The Twins in NOLA - finally feel great!

I'm 5'7, 125 and 35 years old. I have wanted this...

I'm 5'7, 125 and 35 years old. I have wanted this done since I can remember, when I never developed after waiting and waiting. I've always been between an A and small B and was briefly a small C when I was pregnant and nursing. Afterwards, I deflated a little then even more when I stopped taking hormonal birth control. I exercise regularly so that's the first place I lose fat and the last place I put it back on. Since I've been "in shape" for a few years now they never came back! I finally just said I have to do this for myself no matter what it costs or how I will pay for it! My husband has been very supportive and made it clear that it's my decision and he will support me either way. Now that I've decided he's really excited too!

I had my consultation yesterday and put down my deposit today and decided on 339cc silcone under the muscle. I was torn between the 304 and 339 but everything I read said go bigger and there's not really that much difference so I don't want to be disappointed. The dr usually prefers over the muscle but since I don't have much breast tissue to start with she suggested under to look more natural.

I scheduled for November since I have plans in October that would interfere with recovery so it seems like a long wait! ...and even longer until I get to rock a new swimsuit at the beach!


My surgery is also scheduled for Nov 20! I'm excited and a bit nervous as well. Keep us posted on your progress and I'll be sure to do the same :-)
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Good luck! The wait is killing me...51 days and counting! ...and I find myself already deciding which clothes I need to replace and dying to go shopping!

Good luck the upcoming surgery nola!! I went with 304 cc's and currently fit into a full C/small D cup. You're going to look great....I LUV rocking my new bikini at the beach! It was  fun throwing away all the ugly, padded suits and finally filling one out for a change. Lol
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One month and counting...I haven't changed my mind...

One month and counting...I haven't changed my mind about anything, just getting nervous about the pain after and wondering what I should be doing to minimize the recovery process. I heard some say to stop working out the chest muscles two weeks prior, others say don't stop. Should I just increase cardio and strengthen arms and abs? Also not sure about what I should and should not eat or vitamins and supplements I should take? I am open to any and all suggestions?


Thanks for sharing your story nola. You're going to look great! I went with 304 cc's and have a very "natural" look. Went from a small, saggy B cup to a  perky C/D(depending on bra)....WOOO HOOO!!! good luck & Look forward to seeing your post op piks soon.
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Hi twin! Just kidding...but I'm in the same boat. 5'7", 120, 35 years old, and a mom who breastfed a lot (4 kiddos) and now look like a 12 year-old boy. I'm also big into exercise and worried about what size would work best so that I feel good about my size, but not overpowered by bigger boobs. I, too am deciding between the 304 and 339s! I'm so unsure. My surgery is Nov. 9. I'm so filled with anxiety over that and the recovery alone, add in the decision about size and I'm a wreck. At one consultation, a surgeon had a 3D image camera and took a picture of my miserable boobs and then was able to play around and digitally enhance them so I could actually see what I would look like. My biggest concern was the space between them. At that consult (I didn't end up choosing that surgeon) I ended up liking 320s (12 diameter), though he was pushing bigger. Conversely, the surgeon I chose said that 304s should really be my max. He wasn't pushing bigger at all. GAH! I am going in for another sizing session this Friday. This is so hard! As an aside, I am going under the muscle due to a lack of tissue as well, but I would have chosen that regardless. I think there is less risk of capsular constriction and also easier to do mammograms. At least that's what I hear. Please keep in touch about your progress!
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I'm sure you will look awesome...I'm so jealous yours is Nov 9th, I'm ready to get mine over with and that's my birthday! I'm also concerned about the space in between but I guess I won't know until it's done. She said she will do everything she can to make them look as natural as possible.

4 days left...I was getting nervous because when I...

4 days left...I was getting nervous because when I went in for my pre-op the nurse told me that the dr. had switched brands of implants and the cc size is different but "there's not any noticeable difference". At first I was uneasy about any last minute changes but I went back in to test the new sizers and really can't tell the difference and she actually thinks this is a better brand which why she decided to swtich. So now I'm going with Mentor 325+50 cc moderate profile...whatever that means?

Now I've just got to stay healthy...I've had a sinus headache for 2 days and everyone's getting sick around my office so I'm keeping myself away and pumped up with Vitamins and Echinacea. So hopefully my next post will be Tuesday afternoon!


Good luck !
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Good luck! I'm sure everything will be great and you'll love them! I am 2 days post-op with 325 cc HP silicon and i LOVE the size. It's exactly what I was hoping for. Keep us posted! :)
  • Reply seems like you are in good spirits 2 days after...I hope I'm the same!

Well I'm home and yep its painful. The pain meds...

Well I'm home and yep its painful. The pain meds have been helping but could be better. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow! I cant really tell how they look so maybe tomorrow when I take a shower I will post a pic or two.


Congrats, you made it through! This may be TMI, but I wish someone had told me...start taking "softeners" right away, it will help keep things moving, if you know what I mean. =) Hope you're getting lots of rest and feeling ok. Look forward to your update.
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Thanks I am taking them now!

Day 2-feeling a little better today. The left side...

Day 2-feeling a little better today. The left side hurts worse than the right but the ice packs seem to help. The Dr gave me 12 hour extended release nucynta for pain but it does not last a full 12 hours. My husband helped me shower and tomorrow he is cooking Thanksgiving dinner...he's the best! Definitely have some stool softener on hand bc its true that the pain meds constipate you. I'm just hoping each day gets better. Posted new pics.


Congrats to you. I am happy for you.
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Day4 post-op: yesterday was a pretty good day, had...

Day4 post-op: yesterday was a pretty good day, had a quiet Thanksgiving at home and not much pain. Started massaging and it wasn't too bad. This morning I woke up with a shooting pain from the outside of my left breast to my nipple. Its not red but is more swollen than the right side. The ice and gentle massage helps and its almost time for a pain pill so I'll see if that helps. I was really hoping to be cutting back on the pain meds by now but I guess not. :(


Thanks for sharing your story nola. You're going to look great when they drop & fluff!  Sounds like you have a wonderful, supportive hubby. Hope you have a speedy recovery. :)
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Day 6 post-op: Yesterday was a good day. I didn't...

Day 6 post-op: Yesterday was a good day. I didn't take a pain pill all day, decorated the Christmas tree and just did some relatively easy tasks. I was able to reach above my head but didn't stretch it too far. My son and husband did most of the hard to reach things. I'm not sure if I overdid it or if they are just sore after so much stretching and activity because I woke up really sore in the middle of the night and had to take a pain pill. This morning I am really sore but after a little light massaging with lotion it's starting to loosen up again. The point is no matter how good you feel..still take it easy!

It's still hard to sleep with all the pillows it makes my back hurt and my butt go numb. I have to go back to work tomorrow so hopefully today will be a good day if I take it easy and get better sleep tonight.

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Day 13 - Haven't posted in a while because I was...

Day 13 - Haven't posted in a while because I was actually doing great after the first week and having no pain other than a little soreness here and there. Had my first post op visit with the PS and everything looked great. They are starting to drop a bit and adapting to my skin but Friday my nerves started healing, as they say...and let me just say that it feels like wearing a sandpaper shirt over sunburned boobs! OMG...everytime my shirt moves it's agony and my PS wants me to go braless as much as possible because my skin was so tight to begin with, they really need to stretch out more. So if I wear the bra it's ok for a while but if I adjust the bra and it moves while it's tight then it feels like glass! How long does it last??? It's been three days and seems like it will die down for a little while then starts back up again! I guess I should have known it wasn't going to be as easy as a one week recovery!


Your hormones also play a part in your healing . Hope your feeling better .
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I'm on Day 18 and I know exactly what you mean about the nerves and sensitive skin! I read a tip on here that works great if you're going braless. Slather your chest in lotion and put a small piece of saran wrap where it's sensitive. The lotion helps it stay in place. Voila! No more sandpaper shirt =)
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Ooh, thanks for the suggestion mamaSaun321! I'm having the same problem and I will have to try that.

It's been a while since I last posted because for...

It's been a while since I last posted because for a few weeks it seemed like nothing changed...I was SORE all the time and it felt like the implants were rubbing against me every time they moved. It was a very uncomfortable few weeks. Besides the soreness, I still had the sensitive skin issues. It would get better for a few days but then seemed like my skin was still stretching and I would get the "sunburned" feeling all over again. I was really getting discouraged because I felt like my healing wasn't making much progress...but I read other people's comments about feeling the same way (or some even worse) at four weeks post op. Finally, about a week ago I started getting relief and this week (roughly 6 weeks) I am feeling great! There's still the occasional nerve endings flaring up and a little soreness when I first get up (especially if I've worn a bra all day the previous day), but overall I barely notice. They are also dropping and stretching more and besides a little unevenness (one is slightly bigger) they look amazing. I will have to post some pics soon. I do wish I could have gone a little bigger but my surgeon did not recommend it due to my size in the beginning. But I also think if I would have gone bigger it would have been quite obvious that they are not real. I really wanted them to look as natural as possible!


Look great. Glad you are feeling better. I'm having some pain in my right one when I touch it in certain spots so hope it goes away soon too. I also got Mentor moderate plus profile. Mine were 350 + 40CC
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You look great ! Happy your feeling better .
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Well, it's 8 weeks and I was feeling great but ...

Well, it's 8 weeks and I was feeling great but now I'm getting a little sore again. I just started to work out again so I'm sure it will be an adjustment. The one issue I'm starting to see is the dissolvable stitches aren't dissolving. Both sides are lumpy and one side feels like they are trying to come through my skin. I can feel the pointy edges just under my skin but it's not sore or painful. I went for a follow up with my PS last week and she mentioned that the lumps will go away when the stitches dissolve, but I couldn't feel them at that point. I'm not sure how long they take but I will definitely have to call the PS if it starts getting painful or infected.


Hi and congratulations on your surgery! Read your comment about the lumpiness and 'spitting stitches' as I am now having a similar issue. Talked to my ps coordinator and she told me the doctor said sometimes people's bodies just reject the stitches, and it's more common with thin-skinned patients. Also can take months for them to dissolve (BOOO! lol) but is nothing to worry about unless an abscess forms. Happy healing!
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Thanks, this makes me feel better!

It's a little past the 3 month mark now so an...

It's a little past the 3 month mark now so an update is overdue. I had to go back to the PS bc the stitch that was poking my skin was really starting to hurt when I wore a bra or rubbed my finger over it. She just numbed it up and cut it out like it was no big deal. She said she uses long lasting stitches so they take a good 6 months even up to a year to fully dissolve. The lumpy spots where they were are starting to get softer. I am also getting feeling back in my nipples and much more on the right's been sore for a few days now but it seems it's the nerve endings more than anything so I guess that's normal? The left nipple is still partially numb and not really sore so I am assuming that's what it is.

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