Should I be wearing a pubic compression garment?? Dressings Removed New Pictures and Stabbing Pains explained :) 16 days PO x

So, I have booked myself in for a tummy tuck. I...

So, I have booked myself in for a tummy tuck. I should find out next Friday if I can get the money but I just though that I should keep moving towards this as I've wanted it for a long time. I am 38 and 5f1' and weigh around 11stone 4 but I want to try and lose some more weight before the tuck. I have felt really encouraged by this site. So fingers crossed I will get the money and be able to start my life at last.

Hi Janeellie. Wow well done for pencilling in a date! Mine is only 'pencilled' too but I'm just determined to make it happen. I'm hoping to post some pics on here later. If all goes well i've got just over 4 weeks til it happens and I'm wondering what sorts of things I should do to prepare and what I'll need to take with me :-/ will definitely keep you posted :) and thanks for messaging me xx
Hi good luck, I am 5 foot 2 weigh my weight has been stable around 11 stone to 11 stone 7 for the past 2 yrs, 1 Daughter aged 24yrs, I have lost 56lbs 2yrs ago and cannot get rid of the tummy, I have a surgery for a full tummy tuck pencilled in for 21st January at the Spire Hospital Manchester with Mr Murphy, hope your surgery goes well keep us posted. xx

Oh my god i'm so scared...30 day countdown as of...

Oh my god i'm so scared...30 day countdown as of tomorrow..
Hi Phoenix, I just thought I would help put your mind at rest, - I had my surgery in Poland 13 days ago, my other half went with me, we flew home on day 5, he went back to his place and I stayed alone at mine, and by day 7 I was fully independant and driving again (although only short journeys) by day 10. Your appetite will be pretty non existant for the first week & you will only want to snack, - I have lost nearly 5 kilos from I don't know where! I am still only able to sleep on my back & getting out of bed is still a little uncomfortable but I am pulling up on my metal framed headboard. I still have 2 pillows under my knees & this is the best tip for you. Lots of pillows under your shoulders & more for under your knees. as you get stronger you can slowly reduce the amount of pillows. Stock up on paracetamol, nurofen, multivits & gauze squares or dressings & prepare yourself for a challenging first week! I can't believe I am nearly 2 weeks now, - I am almost upright but still incredibly tight. The hardest thing is waiting to see results,- I still can't fit in any pre-surgery jeans, the binder is a thick wrap that doesnt help but even for the few minutes that I am without it after my shower I try on some jeans and as of yet it's still not happening. Grrr!! Good luck Hun! xx
Oh i will look out for the wraps! just sent you a request on fb x
Phoenix I hope our trousers fall off our waist lol, that pizza sounds fab, you can also make them with them square warburtons wraps too lol, are you on facebook, I am my name is jane birch was paxton if you want to add me as a friend if you are. Not long now till your tummy tuck, mine seems ages away in January, but we have a holiday to Egypt on 17th Dec that is why I am waiting until January or I would have one tomorrow lol. Have a good weekend xx

So i'm getting a wedge pillow and have been...

so i'm getting a wedge pillow and have been looking at raised toilet seat and toilet frames!

Going to do a massive shop tomorrow! get a few...

going to do a massive shop tomorrow! get a few weeks worth of essentials as i guess i wont want to go shopping after the surgery!
3 weeks to go...
wonder what i will look like side on

So i went and did a big shop yesterday. stocked up...

so i went and did a big shop yesterday. stocked up on things like washing powder and milk and also bought a few items that I have seen others mention on here like stool softeners and some big pairs of belly warmers for after the op! going to try and find a couple of front fastening nightshirts and ive won a toilet frame and raised seat on ebay for a fiver! TT is definitely on my mind but i'm kind of looking forward to it and hoping ill be ok recovring x

Tummy tuck is in 3 weeks now

Tummy tuck is in 3 weeks now
I have to admit I am happy with the results, but I did not lose 1 single pound even though the doctor said he cut off 6 lbs. He told me it could take up to 4 months because water is retained until the lymph node system gets reconnected. Has anyone else had this issue?
ive been reading a lot about are you feeling now? x
I am soooooo excited for you! I was just thinking about it today and got a little scared because I have never been put under that long before. She said no one is excited to be put under and I am sure at least 99% are scared and nothing happens, they do just fine! Made sense to me! haha You are going to do great! Keep us updated!!!

Lying in bed thinking about this surgery and how...

Lying in bed thinking about this surgery and how it will change my life. I seriously cannot believe i'm doing this.

it's weird you know. I always kind of thought that this type of surgery was for other people. Other people who's body and self esteem mattered. I have been thinking about TT for years but I guess I just didn't think I was worth it.

I have had this overhang stomach since i was a child as i was very overweight. My Dad died when i was 6 and i just ate and ate and ate. I was a stone in weight for each year of my life. I was 8 stone at 8yrs old.

I grew up in England in the 70's (punks and lots of racism) and it wasn't easy and being the only Indian kid plus being overweight with this huge stomach.

It was hard for a little girl and I guess I must have waddled when I walked which is why kids would shout Pregnant Penguin at me.These words still ring in my ears today and it's affected my self confidence all of my life.

I have never been able to see my pubic area when looking down and this area hangs forward too. I am having a mons tuck incorporated into the TT. I only realised that that part could be treated when I happened to watch 'embarrassing bodies' and saw a lady getting it done so thank God i knew to ask the Surgeon. I just wish i had done all of this earlier as I don't have any children (not had a boyf for 4 years nearly)

Really don't want to feel like Pregnant Penguin anymore although i still cry for that poor little girl that I was.
It is not a weight loss surgery. They took 4 lbs of my stomach which is considered a lot. Mostly it is 1-3 lbs. People may continue to lose weight afterward on their own. If you have kids after surgery it will just defeat the whole purpose. Most people have TT after big weight loss or the damage from pregnancy.
So generally how much weight does a person lose after the procedure.. maximum.. ?? and is it true to postpone it till after I've had kids ?? I hate the way I look.. it puts me off !!
Sam they say average is 3-4 pounds tummy tuck is not for weightloss but a better contour x x

2 weeks 2 days til TT now. bought some cough...

2 weeks 2 days til TT now. bought some cough sweets and syrup but not sure what else i can do in preparation. going for my pre op at transform on monday and am wondering what it will be like
Good luck to you! I go in on Monday Sept. 17th and I am scared and excited at the same time! My hubby is over in Afghanistan right now so tomorrow my Aunt, Mom and Dad are all coming to set up shop and stay to help out with the kids and dog. So good luck to you, our bellies look very similar!
oh my goodness not long now!! you must be feeling very nervous/excited. I'll be thinking about you! xxx
My surgeon took 3 lbs from my tummy and another 2 lbs in love handles and upper thigh. I have not seen it on the scale, or on my thighs. Actually, the only way I knew they did anything to my thighs was the black and blue marks that traveled down my legs as it healed. Do not have the procedure done until you're done having kids. It is an expensive surgery and it would probably cause post partum depression if you saw the stretch marks and saggy stomach appear.

Been for the pre-op at transform today saw a...

been for the pre-op at transform today saw a lovely nurse and went through lots of things including being weighed and photos being taken and also blood for tests. i also paid the rest of the money for the surgery but I know it will be worth it! really cant believ its only 2 weeks away! sunday 30th is the day of the op ! YIKES!
How exciting not long now xx

So it's one week now til surgery and I'm getting a...

So it's one week now til surgery and I'm getting a bit scared. i have read that the op lasts 3 hours! oh i don't even want to think what will be going on during that time. Ive been trying to get some work done in the house and get stocked up on stuff and also working full time so the stress levels are rising! been feeling a little under the weather and a bit down and i dont know why seeing as i have wanted this for so long. hope it will all be ok x
Good luck not long to wait now xx
You are going to do GREAT!!! You will be so happy you did it afterwards, I just know it! =)
Next thing you will know is that you are waking up with a lovely flat tummy, you will be fine, remember you are paying money for this and you will be treated like royalty lol. I so wish it was me next Sunday, wish I had never booked Egypt for Xmas or I would have been having it done now lol. Remember when It comes around to my turn in January you will be well on the road to recovery. You will be fine, will be over before you know. xxx

Honestly cant believe its come round so quick. i'm...

honestly cant believe its come round so quick. i'm so scared and worried i've not got enough things ready :(
Good Luck!!! Everything will go wonderfully, you'll wake up on the flat side soon!!! Keep us posted.
Hi PhoenixUK! I know how you are feeling right now. I was there back around September 15th. If you weren't nervous or scared you wouldn't be normal! My procedure was a total of 4 hours. The doctor removed a little over 6 lbs of skin from my abdomen. The first two days of recovery weren't painful but for me if felt as if I did 1,000 sit ups in 10 seconds and was told to stand up. It was that "burning" muscle kind of sensation - not pain. You will do great! I am sure of it! Make sure you have what you need and the support system in place and you will be fine. The biggest thing other than a recliner chair that I found most useful were (other than the obvious medical supplies) drinking straws! LOL I know right? You will be fine. I am 12 days post op and am feeling myself again. What wore on me was the exhaustion. I would take a shower, dry my hair, put make up on and then be EXHAUSTED. I am finally getting to a place where I feel energized. Just take it easy, know you will be fine and also realize that every person is going to have their own recovery experience. I had some people tell me how awful recovery was (not on here but from local friends here in Virginia) but mine has not been awful at all. My C-sections were WAY worse than this. Hang in there lady! Chin up you will do great...and have fabulous abs!

Surgery tomorrow and im trying to stay calm sorted...

surgery tomorrow and im trying to stay calm sorted all my stuff out ready for tomorrow hope i'll be ok x
You will do fine!!!! Best of luck! We will all send love & prayers for u!! Can't wait to see your afters.
You are going to do great! I cannot wait to see your results!!! =)
Good luck tomorrow! Stay calm and try not to stress. Just think, in 24 hours you will be on the road to recovery and on your way to your new body. You'll do great and once you see the results, you will know it was worth it.

I'm now 3 days post op. still feeling quite weak...

i'm now 3 days post op. still feeling quite weak but better than i expected x
i'm fine now the drains are out !! how are you? very happy that 'phase 2' ie drain removal is over!
Hey Phoenix I am just checking to see how you are doing.
Good to see your post. Keep us updated on your recovery.

5 days post op. had lots of probelems with drains...

5 days post op. had lots of probelems with drains and my dressings are covered in blood going to have drain 2 out tomorrow thank god x
your pics look great even with garment. Glad you are doing well post op.
more pics and also want to let you all know that i'm glad i did it so please dont be scared lovely ladies xxxx
Oh no what has happened at transform hubby would not let me go there he said he has heard too many bad things snap on watching x factor in bed lol x

So after, suffering for a week and a half I have...

So after, suffering for a week and a half I have decided to spend £60 on a new compression garment. Expensive I know but the one i have is driving me nuts! It is a long pair of cycling shorts with a slit at the crotch. Yuk! You have to go to the toilet through this thing and you cannot take it off... also it rides up and rolls over right on my lipo sites. I abadonded the actual hard binder last week as that also was driving me crazy. The nurse at transform told me I was ok to go without the main hard binder so I am trusting her advice. the new one has a side zip and also a pop fastening gusset to make the toilet trips a little more pleasant! Cannot wait to get it. I'm going to cut mine off and burn it lol!!

Also i'm wondering when I can actually take a shower...i'm giong back to the hospital tomorrow to have my dressings removed...maybe after that I can shower but I'll have to ask them.
wow amazing transoformation, think I need to choose my binder wisely, I am wanting one with legs that go to the knees cannot be doing with it rolling up everywhere. You look totally different, so pleased for you, hope the rest of your recovery goes well. xx
You're looking great! I was told I could start showering today (8 days after), but I'm not going to yet because one of my drain holes still has drainage coming out of it. My brother is a dr and he said it would increase risk of infection if I got water in it, so I'm choosing to still sponge bathe until the hole closes. You look really good!! Glad you're doing so well! We should all get together and have a binder burning party. I would love to see mine go up in flames.
Also - shower I've been told 10 days to 2 weeks..........driving me crazy!!! I'm taking your advice and will burn these flppin shorts. I always wear magic knickers (M&S and Debenhams) and when on feel like a second skin to me but they have smooth finished off longer legs. Smooth so no hem sticking/showing through anything and long no breaking you in half! I just wish I'd known before I left the hospital on Saturday that they had the longer leg ones and yes the hole for the loo............shocking and getting it on and off and on and frickin laughing matter 20 times a day..............but it will be worth it, I promise you. X

Last Thursday I suddenly started to feel a bit...

Last Thursday I suddenly started to feel a bit depressed and teary. I had been staying with family but came home that night and have been looking after myself since then. I also came on my period which was heavy and painful, plus wearing the compression garments and using pads etc. has not been the nicest of things.
Also, felt like I was recovering at a lightning rate after the op but seem to have gone backwards over the past few days. Much more sore than I was last week (although i'm much more mobile) and sleeping only on my back is driving me crazy. I live quite far out from most of my friends so have only had 2 visitors since coming back home too so will try and arrange some more and will try and get out today to visit family.
Also, my belly button has been weeping which has worried me slightly - it has been fine for the first 2 weeks and then all of a sudden there has been discharge even coming through the dressings and compression garment. And there is a slight smell coming from it too. Very attractive!
Also I can see that one of my drain sites has been bleeding. Why after 2 week? Have i done something wrong??
Really feeling lonely and down altho I picked up my cat from the cattery yesterday so it doesn't feel so empty at home now. Hope I can cheer up. Feel like I'm never going to get better the way I feel at the moment :(

I just want to add that I am really HAPPY that I...

I just want to add that I am really HAPPY that I have had the TT and even though I'm swollen and fed up I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I don't want to put anyone off the idea of having this surgery. Having a flat tummy is going to be great. In fact I'm going to take some pics of me in a dress I bought and will post and I will try and cheer up too xxx
Ps - I'm going to have my dressings removed on tuesday and won't have any bandages on my incisions - will that be safe?
Also - I think as of tonight i can take my compression garment off at night - is that right?

Just added some pics i took last week in a bid to...

just added some pics i took last week in a bid to cheer up and also because I don't want to put anyone off having a TT xxx

Wow, so I posted this morning to say I'm feeling...

Wow, so I posted this morning to say I'm feeling down and all you lovely ladies have made me feel so much better!! I decided to go and see my family who pampered me and made me feel loads better. Feeling good tonight and watching The Golden Compass on TV lol :) Also, I have a new compression garment, much better and softer than the MACON (£60) one. This one is by Marilyn Monroe Intimates and cost £13 from TK Maxx and is called Tummy Control Body Briefer and it has a really good tummy panel too.
Thanks again for all the love ladies x x x x x x
Forgot to also mention with you saying about taking compression garment off, Transform have told me a minimum of 4 weeks day and night. I've got the ones with the legs in now and so much better, just above my knees. X
see what I mean about Transform! So much conflicting information. The Nurse (Sue Sadjady - lovely lady) told me after 2 weeks you can go onto just days for the CG and that if you keep that on you dont need the hard binder at all. I'm gonna keep mine on day and night anyway I think especially seeing as the Marilyn one is so comfortable (a bit hard to get on but the fabric has a real softness to it, it's lovely. TK Maxx is the way forward!) Glad your new CG is going well - I just couldn't handle the slit opening especially when my period came! xxxxx
Morning - and is it today your birthday??? If so Happy Birthday! Yes we do seem to have had different experiences more so in surgeons I reckon. I had Sue on my last day, had a giggle as I was high on the ceiling with 2 tramadol! Sue took my drains out and re-dressed my dressings and with another nurse also very down to earth says it how it is etc, they put my in short short CG and had to stand against the wall arms up and felt like something out of a film saying to me "spread em"!!!! So for being high I'd not remember much from that morning in terms of on what to do and when. Since leaving I've rang 3 times for advice and rang Dawn the aftercare nurse. I figure as she sees us all after the event she accesses each person on how they're recovering etc but the basics I'd say should be the same. I took my magic knickers in from Debenhams last week to show her to see if I could start wearing them and Dawn said I could from 4 weeks after surgery. They are very comfy like a second skin and silky smooth. They have shoulder straps and fit around your bra, come quite a way up your back and down to mid to knee length with no seams so nothing pulling tight, all smooth. They too have a hole for the loo which when I tried them on I asked could I have another pair as they were faulty with a hole in! I was a tad embarressed when they explained! The others I have had from M&S don't have loo holes! They were £35 which can seem expensive. I wear over my underwear. They do all sorts of styles and I always go for full body so no digging in anywhere. Debenhams is the only place I can find with shoulder straps in, they're are like bra straps so you can adjust. Once I'm back in them I'll post a picture so you can see what I'm warbling on about! For strapless dresses I wear my M&S ones that come up under your brad and down to mid thigh/knee. Glad your feeling better too :) X

Been having stabbing pains around my drain points...

Been having stabbing pains around my drain points and and around my incision. Also feeling very tired most of the day with little bursts of energy. Maybe there is a weird point 2 weeks after TT ?
Going back to Transform tomorrow and getting bandages removed will update when i get back x x x

So I've been to have my bandages removed today and...

So I've been to have my bandages removed today and my stitches...was painless but not exactly enjoyable lol. So the nice nurse removed it all and i actually took a look at my incision and bb ( I have added new pics...kind of makes me feel a bit woozy looking at them :-/ ) and I now just have my incisions with nothing over them!!! I have been given an inodine spray which I have to spray onto the wounds twice daily - it's like a brown coloured dry spray so I'll put some on before I go to bed too.
I asked the nurse about the stabbing pains and she said it was all of my nerve endings re-activating and starting to work again and so it is a good sign to have the pains!!
I'm wearing big belly warmers now (big enough to cover all the wounds) and with my compression garment over the top and then the binder.
Hope all you lovely ladies are well x x x

Wondering if i should be wearing a compression...

Wondering if i should be wearing a compression type thing on the mons area? looking at my pics is looks a little droopy. has anyone else been wearing one?
Wow! You look wonderful! Thank you for your story! I would be interested to know how you are doing now? Congrats!!
You look great! I'm having mine done this Friday 10/19. I can't wait to look as good as you!
You look great! Best wishes for your continued healing :)
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