Breast Lift or No Breast Lift HELP

Hi.... Please help me!!! I've had 5 consultations...

Please help me!!! I've had 5 consultations lately with different surgeons looking to have a breast lift not sure with or without implants yet!!
I would love to hear any advice you could give me, I'm 29 and have no kids and don't intend having any for at least another 2 years! I hate my boobs and have been told I meet the criteria for a boob lift but I'm massively concerned about the scars.
Please can you share your experiences with me and tell me where you went and what surgeon, and how bad/good your scars are. I am pencilled in somewhere to go ahead on Sept 10th 14 (8 weeks) but getting cold feet.... Please help me!!!!!
A few doctors have asked me, as I don't wish to post pictures how my boobs actually look go determin whether I need it , 4 differnt surgeons have told me I meet criteria for a lift... One of my boobs hangs 24cm and the other 25cm from the collar bone to the nipple... I also have excess skin at the top... Anyone else in this position or understand these measurements??? Thanks
Hi. It's completely normal to have doubts and concerns as you are preparing for your surgery. It's a lot of money and there are so many different things to consider. Ultimately the decision is up to you and you need to decide what you can afford, what you're most comfortable with, and what you think will give you the best results. I had a breast lift with augmentation just about 6 weeks ago. About 2 weeks before my surgery I freaked out and wondered if I really wanted to get implants with the lift. I was scared about becoming too large and I didn't want to deal with implants up at my collar bone and that overly square look that sometimes happens at first with implants. I had already been following several reviews for lifts with implants, so I decided to spend some time looking at reviews for those who lifts with no implants. After looking at lots of different before and after pictures, I decided that the implant would give me the upper pole fullness that I was going for. I am happy with my decision and don't feel overly large like I worried about. I also never had the square look. If you would like to read my review you can click on my username. :) I agree that adding pictures will help us to give some better advice. I really hesitated to add before pictures, but I'm glad that I did. I looked back at my before pictures this morning and the difference is amazing.
Thanks so much! Your pics are amazing!!! In dreading the scars that is my biggest fear

Still scared.....

I don't wana post photos cos I'm scared of people I know seeing them on here.... You never know !!!
But I feel if I did it may help!? I'm so sure I want this done but more opinions may help.. Like I've said the only thing that bothers me is the vertical scar but I'm not gona let that out me off
I was worried about that too, but I just make sure to crop out my face in the pictures. I don't think many people can identify me by just my breasts. ;) I also started out with a picture of me in a tank top without a bra on and then waited until 1 week pre-op before adding real "before" pictures.
Can you inbox them people so only that person can see???
Give me a minute. I'll try to PM you a picture to see if it works or not. :) I did have someone who ended up PMing me her email address and we were in contact that way.

Gettin more and more nervous/excited!

So I've been speaking with a few people on here and I'm more confident than ever about getting my boobs done!! I feel like I'm 100 % doing the right thing and in too excited!!!! 6 1/2 weeks to go... Gutted I can't have it sooner but in going on hol... Double gutted coz I will be in a bikini feelin uncomfortable and paranoid about my breast!!
I have a huge fear of the scarring but speaking on here and seeing lots of photos has made me feel so much mure at ease and I'm more than happy to go ahead!!!! Please share your experiences /photos and and advice with me !!!!

Not long now.......

So I must read about breast lifts everyday!!! I have my finks consultation in 8 days with the surgeon I've chosen to do my lift.... That will be when I decide whether I'm having just the lift or lift with implants.... I'm very excited but still very worried about the vertical scar.... Can any of you put me at ease?!?! And did any of you have the lift before having children like me???


So I had my final consultation yday with the surgeon... I'm having an uplift with a 260cc implant as already a fair size... I'm so nervous about the whole thing especially the scars.. Can anyone offer me advice or put me at ease???? All advice greatly appreciated... 4 weeks today!!!!!
I know you've had concerns about scars, and I can understand why it would be a worry. However, when I look at my "before" pictures compared to how I look now, I almost want to cry. I can't believe I lived with those saggy things for so long. I am SO much happier now, even though I have scars.
Thanks that's very reassuring I'm having a 260cc implant what implant did you have??
I let my surgeon decide what fit best once he started the surgery. I ended up with 325 ccs. I went with silicone high profile.

So nervous.....

So I put a post on here recently however had no feed back... It's only 3 weeks until my op... Having breast lift with 260cc implants. I'm so so nervous about the scars and worried what they will look like but I'm also so so excited!!!!! Hope my boons don't end up huge?! Anyone had an implant similar to mine? Any tips on how to not feel so nervous?!
I'm all about getting my moneys worth...good choice to go with the implants. I see way more ladies wishing they had gone bigger or gone with the implants as opposed to not. So go for it! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers!
Thanks!!!! 8 days to go
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