Tummy Tuck After 3, with Lipo in Upper Abs, Flanks and Medial Thighs - Manchester, NH

Well, I've always wanted one, and over the...

Well, I've always wanted one, and over the past year a girlfriend and I were talking more and more about doing it together. She ended up not doing it, but may this summer if it works out $ wise. Good thing. We would have been no help to each other with 5 kids between us.

Anyway, went to two consults. Went with the dr that wasn't as bedside friendly, but knew several people happy with their results. Plus, the cost was less for what I wanted and he was willing to do some abdominal lipo for a good result where the other dr wasn't.

I'm ok with doing it, and will probably be very happy once I am more recovered, but right now the recovery is a mental pain, but not too bad physically.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words. Makes me feel better.
Hi Odyssey, I think you look great, and for just 5 days P.O., too!! Your incision is so nice and low and BB looks great. Keep up the good recovery and good luck with the kids. Do you have any friends/fam that can pitch in with them a bit?

Like newmomat37, my husband and I started late. I was 37 when I had the twins and husband was 41 and not even sure he wanted one child...much less the two we got at the same time!! It was a shocking change to our previous independent way of life and crazy for many years. The memories from the not so fun times fade and I truly miss the years they were little (and obnoxious at times, many times...don't miss that part, though!). I actually cry sometimes when I look back through pictures of when they were little and miss those days.

They are 8th graders now, I will probably be starting menopause soon, daughter just got her period and life is still crazy with hormones flying all around the place! And, of course, our kids don't think we know anything at this point and that will last a long time! But it's definitely easier in many ways than when they were little. But, I do miss my little babies/toddlers. Hang in there.

You look great and will be back to your energetic self soon for your family. Take time for you now and see if maybe a friend or two might pitch in when hubby is working such long hours, if that is at all possible. I hate to ask for help...but did ask my mom to help me with the laundry today. She's 78...and my Dad is 83. Hate to ask her for anything but she wants to help and there is a ton of folding we could do together and chat. I just had to ask and that can be hard. I even asked my Dad (whio is in really good shape for 83!) to take care of my chickens for a few days and he was happpy to help, but wouldn't have volunteered. Many friends/fam want to help, but just may not know what we need. And, that's if you even decided to tell people...whole new subject!! Take care!
HI Odyssey - you look great for 5 days out! And it sounds like your recovery has been good for you (high pain tolerance). Kids are my biggest challenge as well (little ones are 5 and 3) and I'm just not used to NOT being able to do all the household stuff. Hang in there - it gets better!

Well 10 days post op. prepping for super bowl....

Well 10 days post op. prepping for super bowl. Feel fine. Brain is slowing some but taking its time. Have it well hidden. Will add some pics I took today. Thighs definitely not as sore, or swollen or bruised. Liking my belly shape. Could have a dog war developing on left side. Will ask dr at next visit. Already said will be a no charge in office fix if necessary.
thanks..I HATE my binder, I call it the iron maiden. Goes from breast bone to just above the knees. It has eye hooks and zippers on both sides all the way up with the lovely pee/poop cut out. I can manage to pee in this thing but forget about crapping so I take the thing off half way to handle that business. I just got my drains out this past Wed so that was a huge relief. I have had a slow recovery much to my dismay. Even my PS could not believe how swollen and bruised I still am. I am holding off on pics until some swelling goes down. I also had lipo of flanks, and inner/outer thighs plus tt.
I have read many of your posts on the Jan tt forum and am so glad you are doing so well. I am really fearful of dealing with the kids once hubs goes back to work! :(
Hi newmom. My cg is much like yours but goes to the ankles. At my appt this week they said that they say to wear for one week after drain is pulled. At least. I'm going out this weekend and they said to just enjoy and not wear it. I'm not sleeping in it anymore either. I couldn't. So I'm wearing tight workout pants to put compression on the thighs and wearing the binder the surgery center gave me. I'm sleeping much better. I'll prob wear the cg off and on depending on what kind of clothes I need to wear. I'll stop completely after next week, it's time to get out of the sweatpants! I was told to wear it during exercise for at least 2 months. I got on the treadmill yesterday for a very slow mile. Hang in there, you'll be feeling better very soon. I'm 3 weeks po yesterday and I thought to myself this morning - I feel back to normal. Plus, I started trying on clothes and that is a huge mental boost. I have a pile of them in my closet to try on. Next week kids are on vaca, so it will have to wait til the next week, but can't wait! The first 2-3 weeks are tough mentally. But it's a sharp curve up from there!

Well, here I am just over 7 weeks post op. I love...

Well, here I am just over 7 weeks post op. I love how I look and feel even though I still need to tone everything on my body up, and lose about 10 pounds. But, I am loving my clothes and look. So happy. Would do it again. In the first few weeks, it is tough going, and it isn't fun or pretty, but when it's all healed and done, definitely worth it. I have to have dog ears revised, and the drain site is a little weird looking, but will be fixed in May. I'll try to get some pics uploaded soon.
Do you have resent pictures? Looks like we are shaped somewhat the same. Hope I look this good
Congrats!! You look great and you are a rock star the way you healed so fast and hosted a super bowl party!
Dr. Sterling

I felt like if I hadn't done my research I would have gone in very uninformed. My first consult went over the entire procedure so I would understand everything. I felt like my consult with him was "here's what I can do and how much". However, I know he has good results and financially I was able to accomplish much more in one operation than I would have with the other doctor.

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