman and I cant forget about Amanda she is a real sweetheart I know she about tired of me calling and asking a million and one questions!

finally had my in offfice consultation

Dr. Schulman is wonderful person he made me feel sure about going through with the surgery. Amanda is a sweetheart as well I can call her and ask he a million questions and she will take the time out to answer every one of my questions....I guess that's why I didn't have any to ask at consultation..lol.. not to mention I drove ten hours to get there right before my appointment I was sooo sleepy that I couldn't even think straight all I could think of is a hot shower, a bed and a pillow...I should've left the day before but I didn't want to drive in snow. well I got my paperwork of the do's & don't prior to Sx. now I just got to focus on my diet I would like to be under 200 lbs my goal weight is at least 180 lbs. or less!! "Grind time"
Congrats and good luck

wish pics

Wow, so glad everything went well for you....Many blessings on your journey!
Thanks, I see how great of a job he did with you ladies im sure he will be able to do a great job with me. Im still a lil scared but Im ready!! Now I have to work on getting under 200lbs. So I set a goal for 20lbs....of course the more the better
He indeed will......so normal (feeling the anticipation of everything....)....sounds like a very realistic goal...you got plenty motivation with your big day ahead!

got a few items on my list/ & finally took my measurements

Bust; 45
Mid area; 47
Waist; 44
Never mind I just read ur post urs was on the 19th
Ur consultation was on the 21st right
Yea it was the 19th it seem like I was driving forever to get there lol

well here go's nothing

Nice foundation for a bbl......glad to see you got your pre-op pics up :))
thanks. I just hope my stomach goes down to where I won't need a TT

i have a question....can you all please give some suggestions

I have an 8 hrs. drive to get to New York to see Dr. Schulman but after I have my sx I have to stay for a week of course but I'm wondering
how will I get home without sitting on my rear??? can anyone help me with some ideas? should I go home by car or plane? what are some ways that I can sit in the car or on the plane without actually
sitting on my new rear end????
Congrats on becoming a Shulman doll. Since you have an 8 hour drive, that may be a bit much for you . Considering the bumps and maybe having to stop and use bathroom. Honey after that surgery you are gonna want a comfy bed . I say stay at a hotel until the shower day and then ride back. At least the hardest part will be over. Best of luck. I would consider the May date, but I'm in a wedding in early June and I don't want to be swollen or any set backs. But You are gonna look great . I really like his results. Keep me posted luv.
girl I know that's rite cause I thought about just laying on my stomach in the back seat to and let my sister drive home that my plans but I know im gone be uncomfortable for a whole eight hr drive...but then again who said looking beautiful was easy work lol I guess im just gone have to work it out
Your right, this is the safest way. If you have a mini van or can rent one, you would take a long body pillow and/or a softy comfy blanket and lay it across the two seats with a pillow at your head

my list

Cetaphil antibacterial soap
two 1oz tubes of arnica gel & arnica pills
Nexcare waterproof bandages
Tylenol 500mg.
Nivea skin firming gel
Baby wipes
Dry skin therapy cream
2 lipo foam sheets
Ez urinal
3 bottles of medi-sol adhesive remover
waist cincher
maxi pads
personal care products (toothpaste, deodorant etc.)
medical tape
*****if I miss anything from the list please let me know****
Hey bigbootyjudy33. Another Schulman doll to be born May 8th - congrats. Thanks for sharing your list of items. I'm about to go shopping for mine and seems like I have pretty much the same stuff you do. I'm sure Dr. S won't disappoint and will deliver what you want/need. Best wishes to you!!
Thanks hunn
Girl we are going to look fabulous

7 more weeks

omg I can not believe I only have 7 more weeks to go and I still have not lost no weight I was 207lbs
now I'm 199lbs.....THATS IT (ugh) I don't think i'm gone loose that much if any more in 7 weeks.
needless to say i'm getting real frustrated & I can't be mad at nobody but myself. Dr. S said it would be better if I loose 20 to 25lbs for a better look and for less risks. and I was 200lbs when I seen him. i'm on a strict diet no pop, juice, bread, rice, or potatoes.. not to mention exercise as well!! I just don't know what else to do I still can have my BBL but i'm not sure if I want to push my date back or not. I'm so determined to have my BBL i'm feeling like i'm just so done with my fat stomach and my flat butt!!!! :/ ****have anyone had a BBL before weighing in at 200lbs.?????
it seem like I just be stuck at 200 and I don't gain weight or lose it I was shocked I lost those few I did lose
Ur going to lose more weight and ur going to have amazing results
Relax hun and don't get urself upset. If u have been working out it might be muscle that's sustaining the weight. Keep eating right and working out and u'll lose the weight.

okay so I was fooling with the app

Wish pic of my self from the side (photo shopped)
The only way to get real results from diet if your at a sticking point is to log every single thing u put in your mouth, you will have to weight and measure everything. Yes it takes a lot of time and effort but after the first few weeks you will be able to adjust and control weight loss much more effectively. And it will get easier as time goes by. There are several apps that can do that. I use Fitness pal, yea I didn't feel like doing it either, but I really wanted to see progress , and it worked once I got serious.

new surgery date

Feeling kinda upset I had to push my date back...I got to lose 20 to 25lbs. But its okay my surgery paid for atleast I don't have to worry about that and plus I loose this weight I'm gone be even closer to my size I want to be...so its all for the better. Looking forward to the month of July now

mission possible...got to lose weight

Got me a new item....a juicer I'm going on a juice diet with my cardio exercises I should for sure lose these few pounds!!!....have anyone tried the juice diet???

wish pic

Please keep us posted with your journey. I am looking at doing another Bbl with Dr. S
I actually laid on my side in the back seat on my way home from surgery on blankets....I know people fly and stand most of the time then sit when required, but no more than an hour...
Did u have ur hips done? If so did that affect their shape?

still stuck in fact I gained two lbs.

Gm Rs i am really struggling with losing weight.. the Dr. Said lose ten lbs. But I hope to lose twenty...this is so aggy i stay praying and stay working on it. I'm thinking about setting my sx for August so with that being said I'm about to eat breakfast and do my early morning mile walk.
Keep working to lose that weight, it will come off. When I went to lose 10-15lbs (before I was even thinking of a BBL) I cut out a lot of dairy, carbs and sweets. So juice was barely consumed. I drank water (with lemon in it for taste) all the time. And I was running (at least 2.5 miles) at least 3-4 times a week plus strength training. It took about 3 months for me to really see the weight loss and the strength training really was the deciding element. I also stopped eating anything after 7PM. and if I really got hungry then it was salad w/salsa on it after 7PM. Will pray for you to shed those pounds!!!! Stay faithful.
Thanks hunn I'm trying hard and staying humble..Thanks for the advice I find it to be encouraging and helpful
U r going to lose it. I'm rooting for you.

slow but for sho'

It's going slow but thats okay!! Just came home from work and I have my baby a hug and kiss asked her how her day was and then I flew to the bathroom to weigh my self.....I was 207... now I'm 198.6 yayyyy me it seem like it is taking forever because I am sooooo ready to have my surgery so I can look sexy and wear new things!!!
Way to go girl...yay!!!!

losing my weight finally

207 to 198.6
Owww!! Bye bye pounds! Congrats honey!
Thanks sis it's going slow but im gone get there lol

got my new date

okay so I went from may 8th and had to change my surgery date to October 2nd. which is just fine with me that means I got more time to lose weight my goal is 180....wish me luck
Wow!!! Well all right now!!

Glory & Praise be to GOD

Happy Easter Rs Family
Good luck. Where did you get that surgery app. Very interesting. Where did you or any of the women on here get your wish pictures???
Thanks. The app is called plastic six app & my pics I got just on the web if I felt it was a goal shape I wanted I just screen shoot it & post on my pg.
Plastic surgery app (typo)


OK so now I'm 195lbs yaaay me...but as time go by I'm getting more scared to have my sx. I know it is something I most definitely want to do but I'm scared.... Am I the only one that has felt this way?...like what if something goes wrong during sx , what if I don't wake up from anesthesia, what if i get a clot...... Am I freaking out & over thinking is this normal??

working out

so now im finally down to 190 yes that's it 190. but everything is going good, I had a little panic attack being scared of the unknown but im fine. four more solid months of losing weight I know I will get to 180 if I stay focused!! because im going to be apart of the Schulman team lol

im getting there

OK so I have not been on here in a while...but needless to say I'm still on my grind. Today I weigh in at 190lbs. My goal is 175 I have 15lbs to go....I have cancelled my sx until the beginning of march of 2015 I'm sad about it because I'm so ready to get my sexy back. but its for the better so I can achieve the look I desire in one sx and I can give myself at least six months free of smoking cigarettes. I will definitely keep you all posted on my journey.
Thanks NikiBunz. I was kinda in a rush to have my sx but I had to step back and think about a few things far as my health and the look I was trying to achieve. Anyone having this sx i recommend u plan a yr. Ahead far as health wise plus I figure what's the shine with out the grind :) I have 20 lbs to go...I can't wait
You're welcome... Do what you know is right for you the rest of the bs is just bs I know your body will be the truth when it's all said and done.. I know this thing eat at you make you go crazy cause you want it so bad I wish I would've been smart like you but now I'm doing things different... I applaud you and I will be following your journey YOU GO GIRL!!!
My hats off to you for thinking about you a healthy pre op can have less complications and lean toward wonderful impact and results when it comes to this sx I agree with you for doing your part and you're going to do great on your weight loss journey.....

just left the track

I'm staying on my daily excersize ..I got to be BODY BEATIFUL when it all said and done.

just a few pictures of my wieght loss along the way

I have lost 15 lbs. & I'm so happy! But I still have 15 to 20 more lbs. To go!!
Congrats on the weight lost
Thanks Akemi21
Wow, you go girl....many congrats!

my journey to loosing wieght

Have not been on here in a while but I haven't forgot to keep you ladies updated on my journey. Some days I see a diffrence & some days I don't but I'm still sticking to loosing this wieght!! So far I have lost 20lbs. It slow..it seem like its taking forever I guess because I'm so anxious to have my sx done by Shulman lol . in reality I still want to loose 30 more pounds but I'm telling myself 10 pounds at a time so my goal don't seem to far away...and I must say its been working going little by little. Until my next update you ladies stay blessed!
Yay...on ur progress. Keep going girl ur day will be here b4 u know it.
Thanks blessedx2!! How's things been going?
Girl it's been going great.

undecided on my ps

So at first I was team Schulman and I still am. But now I see Dr. Fishers work and hr is good ad well. And not to mention his prices is 100% better than Schulman's...don't know what I should do I very undecided I font mind the price (well I do) but but I just don't know ...I need some advice what do you ladies think
Follow your guts girly. But like Booty4Real stated, Dr Schulman is really the best at what he does. You really do get what you pay for. At only 123 lbs, he have me a nice bootay to work with lol. Check out my pics.
Welp--Fisher/Vanity has gotten more popular at RS the past few months--the prices are cheap and he does a very nice booty. My main concern is the professionalism or lack thereof at Vanity as reported by several ladies on multiple occasions....and I've seen a couple ladies end up with infections. You already know where I stand with my amazing surgeon :)
Yea u right B4R fuck vanity I see the one girl that's says vanity is a complete mess and that girl has had a fever for three day now and have not heard from he PS at all that's sad that they are not concerned with her well being at all. I'm definitely sticking with the best (Dr.Schulman) sometimes u just have to pay for what you want and at least I know I will be in good hands and he is very compassionate and concerned about his patients!!

my current wieght

I see my progress... If you have to loose weight first before sx or would like to loose weight to just have a better over all shape after sx ...DONT GIVE UP YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! It takes time & dedication. Its been going slow to me but I been sticking to it and im finally seeing progress on the scale lol because some days my body still look the same no but for real I can tell

this is me at 188lbs.

I have on these comfy leggings I can't wait to see what they look like on me once I have my procedure done!? I hate that bottom pouch on my stomach...I hope it goes completely down after lipo & I don't need a TT....has anyone had a pouch to get rid of? Did it ever go down?

this is what im trying to achieve

Hey hun :) welp--the final outcome of your pouch will depend a great deal on your skin quality.....a Schulman booty will destroy those leggings...hehe...

okay.. okay..okay stuck once again

OK so I weigh myself every morning and I walk at least five miles a day...but some how I'm just stuck at 187 lbs. ....ugh..its fall now and on the cold days I'm not walking any where I ain't even going to lie...but I will still maintain eating health and I think I'm going to try that diet pill called Alli its not a stimulant it doesn't make your heart flutter or race so that's why I'm so game to try it & its a fat blocker where your body will burn its fat it has stored already. I only have about 25/30 lbs. Left that I'm looking to loose anyways. Do you ladies know of any suggestions of different diet pills w/ out a energy boot or stimulant add to it? plz do share. I have about a good sold five months left & I know I can loose the weight its those damn cigarettes that's the problem so I have to work on one thing at a time...cause if I stop smoking first I'm going to want to snack ...lol so I figure I'll handle my weight first & cigarettes last & then my Sx will be right around the corner even though it seems like forever
Hey. Love did you make a decision on the doctor
Naw not yet I plan to have a consultation with Dr.Fisher in February once I have a chance to meet him and speak with him then that's when I will feel like I can make a solid decision
That's great determination you have. Do you think you will have enough fat to graft to get your wanted results. I am 158 and I feel I need more fat. Lol

small dwn payment

OK so vanity called me with a price that was the bomb so I decided to just put the minimal payment on it to lock the price in...I'm still undecided tho'

vanity payment

my boring dinner...lol

Got to lose this last 20lbs.

Man how I would love some Popeye's chicken right now..limbo but I got to stick to the plan
Keep it up girl. I wish I wouldve gotten down to 170. But I went in at 180. Good luck!
Thanks hunn..I'm trying! & congratulations on your new look Happy Healings

my weight loss journey to a bbl...i really cant tell i lost weight but i feel it

I started at 210 lbs. Now I'm 187 lbs. Its been kinda slow but steady I know a bbl is something that I really want, and I'm hopeing that I won't have to have a TT. so I still have 20 to 25 lbs to lose & I only have about a good five months to do it.
Kinda good your belly fat is stubborn....great "stable" fat for the booty :)) your not stay at the recovery house, right?
Oh....FYI-if you e-mail RS manager, Kirsty, she'll change your profile from Schulman to Fisher

3 more lbs. gone

So happy I'm almost out the 180 range...!!!! Yaayyy
Go girl I know you can do it,have you decided on a doctor yet and a date
Thanks. I haven't just yet I like how fisher give u the hour glass shape & hips but I'm hearing all these stories about vanity I ain't gone lie I'm kinda scared..I want to meet him first maybe I'll feel better. Did you set a date yet? Have u met fisher?
No I will not meet him till surgery just going on faith BC I am to far for a consult



just a few wish pics

Can't wait to have my Sx it seems like its taking forever
What r u doing for weight loss? Muscle milk?
Yea pretty much it help curves my appetite. If I do try a diet pill I was considering Alli. Can't really take diet pills because of the energy boost that be in most of it cause me to have heart palpitations. Are u on a diet? If so what are u taking if any?
I'm not taking anything.. I am trying to stick the low carb thing! But I'm not doing good.. (weed smoker) so I had to stop in order to control my eating! Lol.. but just trying to eat only protein until my surgery bc I have to lose 20 pounds by the 10 th of nov.. and exercise of course...

part of my daily diet

16oz of milk in my jug w/ two scoops of muscle milk = 32grams of protein & 20grams of vitamins.... It help suppress my apatite all day it works wounders my boys told me about this because the play sports and lift weightsweights & you can buy it with your ebt card (food stamp card)....ctfu no but seriously my money already tight with bill & paying for this Sx so when I seen I can but it on my card I was happy as AF lol ( just a little tip for some of u ladies)

protein shake

It didn't load the first time

ok im gone try to post it one more time

Protein shake

got a qoute from Dra.Fatima Almonte

Still unsure of who I want to go to but I do know its between three doctors Schulman, Fisher or Almonte
what about doctor from NY that did Nia Lee from love & hip hop bbl? I think his name is Shyhine or something like that not sure.. But check it out & tell me what you think. Good luck !!
Thanks but I have my three choices that I'm going to decide from.

just a little update

Im loving the weight loss some times I just don't see a difference & sometimes I do but I'm for sure feeling lighter & getting use to eating healthy...but it seems like the fat is falling to the bottom of my stomach I guess it gravity lol shoot idk long as the boobs don't sag
Ur doing so good! Keep going girl! Ur gonna look so great! It's all gonna be worth it... I'm on a deadline to lose 15 to 20 more pounds in the next 23 days!! So the struggle is real! Lol...
Thanks! You gonna be able to do it just get a lot of cardio in even if its power walking cause i hate excersize so I mainly power walk about 3/4 miles a day... But u got to stay strick to you diet. You can do it Good Luck!! I'll be watching your story can't wait to see your results keep me posted
Thanks, I'll be watching urs too...

diet without exercise lol

Muscle milk is working for me I don't eat breakfast I drink 18oz of water in the morning to help clean all the toxics out my body from the day b4 then by 11/12 noon I drink on the muscle milk all day until around 5/5:30 dinner time I eat before 6 so my food can digest..I eat baked fish chicken or turkey w/veggies ( how boring) but its working I guess u can say I'm doing a liquid diet I want to get to 170lbs by march thats when I plan to have my sx. & I might be going by myself so if any one would like to hook up and go at that time just let me know....o' yea I'm still smoking cigarettes ugh that's the hardest I'm focused so much on losing the weight I can't do both at the same time well I can but it makes it harder so im hoping to make my goal weight in two months so I can start working on not smoking

i deserve it

Ice Cold.....hey hey hey now.....nobody's perfect! Lol
New York Plastic Surgeon

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