Full Abdominoplasty with Lipo to Flanks and Exparel - Mandeville, LA

I am scheduled for surgery in one week. Very...

I am scheduled for surgery in one week. Very nervous and excited. I am 38 and have 3 children- 20,17,12. I haven't been happy with my abdomen since I was 17. I gained 60+ pounds with each pregnancy and managed to lose back to my ideal wt range each time. I am sick of seeing a stretch marked, hail damaged kangaroo pouch.
Surgery is scheduled for October 16th. I will post all pics post op.
Any valuable advice would be greatly appreciated.
FYI... I only took a week off.
Surgery went well. I am able to get around w assistance. Pretty significant muscle spasms and incisional pain despite Exparel. I have awakened every 2 hours alternating ambulation, potty trips, and water with taking 1-7.5mg Percocet. I will be emptying my drains soon and showering. Hope to feel well enough to send pics.
Hope you are feeling well. I am on my 5th day dost op and getting along rather well. Off pain meds and and moving better. Starting to cough today that real really feels awful. My biggest issue is the discomfort that I have from my tummy feeling llke it has turned to stone. I guess that is just the swelling. h
5 days postoperative and finally moving around well. Incisional pain was first to abate. Muscular repair and post lipo are still severe at times. Valium at bedtime has been a lifesaver. I took my last pain pill this morning can not go without muscle relaxant just yet. Here's a few photos. Drains come out tomorrow. Good bit of swelling remains as to be expected.




Still plenty of swelling. Some blistering as well. Rx to tape

Flank lipo

The "extra" me


I can not say if the Exparel was worth it or if I am just a wimp. I can only say that this surgery was truly painful and you need support. I lacked support a few times and am surprised that I lived!
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