scars red how long until they fade to white/skin color?

Never written a review before so i apologise...

Never written a review before so i apologise before hand if its all over the place!

I though I'd write this to help others thinking of having the same procedure, as I've relied on peoples helpful reviews on different sites to help me make a more informed decision about getting a lift.

I am a 21 year old mother to one lovely 2 year old daughter.
I started out with fairly firm 34 dd cup breasts- not super perky but nice enough, after being pregnant and going from a D to a Hcup and then back down to an empty saggy stretch marked 34d i really felt i wanted to change the appearance of my boobs!

After considering surgery for 2 years and going to a lot of consultations and hating the breasts I had been left with i decided to get an anchor lift no implant. My goal for the surgery was to end up with perky firm d cups which didn't have to be constantly pushed back up and into my bra to look nice.

I am from the south of England but ended up going to Manchester for my procedure as I had seen a lot of good reviews from a surgeon there praising him for his neat scars (scars are the things that scared and still do scare me the most!)

I had family look after my daughter when i travelled for my surgery and my mum came with me, ( my mum didn't agree with me having the surgery but supported me and my recovery)

Walking into the operating theatre was the scariest part for me ( all the people and operating equipment argg) before I knew it i was waking up in recovery and didn't feel too bad at all!
I had been given an anti sickness thing so had no sickness just a little bit sore so they gave me morphine and it soon passed,
I stayed over night having to sleep upright on my back was probably the hardest part.

Skip to now ( 5 days post op) I haven't suffered any real pain just some soreness around the incisions. the thing that is getting to me the most is the limitations of recovery ( no heavy lifting bending etc) which obviously means i can't be hands on looking after my daughter which is hard! oh and sleeping on my back sucks as well.

I am happy with my breasts so far, they are now firm, nipple is higher where it should be and still have sensation in both nipples.
I got a little glimpse of the areola incision when the nurse changed my bandage the day after surgery, which looked quite neat but have yet to see the rest of the incisions!
I am yet to decide whether it was worth it as final results will not be seen for up to a year or more!

Will post progress pics over the next year if any one would like any info please feel free to ask

Had the bandages changed today 8 days post op, the...

Had the bandages changed today 8 days post op, the verticle scar is so small and thin I can hardly see it, still have a few stitches to be removed around the areola so.wil wait for that before taking more pics!
The nurse did not put any syeri strips back on the incisions and said this was normal. Though I've heard its best to.avoid scar widening if u leave them on for 6 weeks. Does any one have any experience of this?x

Had the bandages changed today 8 days post op, the...

Had the bandages changed today 8 days post op, the verticle scar is so small and thin I can hardly see it, still have a few stitches to be removed around the areola so.wil wait for that before taking more pics!
The nurse did not put any syeri strips back on the incisions and said this was normal. Though I've heard its best to.avoid scar widening if u leave them on for 6 weeks. Does any one have any experience of this?x

Had stitches out yesterday, sadly the stretch...

Had stitches out yesterday, sadly the stretch marks along the top of my breast are just as obvious as pre-op ( which they did say but i was still hoping it would smooth the ridges out ) :(. Also my boobs are yellow still from the bruising , does anyone know how long this will last?
One of the areolas looks larger but not sure if this is just because its healing slower.
on a positive note the shape is much improved from before and i am still the same bra size.

does any one know if a small implant would smooth dented stretch marks across the top of the breast does anyone have experience with this?

Starting to like my new breast shape although they...

Starting to like my new breast shape although they still seem to drop a little at the bottom( perhaps from being a natural d cup!) How long can I expect this shape to last. Will there be some dropping sagging, if any one has expiriences of this would be great to know!

I am now 2 months post op, I think my shape may...

I am now 2 months post op, I think my shape may have dropped a little, also the scars seem a little wider and redder now and the areola are too large for my liking unless my nipples are contracted then it looks a bit smaller, it may be it looks to big because of the red scar around it, which seems to be much more noticeable on the Right side
Have added pics of now with scars showing and one of when i was one month post op. The scars are obvious at the moment but are quite easy to cover with concealer and bb cream, An ex of mine saw them post op with make up on and couldn't tell i'd had surgery he thought they looked bigger ( it was quite dark)

In some ways I do wish i got an implant as i have stretch marks and a bit of loose skin on the top still which may have looked better with an implant to fill it.

Although over all they look a lot better than pre op ( if u minus the scars) I am just hoping now they don't drop much more and the scars fade to nearly invisible like some other lucky people i have read about (although with my skin type i wouldn't hold my breath!!)

dropped a lot!

Hi. Been over a year since u had my uplift.
My breasts are far from perfect have sagged quite a bit. Probably due to my stretched skin after pregnancy.
I guess they still look better than before though
Scars are almost a white colour can't see the one underneath but other two are quite obvious, I do tend to scar quite badly though.
The loose skin and stretch Mark Sr the top Still Bother me but I guess there nothing I can do about those, even an implant may have made it worst by adding more weight leaving them to sag.
Any questions feel free to ask

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After a year it looks great! But thanks for the SM input. I guess I'll continue to hold my breath until they find a resolution.
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I have no children but 21 as well I'm looking to lose 30 pounds and I hope I gt the same results as you, gorgeous results dear!
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Your shape is amazing! Thanks for updating!
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Hi. I had the same procedure 9 weeks ago. But I had an implant. I heard good reviews about Paul Clarke, at Transform regarding his scars. But I completely disagree. My incisions looked rushed and are far from neat! He put two very different cc implants in my breasts, this is something he decided to do this enough out my permission! My whole experience from start to finish has been a total nightmare. I'm glad your happy with your breast and 100s of other girls on this site. But so upset about my own, I wish I never had them done. I found Paul Clarke dishonest! On the surface he can turn on his Irish charm but don't think it's real!
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Only just saw your comment. Really sorry u didn't get good results with him. They say every surgeon has unhappy patients and if they say they don't their lying, hope things improve for u
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If i was you i wouldnt be too bothered about the scar, I mean they look better than before right? The scars (which look great btw) are the price for a great shape! Have you seen some of the UBL rewies here on realself? I don't mean to be rude but some of the ladies could have done with at least a lollipop scar... Just my opinion ;)
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I think you look great too! I would not bother with the implants, you don't need them....of course that's a personal decision but you look great. :) my guess is it will take a year for scars to fade to silver :)
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My PS told me that the scars are most irritated between 2-6 months, and then will fade with max results at 1-2 years. Have you considered doing the laser treatment to speed that process up? I think they look fine, but understand if you're self conscious, and have been told the laser is a great way to get the 1-2 year results during the 2-6 months "raging red" stage.
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Your results look SO good! I'm so happy for you! Any updates/improvements? I'm a 20-year-old looking into a breast lift and so far, you're the closest of age (in reviews) with the best-looking, non-implant results (I wasn't looking to get implants, as well).
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hi, hope my update helped you. In some ways I wish I did get the implants, but who knows, if i did I may be saggier sooner and still have the obvious stretch marks and be regretting that, will speak with surgeon soon to see if he thinks implants would be a good idea x
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It did, a LOT! Your results look so good, that's pretty much exactly what I'm aiming for! Are you using anything on the lollipop scars (which don't look bad at all, I'm really impressed!)
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I'm using dermatix silicone scar gel when I remember, doesn't have made a difference yet though,.I really like the idea of staying natural with no implant ,but with out a bra I still don't have much upper volume but I suppose that is the shape of natural breasts.. my surgeons scarring was very neat at 1 week I couldhardly see where he had stitched. Better than a lot of pics I see online in fact, But my skin is very white and my scars stay red for ages. Good luck with ur surgery x
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I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, hopefully it'll start working soon! And I liked the idea of staying natural without an implant too, because I'm a runner and I've heard girls with implants say they can 'feel' the implant move when they run, and I'm not big on that. I am REALLY impressed by your surgeon, though. Your scars and shape look great, thanks for updating!
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I just got back to exercising this week (including a 3 mile run) and haven't had any issues with my lift/implants. Just invested in quality sports bra (which you should do anyway to ensure you're not jiggling away all that lift!)
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Hi Hannah your results look fantastic! Where in Manchester did you get this done? I live there and want to go for a consultation xx
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Hi darling! Well, the shape from the first weeks do not keep, they really change in size and shape, also the crease take some more time to form... Consistency of mine breasts chaged too, becoming more soft with 1mo PO... But I believe you'll have great results, changes doesnt mean it will get bad, only that you're still healing and achieving the final results!
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Wow, they look gorgeous!
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you look great! As women we are so much harder on ourselves than men.... If it really bothers you I have found that the product New Gel works great for scars and stretch marks. It is expensive but you reuse it and it does work.
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your boobs look amazing...ive just had implants taken out with a lift...i have absolutely no idea what they look like...please god half reasonable i hope.xx
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Thanks I am happy I dis it! Good luck n hope u get the results ur looking for x
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I can't see any stretch marks in your look awesome! Here is a link from our RealSelf Doctor Q&A about post-op bruising:

Bruising + Breast Augmentation

Keep us posted!

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wow you look great. you have a lot of volume. I dont think you should be worried about stretch marks. We tend to be really hard on ourselves. You look amazing.
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Ah thanks :) I am happy with the shape such an improvement from before . I Guess ill have to live with the stretchmsrks as there doesn't seem to b any proven treatments available.x
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Did you get an augmentation or no?
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hi, no I just had an anchor lift, I am still the same size as before surgery, although I didn't have masses of loose skin so this might b why x
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