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Hey ladies. I finally had my consult with Dr....

Hey ladies. I finally had my consult with Dr. Shulman today and I must say, what a cool doctor. I felt very comfortable with him. He was very patient with answer all my "100" questions. I decided to do just the back and not the stomach. He told me I had far enough fat to get my j lo booty. Plus I am afraid of the pain with doing the stomach. I was hesitant to take the date, but it came open and I said, "why not"!!!! So I have 2 weeks to get ready ladies. I have to start on my list. I feel the nerves already. I have teas so many good reviews from a lot of ladies here. Have anyone did only the back without stomach. I would appreciate feedback please. Thanks


Congratulation Cajun! Yes, he is wonderful. He requested that Add my stomach because I don't have enough fat :( (I'm kinda glad cause I don't really like my stomach anyway). I booked my date for August so I can give myself enough time to gain some weight... Good luck!
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Thanks Akemi21. Omg. You have a nice shape to begin we. Your shape is gonna be amazing. Your stomach looks flat. I have been doing so many crunches. Lol. Good luck to you too. Don't gain too much. Keep some of your nice figure! Congrats on becoming even more beautiful!!!
Welcome to the bbl sis club....your in time to get the vitamins n supplements u need like arnica. bromelien. Vitamins C and A also boppy pillow. Female urinal was a life saver I also got a high rise toilet seat. Most important are 3 or 4 soft big pillows you can lay on your stomach. Liquid adhesive remover for the foam the doctor glues to your skin and the normal soap wipes anti itch ointment bacitricin ointment arnicare cream for far those are some of the most important items...Some ladies have lists posted on their reviews....I'm happy for you....Lots of luck....
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8 days and counting.

Ok! Here is my dilemma. I had a problem over the weekend, I couldn't get to the LAB for blood work :( I emailed Rachel about this, awaiting her response. I can do the blood work tonight and my pre op on Wednesday. That the earliest I can do the pre op, because of my JOB. Shout out to the working ladies who work hard for this surgery. However, I did get a lot of supplies I need. I will update that list tonight. Ladies, how are the make me heal vitamins. I read a lot of good reviews on them. I will order them today as well as the medisol adhesive remover (3 bottles). I also have to find that calendula leaf tea! I have gotten so many good lucks and surgery blessing for ladies. It makes me feel a lot calmer and reassured at the same time. I wish all the ladies on here a blessed and safe and successful healing surgery. It's so funny, yesterday my friend asked me. Cajun who are you doing this for?? I said me! Why you ask? She was, you sure you are not doing this for a man. I said honey boo listen. First and foremost, I love my body. I am grateful for God everyday for this body. It's nothing more beautiful with being over confident within yourself. I have struggled with not liking my backside for a long time. This will not change me, if anything it makes feel even more confident within myself. Furthermore, if the right man come along and marries me, he will be happy as well. Right ladies. Anyway just food for thought. There are a lot of people who will discourage you, but we all know realself beauties that the real beauty is in our hearts, and the extra beautiful booty is just part of the package. Talk later divas:)


Thanks Kola. Omg. The name fits your figure. Cola bottle shape. Your advice means a million. Happy healing. Stay strong and update if you can.

Need help picking the perfect waist quencher

Hi Ladies. I need advice in picking the best waist quencher. I just ordered 2 lipo foam boards from contour MD. They were like 8 dollars each. I hope 2 is enough. Thanks ladies. I need a good compression stocking for leg as well and advice on where to purchase the adhesive remover. Thanks beauties


Welcome to the Schulman booty train hun! Love your review and confidence!
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Blessings hunny! Schulman is awesome :) Love your "food for thought"
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Thanks shulman Doll. I have read your review over and over. I love how you were so prepared. And your info is so so helpful. You look perfect. He gave a nice bubble but. That's what I hope to get. I pray you have continued blessed healing.

New Date!! Bummer:(

Ok. Here's the sad news. I had to change my date because my job didn't approve my request:( Sadly I didn't give enough notice. I knew I was taking a chance when I took that date during my consult on 2/28/14, but I just didn't want to let that date go. I prayed all weekend that my job would honor it. Anyhow life goes on and as of now I will have my new booty on June 19,2014! I look at it this way. Everything happens for a reason and at the same time I have more time to work on my stomach fat and lose a couple of pounds. A later date in March would be perfect. Any ladies who wants to switch that has an appt in late March let me know. Love and happiness.


Congrats on joining the Schulman team. Sorry to hear about your date change - I know the excitement of wanting to go forward and then having to wait. Wishing you the best as you continue your journey. Get that booty that you've always wanted!!
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Thank you, and congrats to you too. I know the change of date hurt me, but I know it will be worth it. I have summer to look forward to and sexy we will be. Your date will be here before you know it girl!!! Go for it!!!
Thanks hun! I'm super excited. Plan to debute the booty for the forth of July holiday. We're both going to have the booty we've always wanted :-) :-) and right on time for summer fun!!

Anyone has a Late March Date or Early April date they want to switch.

Hi ladies. I am scheduled for June 19, 2014, but would like a sooner date. Please message me if you have a late date in March and would like to switch for my June 19! Thanks ladies.


How did everything go. I am looking at schulman and would love to see your results. Are you from the area or stayed in a hotel? Happy healing love....
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Hello! Everything is going well.. I have posted a few picks of my progress so far. I am only 10 days post op but I was blessed enough to be mobile and have very limited swelling. I am drinking a lot of fluids, watermelon (thanks to Booty4real) and canduela tea (anti inflammatory) every day. The only negative thing was I have a rash on my back. Not become of the procedure, but I think it's the heat. I am on steroids which has caused insomnia. Besides that I'm good! Still healing and adhering to my post op instructions. If you need anything let me know. Xoxoxoxo
Good luck in your upcoming BBL!!!!
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Been gone for a while, but now it's time to get serious and do this

Hi ladies, I have been out of the loop for a while. Got a promotion at work, had to travel out of state, classes and ect. Had to put a lot off. Now I am back stalking realself at the man himself Shulman dolls. So far, I liked him a lot and all his outcomes. So called office to check dates and they have Sep 29 open. Strongly considering that day. But I lost like 20 pounds due to stress and working a lot. So I am afraid I don't have enough fat. I am only doing back too. So help me out ladies. Do I have enough fat!!!


I 2nd that. You will do fine, you are in really good hands. His work shows that he is capable of working with all sizes. No worries. I look forward to your post op pics. Happy healing.
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I think you will be fine. I was 145 bit gained 15-20 pounds for the surgery because I'm also 5'10 so I looked 135. But now I'm reconsidering the weigh gain since I'm hearing Schulman can do work even for those that are 146. But also I've heard him turn down some girls and not others because they didn't have enough fat. So I guess every individual is different. I believe you will be fine if you have more meat then bones. Lol
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Girl, if he can pull it out of me, he will do wonders on you. Wish I was146 at the time. Congrats on the weight loss
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