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Hi my name is andrea and have struggled with my...

hi my name is andrea and have struggled with my weight most of my life . I thought after lots of research and information this is what im going to do .. gastric band .
my surgery is on the 27 th of dec 2013 and people are saying im mad to get it done just after Christmas but im 50 next year and didn't want to be fat and 50 so new year new beginning's..
I weigh just under 18 stone and plan to loose around 6 stone . the milk diet isn't going very well as I still want to eat but im sure it will get better the more determined I become ..my bmi is 46,5 and also after the weight lose im hopping to come of blood pressure tablets and high cholesterol tablets .. im glad I have found a forum that I can chat on and express my thoughts and relies my worries as im sure by reading the forum topics lots of people have been in the same mind frame as my self ..
9 days till operation so il see you all on the other side xx

Hi there, welcome and thanks so much for sharing with us!

You know, there's never a great time for this type of surgery. There's always going to be a holiday, birthday, christmas, etc. You just have to take the plunge and do it! It sounds like you're very positive though, which is awesome.

The pre-op diet is hard, but it does get better and after surgery you won't feel as hungry, once your band is filled.

Please do keep us updated with your progress and Happy Holidays!


2 days to go

well Christmas day has come and nearly over and as I've only got tomorrow to prepare my mind and body im a wee bit scared they do the opp then as wakening up they tell me it wasn't done because I didn't do the milk diet properly .
would and will be devastated if this was the case .
was given permission to eat a little some thing today with the family but quite proud of my self as I had a side plate of dinner rather than 3 helpings that id normally have on Christmas day .
well feeling a little nervous but will put my thoughts across on the 28th after my opp and on my birthday present x
Hi Andrea Really hope everything went ok for you and your coping with the pain :) x I had my band fitted on the 20th so a week before you ! If you want to ask anything please do Let us know how you are xx

Its be done .. yehhh

hi every one and just an update on my operation and how it went .. well its now 1st Jan 2014 , Happy New year every one and im feeling a bit sore and tired but on the plus note I've gone down from 17.7lb to 16.8 lb already . the most painful thing for me was and still is , is the trapped wind in my body and the bruising which was going to occur but feeling very happy with in my self . now to set my goals for the year ahead .haven't been able to eat well as tummy tender but at this point in time the surgeon didn't put any fill in to the band and that will occur in around 4 weeks time.
so fingers crossed that I will be pain free completely by next week and getting back to my new but normal life . will post some pics when ive lost my first stone .
take it easy all of you till then
Hi Andrea, I had my surgery a couple of weeks after yours ... I take my hat off to you , having it done just before Christmas!!!!! I've had a weird experience ; lost a stone in the pre and immediate post op period and then nothing more. I ( very little posyt op pain at all but shoulder pain through wind was difficult) I was also borderline ... bmi of 30 at 219 lbs but 5'10" . I've had three fills of 1 ml per fill and until the last one noticed very little difference . After the last fill, a week ago I was unable to swallow sips of water so after 10 mins of feeling really uncomfortable, was ushered back in for 0.5 ml to be removed . I immediately felt better but since then am really struggling with anything with a consistency of more than shepherds pie. The band is much tighter in the morning and can barely manage anything other than very milky weatabix but .... Still not losing despite eating so little. Very reluctant to have more removed but am vomitting most days and eating tiny amounts. Feeling a bit despondent as would be prepared to put up with the difficulties if I was seeing some positive results . Anyone had similar results?
Hi, Bibs. My surgery was five years ago and your story sounds a lot like mine. I gained 10 lbs after surgery and struggled to get the next 50 lbs off, despite barely eating. The initial adjustments did not make a difference and I did not feel satisfied by eating the small portions.. like they told me I would. I still have difficulty even drinking water in the morning. I've now started having really bad acid reflux and they want to look at it next week. I'm disappointed in the results I've had, but I'm terrified what would happen if it was gone.
Thanks Baybreeze, I'm so sorry to hear about your gloomy experience . Mine does seem to have improved a bit and I've lost a few pounds this week . I just have to take teeny tiny mouthfuls ( HAa!!) and seem to tolerate crunchier textures . I've forgotten what a hot meal tastes like ... Lol! Good luck with the investigations and I do hope they get to the bottom if your problems . Andrea , any update on your progress? Bibs xx
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