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I have 2 kids. My weight has gone up and down.....

I have 2 kids. My weight has gone up and down...but after my second child I lost so much weight. And my butt just looks flat and saggy. I def did not have enough fat for a bbL..I'm a petite female, 5foot@100lbs I really wanted to get the 290ccs round implant but I knew it wouldn't fit, my dr used a 250ccs round implant.
what do they feel like? can you feel them inside of you?
I dont think i feel anything It just feels heavy! Like I could fall backwards.
How was the pain the first three days? Could you get around by yourself? Did she put in drains?

Forgot to post pics

Left pics , just out of surgery in recovery, right pics is 3 days post op

Forgot to post pics

Left pics, just out of surgery, in recovery. Right pics 3days post op

5 days post op

7 days post op

Day 5-6 post op

Not sure when this was taken

14 days post op

I'm finally beginning to feel normal. I returned to work today , and I sat on my butt for more than 5 hours, I tried my best just to sit on my thighs...I had trouble standing back up . After sitting for some time, my back side feels really heavy...like I could fall backwards. I'm a small girl...almost 100lbd at 5 foot. I am satisfied with it...I feel like one implant has settled in and the other is still high up.

Oops forgot to post the pic ^

This pic is for ^ 14 days post op. I forgot to add I had my stitches and drains taken out on my 7th day post op. when she took the drain out, it felt like fire and I could feel her rip it out of me!!! That was the most painful out of all that I went through. Butt implants recovery wasn't that bad, I was very sore and felt more uncomfortable. It took about 14 days to get used to.

Ugh I forgot to post this pic

This is for post saying "not sure when this was taken" this was def taken either day 5 or 6 post op

15 day post op

I really wanted a dramatic change. I wanted a huggggge butt , I realized I will never get the butt I really want. But I'm starting to feel better about myself. At least it's not flat as before
Thank you, for 2 weeks I walked really funny ...it really took 14 days for me to actually feel normal...I went back to work a little before that..when I sit at my desk for 3-4 hours , I kinda struggle with getting up...I feel like I'm going to fall backwards
Hey how are you feeling now that you are back to work and all? Does it hurt when you sit? Looks great by the way, super great figure!

I'm so sick of wearing my gArmet

This small little gArmet is a size medium. I hate it !!! It makes me so sore and it puts me in so much pain..I can't even sleep comfortably unless I take 3 muscle relaxers to knock out to sleep. And I feel like it makes my butt flat!! I'm not going to lie , the pics I post on 15 days post op, I didn't wear my gArmet for almost 24 hours then I took those pics, and it looked so much rounder and fuller!!! I don't know if I can wear this gArmet for 6 whole weeks!!!
It's been a week since your last pic . Do you have any new pics to show us ? Your last pics looked great ! Just curious how things are healing ?
Hey , your butt looks amazing ! I've been wanting to get mine done for years now . I'm 5'6",125 lbs ,with 36D breast and unfortunately ..... Negative booty !!!! : ( I was curious if your implants are saline or silicone (hard or gel) ? Also , are they on top of the muscle or underneath ? One last question , how did you find out about your Dr. ? I'm just curious how often she does this procedure ? I know this isn't a procedure that a lot of surgeons do often and I want to make sure I'm going to a surgeon who isn't just using me for practice ! Your response will be greatly appreciated ! Thank you soooo very much !!!!!!!
Don't be scared! It's worth it. I have a normal butt now lol. The recovery for this the first few days wasn't too bad, just get muscle relaxers and sleep...it gets you through any recovery so much better!!!!! And quicker what do you mean what do I use to close my incision .?elle thanks. My right side looks a little flatter, I'm thinking about getting restlayne shots just to even it out

So I stopped wearing my gArmet

When I walk I feel like the implants are just moving everywhere...my right impant is still far up, so it looks flat. I can't wait till it settles in. It's really hard for me to take a pic of my butt! Lol sorry for being so blurry
Looks great, Thanx for the info
can you do another post please? Did they shrink some? mine are 275cc
Wow! you look great, girl! How do they feel now? Have they softened up yet?

Here's a pic

Implants still feel high up. Can't wait till they settle in. Sorry for the blurry picture . It's hard to take a photo of your own butt
any updates hunni?
Hey can you do an update im scheduled for surgery next week
Hey selena82. I have got to say that I love your size and shape. It's not flat at all! I want a similar size to how yours came out. I had no idea that size implants could make such a difference! Thanks for helping me. I wanted to go for 480cc but i think I'll pass! I hope your high up one drops
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