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Day 1 Post Op - Manchester, GB

Just been discharged from hospital following lower...

Just been discharged from hospital following lower face lift and liposuction to jowls and chin. Can't believe that I have no pain whatsoever, minimal bruising and some swelling. Mr Mahdi (Transform Manchester UK) is the top guy for this procedure and I thank my lucky stars I found him. I had read a couple of horror stories on-line about what I might face in the first couple of days post-operatively and had almost decided I wouldn't go ahead. However, as a nurse academic I needed to complete my own extensive research to find the right surgeon, technique and time to address my problem; jowls, double chin, and cheekbones which had long since disappeared! The procedure was straight forward and I am genuinely delighted so far with the results. I am fully aware that what I see in the mirror today is not the final result and that my face will take time to heal, just like everyone else, however I can not speak highly enough of Mr Mahdi. Kind, compassionate, approachable, knowledgeable and above all competent. When the nurses all say that they go to him for their own procedures, it speaks volumes.

Welcome to this wonderful community! I'm so glad you started your story and have made it through surgery with flying colors. I hope you'll use this space to keep us updated as you continue to recover. What have the first 24 hours post op been like for you?

Thank you. The first 24 hours were just fine and I was waited on hand and foot by the fabulous nursing team. Days 3 and 4 have been ok. Some swelling to the cheeks and neck and bruising around neck too. Happy with this tho as my body is behaving exactly as it should after this type of intervention. Must say that I am looking forward to resolution of the major areas of swelling, just to lose the chipmunk features I've gained! Back to see my surgeon tomorrow. :) Hope everyone else on here is making good progress x
Thanks for posting photos......what are the incisions like behind your ears? Its good to see the clinics can produce good results. Please keep posting pics of your progress......a picture is worth a thousand words! Hope everything continues to progress well for you......

24 hours post op. Oh dear!

24 hours post op. Delighted to get the head compress off. Such a good feeling :)

Pre op drawings

Day 4 swelling and bruising but I'm happy

Day five

Today I am aware that the swelling is starting to subside. My jaw and lower cheek area still feel stretched but things are generally more comfortable today.
You look very natural, like u didn't have any plastic surgery. Just because u showed the scar, otherwise I wouldn't believe u had surgery wow! Amazing! I didn't see before pictures but u look like u r on ur 30s very refreshed young n pretty! Thank u for sharing ur experience with surgery(^_^)
Thank you Mely. Lovely comments which help confirm I am on my way to the natural lifted look I was hoping for. Still me, just fresher and a whole lot happier! Happy New year to you xx
Hi! You look great! Just wondering, did your marionette lines went away? I had my pre op appointment today, came home with a nice binder full of instructions and a bag with lots of goodies LOL! keep posting pictures please

Day 10..Merry Christmas everyone!

Well I'm now 10 days into my journey and I'm feeling good. I knew that I would have some facial tightness for a while, but am pleased to say that with every day it eases somewhat. Was so happy to have sutures removed on day 8...that helped to resolve some of the discomfort. It's Christmas Day today and I am going to visit my mother and sister. Will let you know if they can see a difference. Hopefully it will be a positive one!!! Merry Christmas everybody xx
On Dec 19, I had a face lift, brow lift, and lipo under the chin with a light laser under my eyes and upper eyelid surgery. I will be 58 years young in February. The post op pain the first 36 hrs was more painful than I expected. When I saw my bruised, and swollen face and neck, i thought "what the heck did I do?" It is day 6 and the swelling is starting to go down. My stitches and staples are going to be removed tomorrow and hopefully and can sleep in my own bed and leave the recliner behind. It is too early to comment on the results, a nerve that raises my right eyebrow was damaged, but have been told that will heal in time, I can still manage my mean look if I get mad. I totally trust my surgeon and have seen his work. My biggest concern is looking normal when I return to work on Jan 2. It will have been exactly two weeks. Like dani765 I need to learn the virtue of patience. Merry Christmas
Hi KC in AZ Thank you for your post. I do hope that with every passing day you are recovering well. I certainly felt some relief once the sutures and clips were removed. I hope that you are managing the ability to strike the balance between rest and activity. I find it hard to keep still and am itching to get back to the gym but am being sensible and following the doctors orders! Please keep us posted on your progress. Happy new year and all the best for your return to work xx

Yes! They simply thought I look well!!!

Christmas Day family gathering. 10 days post op and everyone saying how 'well' I look!!!

Roll on New Year's Eve!!

Very natural look. You look very pretty, Awesome job thank u for sharing(^_^)!Happy new year!
Really looks like you have got a great result their and you look so much younger at least 15 years younger , thank you for posting your experience Happy New Year
Hi S1977 Thank you very much for your words of encouragement. You are very kind. I hope you too are happy with your procedure. You look great. Happy new year to you too xx

Day 12

Thanks to all who have commented and sent best wishes. I will reply to each of you. Hardly any swelling or bruising now, some toughness but full range of facial movements. I feel I've been given a new lease of life. My advice? For what it's worth is to eat well, stay hydrated, sleep when your body tells you to, get out in the fresh air, be realistic (after all this is major surgery and our body needs time to deal with the 'insult') and trust your body to heal itself.


Tightness, not toughness. Lol x
Looking good and nice to find another brit on here. That said if there were lots of British people on this site I would be reluctant to post my review, especially the photos. How are you doing now?
Hi Linda Lovely to receive your message. Yes, us Brits are rather reserved when it comes to surgery aren't we! I have red your posts and note that your journey has been similar to mine. A friend of mine had a lower facelift on 27th March and now the swelling is subsiding she looks and feels amazing. I do hope that you are continuing to make god progress. If you ever want a chat just let me know on here and I can get my number to you so we can swap notes and share encouragement. Best wishes Dani x
Dani you look great! Happy New Year!
Dr Mahdi Transform Manchester UK

Mr Mahdi has the most calming and wonderful bedside manner. He takes time to answer any questions you may have. He is very experienced and does not try to suggest surgery which is not necessary. I have jowls, a double chin and a general look of 'sadness' about me. Mr Mahdi suggested a lower face lift and liposuction to the chin. He did not feel I needed eye surgery at this time. He is realistic about outcomes and strives for improvement on a natural scale. Felt so at ease with this surgeon. Had looked at a number of others.

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