Hey ladies I would like a bbl sister who is going to dr perry

I've had one consultation so far with dr day he...

I've had one consultation so far with dr day he was ok he said he could do 300 cc now but that too little I've been on this site for a year now looking in searching in reading other ppl experience I think it would make my love life with my husband more fun.

I feel happy about doing the bbl I always wanted a a** make you look better in clothes in feel even more confident about myself.


300 ccs might make u upset grl ive seen grls woth 500 ccs come out n upset bc no big difference especially after the swelling and some fat does die. Even tho u r tony 900ccs moght b the lowest i would want to go especially payin all that! How tall r u?
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Tiny not tony
300cc isnt much for a change....if I were you I would continue to look around for other doctors. I would hate for you to spend so much money on very little to no results
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I'm been on here since feb in now i am convince to...

I'm been on here since feb in now i am convince to get this sx I have it all planned out any bbl sister that wants to stay together in hotel In get through those massage together I'm here

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The reason I want a bbl is cause I love change...

The reason I want a bbl is cause I love change also I have two kids in I don't like my extra baby fat in stretch marks it left I'm 125 in I want to be at least 140 going into my sx I want nice curves in a small little booty not outrageous i just want a small waist in serious curves I've been Learning on this sites through my mistakes in the women that are experienced hey ladies lets get i paid my 7000 already to doctor perry ill give him the 200 when I get there now I'm just gonna plan my stay in buy all the supplies I need pertaining to sx so any lady who going to dr perry sound my time lets go half on a hotel in save in have money to buy the extra things we may need during in after sx in to all the perry dolls I'm looking out for your post for more hope god bless all


Whats your height and weight now?
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Good luck bbl sis!
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Today im 129 yes On my way! To 140 11 pounds to go my sx is July wonder how much I can gain challenge on
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So doctor perry change my quote 7400 to 6800. Such...

So doctor perry change my quote 7400 to 6800. Such a good heart he has dr perry has told me he could get 1000 cc in each cheek now I'm happy about that in also my current weight is 128 in height is 5 5 I know he will deliver may god be with him through all of our perry dolls sx in his life


Hey Dyna- I just booked with Dr. Perry. I was wondering why did he drop your quote down?
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Because my friend is getting her bbl as well she going to dr perry bc of me so he drop another the price down how nice
oh nice

New sx date with perry

New sx date with perry


I thought u had a June date
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Hey girl, word of advice ( small chick to small chick) I would buy a squeem garmet, I have to go buy one. Salzhuer gave me two but they ripple on the sides of my abdomen (obliques) causing not so smooth silhouette and compression. I have to go buy a new garmet :/ wish I did it before surgery
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So hype my sx coming up I'm 132 now On my way! To...

So hype my sx coming up I'm 132 now On my way! To 140 I've stopped smoking in now the weight is packing on hope I don't get to fat lol can't wait to see dr perry will update my supplies list very soon


All the best girl! I'm now home and recovering. I can't lie....the experience is a bit painful ....the drains and needing help from others to assist me has be in a pain ...but so worth it! I look at myself in the mirror and can't believe the rear end and body I see is mine. Lol
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Silly me I didn't notice the dates untill after i hit submit. Anywho, where did you stay and how long did u stay in town? I can't wait to look in my mirror and think to myself " Do It Girl"! Hopefuly I'll get my quote one day this week to get the ball rolling! Once again Congrats on the new U! " Don't hurt nobody" Lol
DFTD :) I went to Florida hun. My doctor was Dr Mendieta. I stayed there for 15 days at the Ritz at a discounted rate for his patients. Both Dr M, his staff and the hotel staff were AMAZING! I can't say enough great things about them all!!! My procedure was $ 9850....that was for all the lipo and bbl. I wish you all the best girl! I know I wish I had done it sooner. Let me know how you're making out with your decision hun.

Hello bbl sisters

On my way! To see dr perry it took a lot for me to get on this plane in get this procedure I'm so scared but it's gonna make me happy so far I'm 160 in dr p said about 2800 cc I guess that's good for now I'm most def coming back for a second bbl next year may god bless all my bbl sister that's brave to get this until next time peace


I'm 5 5 160
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Got my bbl done

Hey ladies dr perry is great I love my results


please add pics would, love to see the results.
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round 2

Hello ladies I went.to.perry love his work going back for 2 bbl


Congrats !!!
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Perry Doll all day!
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Perfect transformation already
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Going back for round two

Hello bbl sister I'm very. Happy to have found this site because I found a great surgeon and a reliable nurse Miriam landford she offers aftercare after surgery she feeds cook for you do laundry and as takes you to doctors appointment check her out at miriamlandford.com I recover fast with the help of ms landford


Are you going for round 2?
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Miami Plastic Surgeon

I found him on realself On rs and other clients of his he is such a nice in helpful person in very is about his business

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