7 Weeks Post Op Bulbous Swollen Nose Uneven Tip & Bent? - Manchester, UK

Had cast on for 2 weeks, one week after cast off...

had cast on for 2 weeks, one week after cast off started swelling ike this.i have seen surgeon and she said to masage and ut pressure on nose. it oly makes it worse and more deformed. what is rong with this???? had bump removed and cartilage taken off

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at the minute i cannot recommend my doctor

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Can you POST updated nose?
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Im so glad to hear that ur nose has gotten better congrats :] do u mind posting newer pics of ur occur nose please?
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Hi guys, i am now 6 months post op n swelling has gone down so much and both my nostrils are the same size phew!!!!
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It looks like a botched job, I would be keen to see your updates. I would be asking for compensation.
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I hope you don't have troubles breathing. One of your nostrils looks smaller then the other.
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forgot something - cast usually stays on for a week, not 2

also all Doctors here advise against touching the nose after the surgery, let alone massaging it

don't let your Doctor do anything until you talk to somebody else first
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look for a second opinion from qualified specialist in your area, will cost you some money but you'll know better
what your situation is

make sure you talk to a qualified experienced surgeon
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It appears your doctor removed skin from the side of your nostrils to reduce width. Is this correct?
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Hi there,

Thanks for posting these photos. I agree that your nose looks odd, but am not a doctor so I can't really guide you. I see that you posted a question in our expert Q&A forum. You might want to go back and repost using these photos. It would really help. I hope this is just some freak thing that evens out for you.

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