Hello all think I'm a little rare with my story . ...

Hello all think I'm a little rare with my story . . My dad passed away last month and there was a moment of clarity whilst seeing him in the coffin which cemented my decision to just go for it! I have been wanting boobs of some sort for at least 18 years! I've always been told they will grow! And guess what they Never did. . I have two children who I breast fed and now hey are even smaller than before. My stats are
5 9"
119 lb
Two children age 3&4
Currently been wearing a 32 a/b bra however surgeon 1 told me I was actually a 30 AAA . . Don't even think that's a size they make bras for ! Haha what's the point!

My surgery is on Sunday and I'm sooooo giddy! There was an initial panic where they would not do the surgery because they thought I may be pregnant but my p came on today!

Went out last night with rice in my 32d bra. . 365 in one and 410 in the other. . Felt great! And not sure if anyone really noticed. . It was like wearing the big bras without all the padding and fillets . .

Will post some pics too!

So any tips 365 or 410 girls??


Still undecided on size. . . Help!

Gosh it's coming round so quickly. . This time tomorrow it will all be done and dusted but I'm still a little undecided on size. . . 365 or 410 . . Going under the muscle so therefore advice has been go for bigger one as you lose size. . Think I need to post the image of my perfect pair. . However i suppose all other factors then come into play such as frame and height and weight. . So anyone my height got pics to help me make the final decision. . Less than 24 hours to go. . Yikes. .

Rice in bra

Went out last night with the rice bags. . No one really noticed. . Both felt good as I had 365 in one and 410 in the other. . 410 just seem to give me more side boob. . But it was on top of my boob and not under as the implant will be. .

Rice again


Forgot to mention I'm 38. . Met another 38 year old last night who also had hers done 8 years ago . . It was lovely to chat to her as she said it was one of he best decisions she has ever made and she got all excited for me knowing that it is my turn on Sunday. . Best thing about the chat was talking to a fellow female who wants to do this for themselves and no one else. . When its been mentioned to my male friends they just say "yeh but you don't need it" i assume meaning that they think I'm pretty enough without having hem done. . What men don't get is that im not doing this to attract the opposite sex. . I'm happily married . . I'm doing it for the little girl inside who has always wanted some boobs that she assumed Mother Nature would one day grant her. . Anyway waiting over. . Hello boobs tomorrow! Yippee x

Which size 365 or 410

Both these pics show girls about the same build as m and same height. . Which do you think I should go for? . .


Last night flat chested

Off to bed and pack my bag. . Going for 365's. . . Definitely . . More me I think! And I'm going with my gut . . It's not let me down in the past!

Maybe last good night sleep for a few days. .

Still seems unreal. . Getting boobs done tomorrow yippee

It's my boobday today. .

Morning ladies. . You will all be sound asleep across the pond! Here I've just had my breakfast and last brew until after the op! Feeling good although a little surreal . . A little like going into labour! Excited for the outcome but you know it's going to hurt . . .. No second thoughts. . Just excitement! Only a few friends know my family and best mates don't. . It's my birthday next sat so hoping to surprise them on the night out! Hehehe
It will be a shock that I just went and did it. . As I've talked about it for 18 years! . . It will be fun being the gossip for a bit. .

Off to have my last bath for a week!


Good bye old boobs

Just been shopping for new bras and just experienced the annoyance of no bras in a 32 c/D size. . . Typical eh! Bags packed off to hospital! Thanks all boob buddies for the support! X

Decision made 365 for me!

All ready to go. . Marks are on 40 minutes till op!

The boobs are finally here yippee

Gosh all done and dusted. . And feeling ok! Wasn't really prepared for how tired I'd be . . Had the op at 4 but didn't awake till 5.30 and was really out of it till 10.30 . . They gave me food but mouth was so dry . . I couldnt eat a thing . . Rememembring a blog where they were mortified that there were 4 biscuits and she said " don't have to eat all of them do I" . . . Hahaha sooo funny now as I totally understand! Probably woke up every two hours during the night not because I was sore or anything just thirsty . . The night staff really looked after me . . It was Like your mum checking on you when you were I'll in bad when you were young! Thank you might staff!

It's 6am and not really had a look yet! One more nap I think. . Will post pics a little later on! Still tired!

Thanks again for reading and keeping in touch! This has been a part of the whole experience I hadn't really thought of and it's really nice to connect with other like minded females! . . I'm so glad I'm a girl!

Thank you my bobby girlfriends ;0)

Booby girlfriends

Sorry BOOBY girlfriends I was meant to put. . Unless your name is bobby . . Hahaha

Spell check

Think must still be out of it. . It was meant to read ill in bed. . Oupssss

Off home

Leaving the hospital now . . Wow what can be accomplished in two weeks. . Only two weeks ago did I have my first meeting! Two surgeons later I've my new boobs. . It all worked out! Leaving me 5 weeks to get back to normal and go teaching again! . . Yes baby!

20 hours post op

Still tired a little but no pain just have that jet lagged feeling from broken sleep last night! My girls are riding really high and my righty is slightly higher than my lefty. . Is that normal!? As my righty is the smaller of my two boobs . . Any advice is welcomed!


Not too worried but they don't look too round . . Girls help . . will they improve once they have dropped? :0/

Birthday dress

Just tried on my birthday dress for Saturday night. . Feel a little Dolly Partonish. . Now that's a first! ;0)

26 hous post surgert .. New support bra

Wasn't as prepared as I had thought and needed to get more bras. . This sports one is a lot more comfy. . Worth trying a few! Boobs also look better in this one!

Still not spell checking . . Post surgery

I blame anaesthetic. .

Day 2

Slept well . . But boobs feel tight still and it hurts a little when I raise my voice . . Good job I'm not teaching! . . May have over done it a little . . Taking it really slow today . But it's hard with two little ones. . Sorry kids staying home today and rest of week! . . Things feel a lot better when I take my bra and band off but have been told to keep them on for a week . . Anyone know why?

Scratch. . ?

Hi only noticed this scratch once home. . . You would have thought they would have told me what happened. . It wasn't there before surgery . . ?

Day 3 feeling better

Woke up this morning and hubby washed my hair. . Felt much better from resting yesterday . . Not so tight under my arms today and easier to manoeuvor around today. . No real pain relief taken today either. . Hope everyone else is healing well . . Starting to feel like old self again. . My 4 year old laughed at me today and said I can't go out as people will say I have fat boobies. . . Hahaha here's hoping eh;0) . .

Day 3 pic's

There's a little difference from day one but not much . . The biggest change is being able to raise my arms without it being a struggle. . Finally i will get to wear nice underware and be able to fill it . . Yippee! I'll do bikini test next week once I've had a check up. . Hope all you newbies are feeling ok. . X

Forgot these. .

The news is out. .

Day 4 and again feel ok once I Get up and about. . Went to park with kids and met my school friends who did not know. . There faces were a picture of disbelief and shock. . . It was priceless. . Then my eldest brother called over and he had heard the news from my sister. . He just laughed! People were not surprised I'd done it as they knew I'd always wanted them however I think they were shocked that I just went ahead without telling people and just did it. . ! The concensus seems to be "well done for having the balls to go through with it" which I suppose is true! So well done everyone who has done it or who has it planned. . As my blog says "life is short." . . So why the hell not! I plan now on doing nothing for the next couple of days before you all tell me off. . . Promise!

Day 5. . Should I have gone bigger?

Feeling well again but am really taking it easy today! However it's given me time to brouse through images and compare boob sizes which may not be a good thing as i'm now wondering If mine are a little small. . . Everyone else's who have a similar size to mine seem to be a little fuller than me. . they probably had more to start off with than me. . And therefore I'm thinking should have gone with 410. . . ;0( should have listened to advice. . !

Day 6 dropping now. .

Well thanks for all the supportive comments regarding size. . Still feel with my hips I could have carried off the bigger size but hey ho that would just be greedy! :0D . . So trying not to think about it and just enjoy having some shape for once. . Boobs now feeling a little softer and are descending . As everyone said the would. . Cheers girls! I suppose we all have these wobbles . . So just be prepared ladies who are still waiting for the op . . Healing wize all good . . However can't shave my arm pits very well yet! No strapless tops for me then! Having read all my boobie friend blogs seems like we are all coming out the other side now. . . Yippee x x

Day 7 loving them!

Wow I'm loving them. . Everything is feeling better and things are not a strain anymore! Even managed to wash and dry my hair to a reasonable standard for my birthday night out . Yippee! All my friends were fascinated by them and they all seemed to admire the fact that I went ahead and did something I wanted to do for years. . So all good! I got lots of cash for birthday and went out today to get some new bras and knickers . 3 sets of Calvin Klein for £40! How good is that! Tk max thank you! Hope everyone is on the same boob high as me! Yipee x x

22 days.. Post op and I still can't believe I've had a boob op.. Hahaha surreal eh!

Gosh sorry its taken me so long to write again. But I've been on holiday in remote parts of Ireland where 3G is not available! So how is it going! Well I still feel tight along the outsides of my boobs and my nipples are tingly like I have stubble rash on them still! But believe you me there has been no beard near them yet hahaha my scars start to hurt half way through the day due to wearing my bra and I usually have to do the "Rachel from friends" thingy and try to remove it whilst keeping clothes on! So any tips about how to combat this would be much appreciated! I'm currently rubbing them morning and night with bio oil. . Kneading those knot like incision stitches Which look rather rubbish compared to other neat ones I've seen on here! However apart from that I do look at my reflection at times and laugh with the realisation that I've had it done . . Feels surreal still! But getting used to it definitely unlike other people who know and look straight at them smile and say " how's it going" or " nice top" then laugh! Note to self "don't tell anyone if you ever have anything done again" :0). Hope all is well in booby land for everyone else out there. . X

Incisions. . Normal or not?

Any advice? do these look normal or not? as they look and feel a little bumpy to me. . 22 days post op!

Yeah Victoria secrets has arrived here too!

Day 24 and had the best day ever yesterday when I discovered a brand new Victoria secrets shop had opened up at my local shopping centre! 3 triangle bras and matching knickers were promptly purchased! And I'm loving them! Not a pad or underwire in sight! And my boobs still look great! These bras are not tight under my scars so they are really comfy! And look soooo sexy too! Yippee hope your all doing well? X

5 months today I was going under the knife. .

5 weeks ago at this moment I was getting taken into theatre. . Seems a lifetime ago now! So how has it been!? Well it's the best decision I have made in a long time. . My honey's as I call them are settling down slowly and are getting softer each day! Although still high they hopefully will find their final resting place in a month or so. . I went dancing last night and could feel a little side boob which was a totally new experience for me! Although I was very conscious of other people's elbows. . As they would hurt if they got prodded ! Nipple sensation is getting less sensitive daily as is the the feeling of really tight boobs! These 365 cc's are definitely in proportion to my figure and I suppose I could have gone with 410's if I wasn't that bothered about people noticing ! In clothes they are not that obvious especially if I wear chiffon tops but then when I get them unleashed or show people them in a bra they do seem huge! And I always get a smile ;o) ( please be aware I don't go round showing them to everyone. . Just the chosen few) casual day at work for first time tomorrow so I'll see if I get any funny looks. . Hahaha! Anyway here are a few pics at 5 weeks! Hope all healing well x x

5 WEEKS Ago not months. . Silly me!

Apologies boobs must be going to my head. . . Above title said 5 months. . Best not be otherwise I'll have missed Christmas . . Oh my gosh Christmas! Just think of all those trashy mrs clause outfits we will all be popping out of hahaha ! I know where I'll be ganging my Christmas bells from this year! ;0) sorry really too early to even say the C word! And I have work in the morning! Night all. . Ps have I told you that I sleep with a pillow at my chest to keep my boobs comfy when I turn on my side. . It really helps! We call it Peter the pillow! What's yours called? X x work ..must get sleep work . . X

Work: day 1

Had work today and was a little disappointed as no one really noticed! The funny thing is I wanted them to look natural and for people not to notice. . Yet I get my wish, they look natural and in proportion yet I'm disappointed! . . Maybe it's like when you get your hair done and no one acknowledges it. . . Oh well I'll live! . . Tomorrow is another day and I may get noticed and not like it knowing me! Hahaha

5 weeks. .

Ummm bra's

8 weeks. .

Gosh where has the time gone? Two months nearly gone and I feel like I've had these for ages! Although they still have to drop more they are softer, they jiggle and I forget I ever had small ones now! The only thing I do which is quite funny is not allow for the extra boob when passing sideways between gaps in a croud and have quite often nudged people with my boobs. . My friend turned round the other day and said did you just boob past me hahaha!

So here are a few new boob pics! Not much different from last time. . Any tips on getting them to drop quicker?



The only thing annoying me is that my nipples are not in the centre of the boob yet and the implants still high after 8 weeks. . . I feel like they still need to drop loads to create the crease where the incision is is there anything I can do? Did my ps place them too high or will they drop more in time? I know I didn't have any boob before so the skin was extra tight and going under the muscle always takes longer but when I compare them to others the seem to be really high still! Help!

Also apologies for not being on for ages ladies and checking up on your progress. . Unfortunately 12 weeks after my dad dying ( which spurred me to get this done) my mum then passed away exactly 3 months later! So my advice is still don't put it off. . Life is for living! All my friends are now wondering what I'll have next. . . Tattoo anyone? ;0)


Bio oil yeah!

Hi ladies! Boobs are slowly working their way south! Which is good but still waiting for my nips to become more central! Therefore I have taken to wearing my band again in bed! The bio oil is great and is really helping to soften them up! I've put a bit of fake tan on to see if there's any improvement at all in their appearance and although its still developing and needs to be washed off in the morning for the final result I've taken a couple of pics . . I think brown is definitely better! Hope you lot over the pond are well! Happy Thursday for tomorrow everyone x x ps my son put his arm out before and rested it upon my boobs (he's 5) and said " mum look its like an arm rest". . . Now that's a sentence I never thought I would hear! Lol x

Bras bras bras

10 weeks post op! Boobs still a little high with nipples not quite central . . Not sure if they will finally settle a little more as the scars are still below the crease and quite visible! Has anyone else had this problems 10 weeks down the line? I've taken to wearing my band in bed again to encourage further exploration south of the nipple! Also got quite a gap between the boobs and unlike others I can't really squish them together yet after 10 weeks. . . ? Should I be worried? My ps said to wear more sports bra's but as I'm wanting them to fall a little further below the nipple I'm cautious in wearing them regularly! Hope you all out there are doing good? I'll have to do my rounds and see you all individually! Any good ideas for new sexy Halloween costumes which will now accommodate new boobs. . :0p I don't mind cheeky ideas! All welcome! X x x

False tan

Ps any ideas why my false tan will not take to my new boobs? They always develop a lot paler than the rest of my body. . How funny! They also can be very cold too!

Slowly slowly

Hi ladies things are starting to improve slowly. . Wearing the band in the evenings and at night seems to be slowly slowly doing the trick. . So a little patience will hopefully pay off and I'm hoping for beautiful boobies by Christmas! Which will hopefully give me time to get my arse in shape too and I'll be ready for all the Christmas parties. . Yipeeee! Hope you lot over there are all doing well! I went and bought more bra's . . I'm addicted! 32D is the best size for me . . The C cups just don't look right and feel as though my boobs are about to fall out of them hahaha now that's a first! . . . Love the look in clothes i feel my figure is now well balanced! My friends are still amazed by them which makes me laugh as I don't really think about them or the surgery anymore. . Think I'm a novility ! However I also think they will now assume I'll have all sorts of procedures done. . As I had brown contacts in the other night and my friend questioned if I'd had any more procedures done? Hahaha typical eh ! Best get a few more pics on! Remember slowly slowly ladies! X x

More pics

Still riding high!

Hello u all. . .hope you are all well and boobs still continuing to be life changing. . I still love mine but am Trying to be patient regarding the dropping of the implants still. . however its now 3 months and my nipples are still not central and my boobs still feel really firm! I'm putting it down to having no excess breast tissue previous to the op and therefore mine may take I little more time to settle into position and soften up! I'm continuing to wear my band at night and no bra at the weekend and have been following some massage techniques I saw on you tube so fingers crossed. . . I just don't want the snoopy look! With more boob below the nipple than above it! Any recommends out there? Is it worth waiting for 6 months or should I see my ps sooner? :0/. X


I meant I want more boob below the nipple than above it and not a snoopy drooping nose with more boob above the nipple. . Is that too much to ask for. Am I being greedy. ? I just look at others and think I wish mine were that pretty! !

Tighter band

Tightened my band this weekend and wore no bra. . Hopefully with prolonged usage over the next few weeks they will continue to settle further south! Scars don't really bother me but again compared to everyone else they look rather red still. . Any advice? I'm pale with freckles so things tend to show up more. . Hence my need for fake tan a little more often than most. . Still trying to catch up with everyone. Hope all is well? Scar advice much appreciated . . . X

Sorry forgot pics

Latest after a weekend of band wearing!

Thanks doc's

Hello there all doing well here! Hope all my boob buddies are good too? so whats been occuring over here. . . well i have received 5 doctors comments regarding my concern about the boobs being high still after 3 months and all seem to think they will improve further over time. . . Which was a relief! Thanks doc's! :0)! And to be honest I can see and feel a slight difference from week to week too so I'm pretty happy now and feeling more positive! My only niggle is the redness of my scars! As they are not quite in the crease they can be seen and that's rather annoying! Need advice on creams which help to fade the scars? Makeup covers them but my bras rub it off. Now you may be thinking " but who other than your husband is going to see them" but alas like the small boobs of a previous life I'm aware of them and therefore they bother me unfortunately. . Anyway on a positive note I went to agent provacteaur and tried on some beautiful underware ( it's in Bruno mars gorilla video) it looked amazballs and I had to get 32 DD bra . . OMG ! Now there's no way I could have carried the sexiness of the underware in a 32A! Just not the same effect ! plus the lighting in the changing rooms is so flattering I almost shocked myself when I looked in the mirror! Yeh! Got a better figure now than I did at 20! Hahahaha yipeeeee. Remember scar advice creams please? ? Cheerio x x

Cup half full

Well I needed cheering up the other week so went to agent provacteaur and bought myself an early Christmas present . . Which I just adore! Now, my boobs may still not be perfect but who can complain when you can wrap them up in soooooo many nice bras! 32DD may I add! So here's to a sexy Christmas! Everyone! Yipeeeee x

Ps appointment!

Nothing new to really report other than making an appointment with ps regarding wanting nipples more central. .when I raise my arms above my head they look perfect but once I lower them the nipple goes back to pointing downward! The band is helping but not sure it will be good enough as a final solution! We are coming up to the 4th month post surgery mark and can't really see them dropping any more. . May need to lower the incision a little although not sure if that's been done before. . Let me know I'd you have had this experience? Apart from that still loving them! It's all part of the experience and I'm happy to share my stories and ups and downs if it helps others too! Happy healing x x

Meeting my ps

Well I called my plastic surgeon today for an appointment regarding my concerns of having too much upper pole boob and not enough lower pole! They tried to fob me off with an appointment in two months. . . At which point my inner "consumer rights " personality kicked in and I said it just was not good enough! ESP as they had me booked and on the table within two weeks when I wanted one! Thankfully she rescheduled stuff and its now Wednesday! Pays to complain ladies! Just shows you eh! Think I'll need some sort of revision or lowering of the IMF to sort them out! Fingers crossed it Won't cost too much! All I want are my nipples 1 cm higher ! Anyway here are a few latest pics . . You can see where I'm coming from . . there is just too much boob above and not enough below . . Not found anyone in my situation yet. . That would be good if I could tho! X

More pics


Hi there just to let you know I met with my surgeon today as I had concerns over them not dropping enough! He just said it can take time for some people and that time and gravity will ensure they fall into the pocket eventually! I would have preferred it if he had at least had a look at them but he was just quietly confident that they would as the pocket had been created ! I feel at this point I just need to trust his judgement as he works on breast cancer patients too and as a teacher of surgery so he should know what he's talking about really. . . Fingers crossed eh! Now where's that band best put it back on. . X


Hi all hope you everyone over the Atlantic in the USA had a lovely thanksgiving . . Having lived in Seattle for a year I know how special it is! Things on this side of the globe are good! Boobs are getting a lot more squidgie. . . Soft and moveable! They are also sitting a little lower on my chest! So slow but steady progress for me! However when I flex my pecs they do tend to move with the muscle. . Think that's part of the reason they are taking their time in getting to their final resting place. . Absolutely love how clothes look and I've had lots of compliments on their natural appearance. . . I'm hopefully now in proportion finally! Yipeeeee can't wait to see how they look in my Christmas part dress! All very exciting still . . So on my Christmas list are more bras and knickers . . L agent by agent provacteaur please! Sexy will be my muddle name this Christmas for once. . Yipeeeee will post more clothes pics soon as I'm sure everyone is probably a little fed up seeing them naked all the time :0 D x

More boobs x

Apologies for my pale completion! I'll have it tanned by the weekend! First Christmas night out!

5 months still high . .

Hi all happy Christmas and new year. . . Boobs still high but getting softer ! I guess mine are the slow positioning ones and will in time gradually get to where they need to be! Everyone else on here seems to have success stories relatively quickly so I suppose its helpful to realise that the instant results we all crave don't necessarily happen to us all immediately . . . I'm ever hopeful mine will decend in time! And at the moment just enjoying the curve appeal they offer in clothes oh and the rise in confidence too and I used to think of myself as relatively confident to start with! Lol. . So I'll continue to wear my strap at night and keep you posted. . Take care x

6 months. . Has gone in the blink of an eye!

Well I'm now at the 6 months mark. . Think I'd assumed I'd have the perfect boobs by now but alas they seem to be taking their time somewhat! Although I can't really complain if I rewind back to 6 months ago I was flat as a pancake! Now however I look less skinny, my clothes hang sooooo much better and I totally feel more feminine and sexy too! . . So all in all the best 3.5 grand spent ever! However I have come to the conclusion that we can stress about them a little too much if we compare them all the time! I think it's important to stress that all body's are different and individual and what one person with 365's looks like can be totally different from the next! So bear that in mind too! I put my slow progress down to my tight muscles. . After giving birth to an 8lb 9oz baby I was back into my jeans the next day to the annoyance of everyone I met my stomach just sucked back in so really I'm assuming my pecs are too really taught and not willing to lose grip of my implants just yet . . At 6 months they are a lot softer and you can feel the muscles have finally relaxed all i need now are the implants to drop fully into the pockets and sit happily in their final resting place! Scars are still quite evident still however when I look at implants which went through the nipple their scaring seems well disguised . . Although having went sub muscular I doubt that was an option available to me! Having looked at other blogs I can see you are all doing well! Time really has flown and this journey still excited me especially when I try on new clothes which now look fab thanks to good old boobs ( the thing nature forgot to give me) lol.


At 4 months I started to worry a little but by 6 months you can see the progress . . although slow its there and I'm finally getting more of the boob under the nip! Yipeee patience is a virtue! X
Mr mavadeth

Transform were great! Can't fault them so far! Nurses excellent! Very professional!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thanks for all the posts!! I've been nervous about mine not dropping enough by now (almost 3months post op). I had no tissue before so I think we are in the same boat. Thanks for giving me hope!!
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I think you look great! Size is just perfect for you.
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I think u look fantastic and I totally agree about comparing and stressing to much I have so now im going to enjoy themx
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You are looking fabulous with those bobbies. I'm glad you're doing well
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Hi Hun, I can see what you mean about them still being abit high but on a positive note, the size is great and just right for you I think...we all heal differently :) I met a girl last week that had the exact same surgeon and exact same size as me and she was shocked at how mine were looking as hers took months to drop also, just goes to show just how different all our bodies are and how they respond to things :) I'm completely in the same boat as you with the 'wanting natural but PLEASEEEE still notice my fake boobs' thing haha xxx
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I think your boobs look great!
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Not as good as yours. . But thanks x x
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I think they look like works of art! But i can feel your pain as I read your blog that you want the results you want. Don't compare yourself (hard, i know) and just enjoy that all is healthy and well and no complications as you wait for them to settle into their pockets! :) Looking gorgeous. xx
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Oh my gosh what a lovely thing to say as a compliment. . Works of art eh. . Hahaha believe you me if I thought they were myself I'd be showing them off to everybody . . So maybe it's a good thing that they aren't quite perfect . . Otherwise I'd get myself into trouble! X x
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You look awesome!!!! I think your boobies look great!! I'm sure you look sexy all the way around in clothes and obviously bare:) hugs, glad you updated your review;))
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Arr thanks so much. I think when your the one looking at them constantly and they are not quite right it's easy to just concentrate on the negative. . I do think they will finally get there, fingers crossed! And as for yours they are amazing and so quickly settling! So jealous ! Super size too! Maybe I'll go bigger next time eh hahaha x
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Lol, thanks :) you totally could handle bigger for next time, but it's too soon for you to be thinking about that cause you have great looking boobies!!
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Cheers. . I'm happy to wait a little longer and put my trust in him for the moment. . Everyone is different and he's been doing this so long to cancer patients and private ones that time will obviously tell. . It's hard when I compare myself to other peoples progress which I'm sure you must feel too, but if I wasn't on here comparing I'd be none the wiser and probably less likely to question my progress, so I'm just just continuing to wear my sports bra high over my boobs and do the massage as mine were Ridiculously tight to start off with. At least the positive for you is getting the ball rolling in doing something proactive about the whole process. . I'm sure in a years time we will look back at this period and find it hard to remember just what our concerns were! (Well hopefully anyway) chin up babe from your picture you look beautiful and lots to celebrate. . The boobs will only enhance what you have already and if it's a little bumpy ride along the way then you'll probably appreciate them even more when you get your desired look! Big high boob hugs x x x
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hey girly. your still a little high there. Every one has a different perspective as to what their final results should look like. I wanted a high up and centered nipple.... didn't happen for me and I'm also at the 4 month mark. If you have any doubt, please get a second opinion. You can always relay the second opinion to your original surgeon for backup. I need a revision to get the look i want. best of wishes. In the end you have to live with your new boobs, do what makes you happy :)
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It looks like they are starting to drop quite a bit! I guess wearing the band is helping! :)
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Thanks . . I can see a more curved shape starting to appear just below my nipple which to me = progress. . . Yeah! Let's hope it continues. . Fingers crossed eh x x
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The size fit your body well!
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Hahahah still think I could get away with more but I'm happy to keep how it is for now. . . Yours are absolutely gorgeous . . And pretty! X
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Thank you babybunbuns
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Very proportionate and looking good! I think the same thing with posting all my pics w/out clothes, but really we all need lots of pics with and without clothes, lol. Bras and clothes can completely change how they look, and I know for this site many need to see them full on, how they are, to get the whole picture so to speak. I know pics were sooooo helpful to me during my research! All the best to you! Rock that party dress and post a pic of you in it!
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Progress is being made definitely., I can now push my boobs together and they touch! Finally got clevege ! Will do party dress photo shoot soon hahaha x x
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You are looking GREAT!!!! So glad they are looking how you want them:)
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Hi hun, great review, nI'm only half way down so far but I just wanted to quickly say that my boobs after my first BA took around 9 months to drop, I've recently had my 2nd BA 15 years after my first op, I had hoped to go bigger but I misinformed the surgeon on my previous size so I'm kind of the same size atm as before (damn) I'm only 10 days post op & this time went for teardrop shape, they still look round atm though lol. Much love, I'll continue reading your review now :)
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You know, your breasts are really pretty. I know exactly what you mean about the nipple position, however. I have a similar feeling, but do not have your upper pole fullness. I think I get your ps impression that they will drop. Mine, however already have, and my nipple position is where it will stay. I personally have no idea how they adjust the nipple position. Do you? Blessings.
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Hahah thanks for calling them pretty! That's a nice compliment ! Yours are fabulous and a perfect size! Mine slowly getting softer. . And I do think dropping slowly. . Yippee x x
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