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Sooo I'm super bummed I wrote my first 'blog' & it...

Sooo I'm super bummed I wrote my first 'blog' & it didn't upload! :( so here is take 2 lol will try to make it similar..sooo my quick story on why I am having a tt..pre pregnancy I always had a little belly, but nothing serious..was 115-125lbs pre-preg..I ended up gaining 50 lbs during the pregnancy! Once my daughter was born my belly just kind of fizzled out like a deflated balloon to the resting position it's been out for the last 5.5 yrs. have tried yoga, Pilates, running, gym routines, nothing has been able to get rid of this awful belly! I also have Crohn's disease so after a few flares the past few yrs & weight gain from prednisone I was about 140lbs, the heaviest I've been since I had my babygirl. I haven't bought a bathing suit in over 2 yrs, will only swim if I'm in my clothes, i have become a prisoner of stretchy control top tanks!! (anyone else with me?!) & to add insult to injury I have had the most unsupportive ex bf that has done everything in his power over the last couple yrs to bring me down..in an argument he even went to say once 'make sure you don't take off your shirt, you don't want to scare anyone'..ugh, pig. Well not anymore ladies!! I am down to 128lbs for the last 6 mos & am ready for my stomach to match my body! Tomorrow AM is my surgery & I couldn't be more excited, but incredibly nervous! Can't wait to join everyone on the flat side!! :)


Woop woop you are live:)   I will be thinking about you tomorrow and sending happy thoughts your way.  Please check in with us as soon as you can.  
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Yes finally figured it out!! Hahah I swear the nerves make everything ten times worse couldn't work a coffee pot right now if I wanted to :p & Thanks so much I will definitely keep you all posted see everyone on the flat side!! :)
You go girlie!!  Everything will be fine and you will be back home resting before you know it.

Day 2 post up

Hey guys! So surgery was on Tuesday, so on day 2 post op! I must say the last 48 hours has been tough. Not pain wise as that is pretty manageable most of the time. Just really uncomfortable a lot. Haven't posted any pics yet bcuz I don't like taking off
My binder! Hoping that gets easier it just feels so weird not having it
On! Well just wanted to give a quick update hoofing things continue to get easier. Have one drain in, goig in to the PS tomorrow to properly learn how to strip it..my one complaint at this point is just not enough info on post op care! Tummy looks great not going to lie :) very happy with the results, just hoping the days get easier & I'm able to do more soon. Will try to snap a few quick pics after my shower later on, hope everyone else is healing well & loving their new tummys!! :)

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Pre op pics

The big belly! Lol

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Day 4 post op!

Good morning everyone :) just starting out day 4 post op! Feeling pretty good, get to go home to my babygirl today! Have missed her so much, just hoping she understands mommy still isn't fully better yet. So I took some quick pics last night after my shower, will post them now, let me know what you guys think! I wish I had some right after surgery, but sadly I was too scared to take my binder off long enough to snap photos lol still not a fan of removing it as of now, anyone else with me?! But anywho hope everything is healing nicely & loving their results! Have a blessed dayy!


Happy healing keep us updated :) xx
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Thanks! I will :) had suuch a busy day today! First day completely alone from 11 until now! Have been on my Feet like all day, stomach feels nice & loose which is great, but couldn't take a shower bcuz no one is here & don't want to risk anything only being at day 4 post op trying to shower in a house alone. Sore from being up like nonstop all day long but feels good in a weird way :p
Oh, now I see it. Still, just one drain compared to what some of the others get must be a little easier to deal with.
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Made it to Day 5 post op!

Hello all..so I've made it to day 5 post op! I have definitely come a long way!! I'm standing up straight, thanks to the pressure put on by my ps upfront to get up & get going. I have learned his office is a no nonsense, do as your told establishment & not to question it. I'm a sensitive person so that has been tough to get used to, but I must say the medical assistant there is a saint & was amazing to me when I saw her friday. So today was going really well at first, got up made myself breakfast for the first time (so proud of myself!) & did the dishes..decided I'd strip my drain, & boy was that a rude awakening!! While stripping it I got an excruciating pain in my right abdomen. No idea what happened, but it was flipping awful. Worst part was I had only just started! Had to finish the tube & then empty the bulb. Was miserable :( was able to get back to my chair & take a Vicodin which has done the trick, but serious ouch!! Was home alone all day yesterday, so missed my shower, waiting for my sister to get here to take one. Does anyone else absolutely haaaate taking off their cg?? I feel so weird without it on & psych myself out, I can only remove it for showers & even that is pushing it! Does that feeling go away?? If I didn't have that issue this recovery would be a cake walk for me!! Other than the episode this AM with the stripping, I have been pretty pain free. Able to move around quite well. Haven't ventured out since Friday to the drs but going to try to grocery store today with my sister, wish me luck! Just need a confidence boost that I can do this & I will recover!!


I'm 12 days post. I also hate taking off my CG. It just feels weird! I couldn't shower til my last drain was removed on day 9 so there was no need to remove it before. You're doing great. You'll feel even better when the drain is gone :)
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Post op day 11

Hey ladies! Been a bit since I've posted on my own page. So I have to say this is by far the biggest life journey I've ever been on! I'm a worry wart & have def scared myself into thinking something is wrong many times when in actuality it's not. Emotionally this recovery has been such a struggle. Find myself crying a lot still, but leaning on my Faith in God that this too shall pass. Here are pics from today, the difference in my stomach is night & day from pre surgery. So excited to be able to wear a bathing suit next summer & be able to buy clothes with ease, hoping by this winter!

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Day 12

Hello just a quick update...today is day 12 post op for me. Went to the grocery store day 10 & man was that awful..short of breath, unable to speak really! Today was my second real outing since surgery, went to a couple farm stands..first one was good fed goats & such with my daughter, but by the second one was out of breath again. Hoping the whole not being able to breath & function thing goes away sometime soon! My mornings always start out great but by night I'm tired & super emotional. I know it will get better but just been having a tough time. This too shall pass though so just trying to persevere. Have to get back driving this week as work starts next week. Not ready at all for it but going to try half days maybe. Here are a couple pics from day 11 post op. Starting to like the way my body is looking, not looking as swollen as the first week & getting used to seeing it a bit more. Is easier to take off my binder now but still prefer it on only take it off to readjust & shower. that's all for now, laying down for an hour to relax. Hope everyone is doing well!


How was work today?
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It was a bit tough! Was sooo sore :( & had that raw feeling on the inside. My chair at work is super uncomfy lol but I'm proud I was able to get my daughter to school, then drove the 25 mins to the town I work in, got my car inspected, worked 4 1/2 hrs & drove home :) not too bad for the first day back! Thanks for asking :) did you jump right into full days?
Glad you got through the day. The hard part is over! I am not working right now. When I do work, I work from home. I'm very fortunate to have had all this time off. But I'm ready to work - they just haven't sent me any :(
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